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Kurt knew that he should be listening to whatever Katie Perry song they were supposed to be practicing this time, but to be honest he couldn't raise the energy to "doo-wap" in the background for another song. Blaine had a fabulous voice, in fact he was just fabulous in general, not that Kurt was going to bring that up again. After Blaine's not quite rejection on Valentines he figured he'd leave things between them up to chance. The point was however that no matter how beautiful Blaine's voice was he missed the group dynamic of New Directions, sure he didn't get many solos but at least it felt like his ideas were considered before they were shot down. The Warblers didn't even extend that courtesy.

"Warbler Kurt? Kurt? KURT!"

Kurt jerked himself back to reality and gazed at Wes's exasperated face, he grinned sheepishly, "Sorry Wes, what's going on?" He caught Blaine's eye and had to bite his tongue to stop himself laughing. Wes looked like he wanted to shove his gavel somewhere undesirable.

David cleared his throat, "Wes was just saying that we would like to invite Warbler James and you to audition for a solo at the parent's day gala next month. Auditions will be tomorrow after practice, and the winner will perform their solo number before our group number."

"Really? A solo?" Kurt knew that his face was lighting up, and that he probably looked like an over excited child presented with ice cream but he couldn't help it, particularly since he knew that he could out sing James in his sleep.

Automatically he began going through possible audition pieces in his head, it would have to be something less extravagant than last time – although he knew his rendition of Don't Cry For Me Argentina had been amazing – it defiantly hadn't fit with the Warblers style, and he had more of a feel for that now.

All too soon the practice had finished and Kurt was left alone with Blaine, the older boy grinned and waved his hand in front of his friends face, "Earth to Kurt! You in there?"

Slowly Kurt lifted his excited eyes to meet Blaine's hazel ones, "A solo Blaine! I get a solo!"

Blaine nodded and held open the door for Kurt, "Sure, if you beat out James" Kurt didn't even respond he just shot Blaine a patented 'bitch please!' look, which gained a chuckle "Not that I doubt you for a second of course. Coffee? We can discuss song choices. No Broadway this time okay?"

As they left neither boy noticed that they were being watched, James sat quietly in the corner, having watched the complete exchange. He was fuming. Fucking Kurt Hummel got everything he wanted. He got better grades than him. He got into the Warblers without an audition; he had audition four times before they'd let him in. Four times! He got to hang out with Blaine all the time and now he was going to get a solo! Oh James had no doubt who'd win the sing off, he was talented and all but Kurt was a fucking countertenor. James knew that he didn't stand a chance. But it pissed him off that Kurt knew it. James lifted his hands to his hair and they clenched into fists, maybe it was time to have a word with Blaine's new pet.

James had been on the phone to his cousin all afternoon learning as much as he could about Hummel. His cousin, it turned out, had been on the football team with Kurt's main tormentor at McKinley High, he learnt some interesting things about the young Warbler. James was now stood outside Kurt's dorm room, he knew that Kurt's roommate Jeff wasn't in because he'd watched and waited for him to leave, but just as he was about to knock he heard Kurt begin to sing, One Night Only' "You and Me" rang out. James cursed, it was a perfect song choice, and Kurt was actually very good at it, despite it not being his usual area of expertise. Knowing that this confrontation was more important than he had first anticipated he made a fist and knocked on the door. The singing stopped and Kurt appeared at the door. He seemed surprised,

"Oh! James hi…. What can I do for you?"

James dredged up a winning smile, "I was wondering if I could have a word?"

"Sure." Kurt murmured uncertainly, "Come on in."

In a flash James was through the door, he reached behind him and locked it, pinning Kurt against the wall by his throat before the younger boy had chance to react.

"J- James? What the hell?"

"Now listen and listen good Hummel." James snarled, shoving his face close to the smaller, terrified boy, "This solo, is mine. I deserve it, and if I don't get it I can make your life a living hell. You might know my cousin, Jenkins? He's on the football team." James felt a thrill of satisfaction as Kurt's face paled, "Huh. Seems you are aquainted with him. Well he tells me that there might be a few things that you could miss from your old school, Slushy Facials? Dumpster Tosses? Locker Slams? My cousin and his friends are quite primitive but I'm sure that I could come up with some more subtle means of torture."

James let go of Kurt and he slumped to the floor, tears making steady tracks down his face, "You can't" He rasped out, "This school has a zero tolerance on bullying policy, you'd be expelled."

Kurt's tormentor smiled almost gently and crouched down to look into his eyes, "Perhaps. But my family does have some pull with the school, so it's rather unlikely. So Kurt, here's what's going to happen. Tomorrow you either pull out of the sing off or you will mess up your song. I recommend pulling out; no one will believe that their golden boy Kurt Hummel would give any less than a perfect audition. After I receive the solo, I'll back off. But all deals are null and void if you tell anyone about this Kurt. Do you understand?"

Kurt merely nodded and watched as the tall black boy straightened up and left, taking care to tread hard on Kurt's hand on his way out of the door.

The small boy massaged his neck and cradled his hand to his chest, across the room his cell phone went off. Teenage Dream - Blaine's ring tone. For the first time ever he ignored it.

` The next day Kurt woke up and looked in the mirror, he cursed his uniform. Kurt had dark and angry bruising around his throat where James had grabbed him, had he been at McKinley he could have hidden it with a carefully coordinated scarf, as it was he had to spend a good ten minutes skilfully applying heavy makeup over the mark. He then wrapped an ace bandage around his sprained hand and headed out to the Warblers meeting. He was early, but that was intentional, he needed to talk to the Council and he'd rather he did it without all of the other Warblers listening.

As he entered the practice room he cursed again, for the second time that morning. Blaine was sat talking to Thad, Wes and David, he looked up and smiled widely.

"Kurt! You're early!"

Wes waved, "Hey, looking forward to your audition?"

"Um. That was what I wanted to talk to you about. I'm pulling out of the audition. I think you should give the solo to James." Kurt looked at the floor the entire time he was saying this, but he could feel the four incredulous glances he was getting.

"What?" Blaine cried, "Why? You were so excited yesterday!"

Thad cleared his throat, "We were trying to do you a favour, this is hardly seeming very grateful."

David shot a look at his fellow Council member, "What Thad means is that we just don't understand Kurt. We thought you wanted a solo." His voice showed concern and that was too much for Kurt, he felt hot tears build up in his eyes.

"I am grateful. I just feel like I haven't been here long and other Warblers deserve the honour of a solo more than I do. I'm sorry."

"Well…" Wes faltered, "If that's what you want then we'll make the announcement in the meeting. Don't think that you don't deserve this solo though, 'cause you do."

All through the meeting Blaine watched his young friend carefully, the older boy didn't miss much, he was extremely observant and he saw the dead look in his friend's eyes all through the rehearsal, he also saw the bandage on his hand and the slightly darker ring around his neck which worried him more than anything else. He didn't know what had happened to Kurt, but he knew it was something bad; Kurt would never just give up a solo like that. He left it though, he knew that Kurt didn't respond well to being pushed for information, he'd tell him when he was ready.

Later in his dorm room he was sat crossed legged on his bed, David was sprawled out on his across the room and Wes was lounging on the floor,

"So what do you think happened?" Wes was worried, Kurt had entered their lives pretty quickly, but he was their friend now and the younger boy had been through hell. He felt quite protective over the slender fashionista.

"Don't know," David shrugged biting down on a Red Vine "But I'm willing to bet it's something to do with James."

Blaine's head shot up "What? Why?"

David looked a little taken aback but rallied himself quickly, "James has been bugging the council for ages for a solo. It's not that he has a bad voice; it's just not very strong. I just can't imagine him giving up this chance for Kurt."

"Plus he's jealous of the two of you." Wes waved away Blaine's incredulous noises, "Please. James has had a crush on you for the last year, and now suddenly you're spending all your time with Kurt. Talking of which when are you just going to make a move? You have eye sex with him all the time!"

"Hey!" Blaine exclaimed, "We are NOT having eye sex! I'm his friend, I'm his mentor…he doesn't need anything else right now."

"Would you wake up Blaine?" David sighed in exasperation, "I'm not going to be quite as crude as Wes about this but it's obvious you like him, you haven't just been his friend and mentor for a while now. And Kurt told you that he liked you on Valentines Day. Just go for it."

"Maybe. But that still doesn't explain why he gave up on that solo. He was going to sing "You and Me" you know… it was pretty spectacular."

"Wow." David mumbled, "That would have been awesome. Now we're stuck singing Heaven is a half pipe." He shook his head in disgust.

Blaine could see they were getting nowhere and got up, "I'm going to go talk to him; he said he was going to the library. You two don't do anything I wouldn't do while I'm gone, especially not on my bed." He winked and them and left, chuckling to himself as the chorus of "WE'RE NOT GAY!" followed him out of the door.

Kurt was curled up in the quietest corner of the Library, trying to concentrate on the Spanish text book in front of him as he thought through the day. He'd really messed up. Thad was annoyed at him. David and Wes were worried, but that was nothing compared to Blaine, Kurt had felt his reproachful gaze on him all day, and worst of all he'd caved in to James' pressure, now the boy knew that all he had to do was make some threats and Kurt would do whatever he wanted. He was miserable, he knew that the council would never give him another solo now, his neck hurt and his hand was throbbing.


Kurt's heart stopped as he heard the deep chocolate voice of Blaine above him, he looked up nervously, "Oh, hi Blaine. Just reading up on some Spanish."

"The text book is upside down Kurt." Blaine stated, a hint of a smile in his voice as he sat down, "Want to tell me what's going on?"

"Nothing's going on Blaine, I just didn't feel comfortable having a solo when so many Warblers audition dozens of times and don't get one." Kurt murmured quietly.

"Bullshit." Kurt looked up surprised, Blaine never cursed, "I'm sorry Kurt but that's bullshit. You were so happy about that solo and then suddenly you did a complete U Turn. I want to know what caused it. We're worried about you."

"Well don't be!" Kurt cried jumping up, "I'm fine! You don't need to baby me all the time."

Blaine jumped up too and turned to face his friend, "Really Kurt? Then what happened to your hand and…" The hobbit haired boy trailed off uncertainly, he licked his index finger and dragged it down Kurt's neck gently, smearing the makeup. "Kurt… tell me. Was it Karofsky? Was it James? I can help."

Kurt faltered, "I – I – I'm sorry I can't, I have to go now. Bye Blaine!" Kurt gathered up his books and ran, Blaine followed.

Across the room James watched, he couldn't hear what they were talking about but as soon as he saw Blaine wipe away the makeup covering Kurt's throat he knew that Kurt had told him, and that he needed to teach that little slut a lesson.

Kurt was terrified, he was pressed down on his bed, his wrists tied above his head tightly, a hand was pressed underneath his shirt roughly caressing his nipples, the older boy's mouth was on his, his tongue thrusting harshly inside. Kurt couldn't believe this was happening to him, his first kiss with a guy had been stolen by Karofsky, and now this. Tears fell rapidly down his badly bruised cheek, pooling on his collar bone along with the blood from his split lip. James pulled his face away from the trembling one beneath him,

"So you little slut, are you enjoying this? I told you not to tell anyone but you had to run off and blab to Blaine Fucking Anderson. So now I need to punish you. Not that this is much of a punishment, I'm sure you'll enjoy this almost as much as I will."

"Please James, I didn't tell anyone, I didn't tell him. Please!"

"Oh Kurt, I love it when you beg!" James's hand trailed to Kurt's belt and he expertly unfastened it and popped open the buttons of his skinnys, he rubbed his hand on Kurt's flaccid bulge through his boxer briefs, "What's the matter Kurt, not turned on?"

"No! No don't …."

James laughed, deep and cruel and thrust his hand beneath Kurt's tight briefs and squeezed painfully before dipping his head to Kurt's crotch, "I'll make you hard Kurt, just see if I don't!"

Blaine hadn't managed to catch up with Kurt. The boy could run fast when he wanted to. He'd decided that he should give him some space until after dinner and now he found himself outside Kurt's door, sighing he ran a hand through his carefully gelled hair, just as he was about to knock he heard someone's voice from behind the door, "Oh Kurt, I love it when you beg!" Blaine felt himself blush. Kurt was in there with another guy! He felt his heart break a little as he moved to walk away, of course he shouldn't have assumed Kurt would stay single forever. Then just as he was leaving he heard something that made his blood turn to ice. Kurt's voice, distressed and pleading,

"No! No don't …."

And with that Blaine was running like he'd never run before. He needed to find Wes; he needed the Warbler master key.

James was getting frustrated, he couldn't get Kurt hard and he knew that it wasn't because he was bad at giving head.

"What is wrong with you?" He growled,

"Nothings wrong with me." Kurt choked out. "You're just not Blaine."

James cursed loudly, backhanding Kurt again before placing his penis at Kurt's lips, "Fine. You don't want me sucking you off you can return the favour. Open up now Kurt, be a good boy." He smeared his pre-cum against Kurt's bleeding lips. Neither boy heard the door swing open behind them.

Blaine had found Wes in his dorm room along with David, all he'd had to force out was "Kurt – help – master key!" Before all three boys were racing back to Kurt's door, they could here someone cursing loudly and a smack, Blaine fumbled with the key, Wes and David on either side of him, and finally the door swung open.

Time seemed to slow down. Blaine took in Kurt lying on his bed, tied down, his hair messed up and his face bruised and bloody. He took in the tears running down his cheeks and his ripped open shirt. His skinny jeans and briefs around his knees. Only then did he take in the hulking form of James on top of Kurt, his dick out of his slacks being rubbed against Kurt's abused lips. Jaw set in anger. Eyes alight with sadistic pleasure.

And suddenly time clicked back to normal speed and letting out a terrifying snarl of fury Blaine threw himself at James, pushing him off the younger boy.


He punctuated each word with a punch to James's face. But while he had had the element of surprise, James was still much bigger than him and quickly rolled on top of Blaine and raised his own fist. Wes and David got there before James' fist could connect with Blaine, pulling him off their friend and restraining him.

"How the fuck could you?" Wes growled forcing him to face Kurt. "What did he ever do to you?"

"Oh relax Wesley." James spat, "It's not like I raped the bastard. Not that he wouldn't have enjoyed it if I had, fucking slut."

"DON'T talk about Kurt like that!" Blaine hissed pulling himself up, "He's ten times the man you are. And I don't give two shits if you didn't actually have sex with him. You did more than enough, and if you think-"

"Blaine -?" A weak cry from across the room interrupted Blaine and he was next to the bed in an instant making soothing noises, fixing his friends clothing and attacking the knot tying Kurt to the headboard,

"Shhh baby it's alright, calm down it'll be okay."

"That's right Anderson; you take care of your boyfriend." James sneered,

Seeing Kurt jump, merely at the sound of James' voice Blaine called over his shoulder, "Get him out of here guys. We'll deal with him later. And David -?"

"Don't worry Blaine, I'll stay in Wes' room tonight, Kurt should sleep in ours with you."

Blaine nodded and didn't even spare James a glance as his best friends dragged him out of the room,

"Blaine, I'm sorry! He was too strong, I couldn't -"

"Kurt shhh, of course you couldn't. Now calm down, I'll get you untied and I'll get you to my room and you can talk to me when you're ready, or not. That's fine too, just… please don't cry."

"I-It's okay." Kurt stuttered to himself more than to Blaine, "He didn't r-r-rape me. It's okay."

Blaine was incredulous, and he could only hope the boy was going into shock and that that was why he was being so ridiculous, continuing to untie the knot Blaine spoke, "Kurt. Don't even go there. There are different kinds of rape, hell I don't even know what Sanders did to you and I know it counts. So don't tell me that what he's done is okay, because it bloody well isn't!"

Kurt just continued crying until Blaine finally freed him and picked him up bridal style, before heading to his own dorm room.

Kurt was asleep in Blaine's bed, wearing Blaine's sweats, and Blaine could barely control himself. All he wanted to do was climb in bed next to Kurt and gather him up in his arms. It had taken long enough to get the boy to sleep after he'd showered. Blaine knew that he should be grabbing some sleep himself but he couldn't while he knew that Kurt was still hurting. Kurt hadn't told him what had happened or why yet but he knew that it wouldn't be too long before he did. Wes had texting him saying that James had stormed off campus, calling Kurt a slut and claiming that Blaine could do better. Blaine begged to differ. He'd give anything to be with Kurt. He heard his name and looked up; Kurt was sat up in bed.

"Hey. You should be sleeping." Blaine smiled sitting on the bed next to Kurt, "You ready to talk?"

Kurt bit his lip and then winced as it hurt, "I think – I don't think I'll ever be ready for that, but I think you need to know. And you should text Wes and David, because they deserve to know too and I can't say this more than once."

Blaine nodded and pulled out his phone to text his friends, they appeared minutes later, David handed an icepack to Kurt, "Hey buddy, I thought you could do with this."

Kurt accepted it gratefully and Blaine cursed himself for not getting him one sooner,

"So what happened Kurt?" Wes asked flopping down on the floor, "You scared us."

"Well…"Kurt paused and Blaine threw his arm over his shoulder, "He came

to my room yesterday and pinned me against the wall by my throat. He said that he was one of my bullies from McKinley's cousin and that if I didn't pull out of the audition he'd make my life hell here in ways they'd never dreamed of back there. He said that if I dropped out and didn't tell anyone about him threatening me he'd leave me alone. Then he stood on my hand when he left"

David looked between his two best friends, he was worried. He was the most level headed of the trio and he already had to bite his tongue to keep from cursing. He knew it got worse and Wes already looked like he was going to faint and Blaine's arm had tightened so much around Kurt that he was surprised the boys head hadn't popped off. Realising he was the only one that still had the power of speech he turned to Kurt, "Go on Kurt, what happened? We know that you dropped out and we know you didn't tell anyone so shouldn't that have been the end of it?"

Kurt nodded, silent tears running down his face. Mindlessly Blaine reached to brush them away; Kurt seemed to draw comfort from this contact.

"Yeah, I was in my room before. Jeff was at football practice, and there was a knock on the door, I thought it was Blaine, we'd argued before and I wanted to apologise so I opened the door. He – he pushed his way in and said – he said that he'd seen me and Blaine in the Library and that I'd clearly told him so now he had to punish me." Sobs wracked through Kurt and he balled his fist up in Blaine's shirt, Blaine stroked the younger boys back and began to hum softly in his ear, "H-he hit me and pushed me onto the bed and t-tuh-tied me down. I tried to fight him, I really did but he was too strong. He started k-kuh-kissing me and it reminded me of Karofsky and I was so scared!"

Wes and David shared a confused look; they didn't know the exact reason why Kurt had transferred to Dalton, just that he'd been bullied for being gay. Blaine looked up and offered them a half smile,

"Karofsky was a closet case at McKinley, he forced a kiss on Kurt and then threatened to kill him if he told anyone." He explained.

Wes aimed a punch at Blaine's bed and then regretted it as it bloody hurt! Wordlessly David took the icepack off Kurt and handed it to Wes before gesturing for him to continue,

"Anyway. He kept saying that he was going to punish me, but that it wouldn't be much of a punishment because I'd e-en-enjoy it as m-much as he d-d-did. It made me feel so worthless. Then he put his hand down my pants and he-" Kurt blushed and Blaine squeezed him comfortingly, he knew how uncomfortable Kurt was talking about sexual matters, but he needed to know how far James had gone, "He palmed me through my briefs and laughed cause I wasn't hard." He whispered this last word, mortified, "I begged him to stop but I think it just turned him on. He pulled down my jeans and my briefs and squeezed hard, a-and it h-h-hu-hurt. Then he said he was going to make me hard and he started sucking me off. But… I still wasn't – you know, and he was getting a-a-angry and he kept asking what was wrong with me-"

"There's nothing wrong with you!" David burst out angrily, gaining shocked looks from the other three boys, "I'm sorry Kurt… go on."

"Well. That's what I said. I told him-" Kurt broke off, blushing more than ever and casting embarrassed looks at Blaine.

"What did you say Kurt?" Blaine whispered into Kurt's hair,

"I said… I told him there was nothing wrong with me, he just wasn't you." Kurt breathed. Wes and David broke into huge grins despite the situation and Blaine just looked stunned. Kurt carried on quickly before anyone could interrupt, "He hit me again, and said that if I wasn't going to enjoy myself, then I could repay the favour and he tried t-t-to shove his … thing – in my mouth and that's when you came in…" Kurt finished weakly, Blaine pulled Kurt into a huge hug, whispering reassurances in his ear and rocking him as he cried.

"He should be expelled!" Wes raged, "We have a no bullying policy and this wasn't even just bullying it was sexual abuse!"

"He won't be expelled Wes," David sighed, "His father is the deans 'golfing buddy' he'd get a slap on the wrist at best. They'd probably try and say it was mutual. We could go to the police-"

"NO!" Kurt looked up distraught, "No! No please don't. Please! They'd have to tell my dad, and he's sick. It could kill him. Please promise me that you won't. Please! Wes? David … Blaine?"

The boys looked at him in shock and Blaine cleared his throat, "Kurt… of course we won't do anything like that if you don't want us too. But you can't just let him get away with what he did. It was wrong. It was beyond wrong."

"If dad finds out this happened, he'll have another heart attack for sure. And he wouldn't recover this time. I'll just stay away from him. He's just one guy right? And you guys will help won't you?"

"He won't come near you again Kurt, I promise." Blaine soothed.

Kurt relaxed into Blaine's chest again and remained there for a few moments until his head shot up again, "Warblers! I'll have to leave, I'm sorry Wes but I can't be in that glee club with him. Please don't ask me to be."

Wes held up his hand, "You won't be leaving Warblers Kurt. James will. Besides he probably won't even turn up after what happened today. He's not stupid. Just a bastard."

David got up and pulled Wes up with him, "We'll need to tell Thad why we're kicking him out though, is that ok Kurt? We'll do it, and he won't tell anyone else." Kurt nodded and David smiled, "We'll go and do that then. You should get some more sleep. Tomorrow's Sunday, which means practice at half eleven, don't forget!"

The two boys left and Blaine looked down at the small countertenor in his arms, "Kurt… did you really say that about me?"

"I – I'm sorry Blaine. I shouldn't have said it, I know that you don't feel the same way and that's fine really, I just-"

Kurt was cut off as Blaine's soft lips met his. This kiss was unlike anything Karofsky or James had forced on him before, it was gentle and loving and Kurt knew that he was in control and could stop it whenever he wanted too. Finally he knew that Quinn and Finn had been babbling on about when they were talking about 'fireworks'. Somewhat reluctantly he pulled away. He looked up at Blaine reproachfully.

"You didn't have to do that. You don't need to pity me, its ok."

"Kurt!" Blaine cupped the boy's cheek and turned his face up to look at him, "I didn't kiss you because I pity you. I kissed you because I love you. I have loved you ever since you turned up to spy on us in that ridiculous fake uniform."

"Then why-?"

Blaine nodded, "I should have told you on Valentines Day when you told me you liked me. Jeremiah was just a distraction really. I thought that after everything you went through at McKinley what you needed was a friend not a boyfriend. But I was an idiot. And I know this is terrible timing, but Kurt? Would you be my boyfriend?"

Kurt bit his lip again, ignoring the pain. His first instinct was to scream "YES" and kiss Blaine again, but something was holding him back. While he was battling internally Blaine seemed to take his silence the wrong way,

"Of course, I understand if you don't want to – after what just happened. It was stupid of me to bring it up…"

"Blaine." Kurt interrupted, "It's not that, I'd love to be your boyfriend I just – I mean, are you sure you want me? After what Karofsky and James did, I-I-I'm tainted. I'm worthless and I'm pathetic I mean… if it had just been one of them then maybe you could have said they were their issues… but for both of them to think like that. I mean, it's clearly me. They saw something in me. I don't deserve you, you deserve so much better!"

Kurt watched as the dark headed boys eyes filled with tears, he watched as the boy he loved positioned himself facing him and brought their lips firmly together again, and when they pulled away Blaine's hazel eyes burnt directly into Kurt's blue as he spoke.

"Kurt, listen to me. You are not pathetic and you are most definitely not worthless. You are amazing. Karofsky and James are both psychotic bastards who don't even deserve to breathe the same air as you. You were unlucky, twice, and that sucks. But you didn't deserve it. You are not tainted and you never could be. And I love you Kurt Elizabeth Hummel. So I will ask you once more. Will you. Be my. Boyfriend?" he punctuated his words with soft kisses and it was all Kurt could do to nod before Blaine swept him into a huge bear hug. "Good. Now that's sorted, we should get some sleep. Wes and David will be furious if we're late tomorrow. Even if they will be ecstatic that I finally got it together and told you how I feel. They've been going crazy with me listening to Teenage Dream on loop since we met." Kurt grinned, "You stay here, I'll take David's bed." He went to get up but Kurt's hand grasped his wrist.

"Blaine… please don't leave me tonight. Okay?"

Blaine nodded and got in bed next to Kurt, spooning him from behind and whispering reassurances in his ear until he fell asleep. Blaine fell asleep soon after, feeling like the luckiest guy in the world.

As they walked into the Warbler rehearsal the next morning they drew gasps for two reasons. One was Kurt's appearance. He'd had to products with him so his hair was un-styled for once, but that wasn't the main issue. The bruising around Kurt's neck showed black and angry, as did the huge bruise around his eye. His lip had scabbed over and he had red painful looking welts around his wrists from being tied down. The second reason was the way Blaine's arm rested protectively around his slender waist, and the small kiss the older boy bestowed on the younger ones forehead as they entered the room.

Wes and David were practically beaming as they led a chorus of "Yes! Get in there! They finally got together!"

These cheers were soon drowned out however by the shouts from concerned Warblers asking what happened to Kurt. Wes banged his gavel and the entire glee club looked to the Council who were all looking stern, Thad spoke up,

"All you need know is that Warbler James did this to Kurt. You are all forbidden to ask Kurt questions about what did happen unless he opens up to you first. Anyone caught asking him questions that he does not want to answer will be suspended from Warblers. Do you all understand?"

The Warblers all nodded and David smiled, "Good. Now that that's sorted we should all start rehearsing for Kurt's solo. You and Me by One Night Only right Kurt?"

Before Kurt could answer the doors were thrown open and James stood there, grinning smugly, purple bruising marring his dark face. Blaine pushed Kurt behind him and the Council all stood up angrily,

"What the hell are you doing here Sanders?" Wes snarled.

James looked genuinely surprised, "I'm here to practice my solo. The same reason we always meet for Warblers?"

"Actually," David pointed out calmly, "We're all here to practice Kurt's solo. You shouldn't be here at all, given that you're not a Warbler anymore."

James' eyes darkened at that, "What the hell? The little slut didn't even audition for a solo! He chickened out! And what do you mean I'm not a Warbler anymore? You can't just kick me out!"

"Yes we can." Thad drawled angrily, "We might not be able to get you thrown out of school Sanders but it's perfectly within our rights to expel you from Glee. The Warblers are a family James. And what you did to Kurt was not okay."

"And for the record," Wes hissed, "Kurt did not 'chicken out' of his audition and you know it."

James Sanders' eyes glinted with fury and he turned them on Kurt, his upper lip curled into a snarl, "You happy now you little whore? You got your solo. Question is what did you do to get it? Did you enjoy last night so much that you fucked the whole Council for a solo?" James grinned as he watched Kurt pale, "Oh. The Warblers don't know what went on last night huh? I'll tell them then. Last night, innocent little Kurt here, was my own personal fuck toy. And he enjoyed every minute of it."

"That's a lie!" Blaine's voice called out, loud and authoritative, "That isn't what happened you know it. You forced yourself on Kurt, and if Wes, David and I hadn't come in when we did god only knows how far you would have gone. Kurt has a solo because he's good James, and you know that otherwise you wouldn't have threatened him in the first place. So stay the fuck away from my boyfriend Sanders. Or I will end you."

Some of James' bravado ebbed away at this; he turned his gaze onto Blaine, "B-Boyfriend? Blaine come on! You could do so much better than him. He's nothing. He's worthless. He's just a pauper playing dress up in our world. You could have me Blaine!"

Blaine laughed coldly, "Why the fuck would I want you when I can have Kurt Hummel? You could never match up to him, no matter how hard you tried."

"Now leave." David requested his polite words laced with venom, "Before we call campus security and have you thrown out."

James stood there shocked for a minute, but as he started to turn Kurt darted out from behind Blaine and placed a hand on James' forearm. The boy looked at him with distain, "What?"

"I'm not nothing, and I'm not worthless." Kurt mumbled.

Blaine came to his side and placed his arm around his boyfriend's waist, James just stared at him. "What did you say?"

"I said. I'm not nothing, and I'm not worthless. It's taken me a long time to work that out. You're a bastard and what you did was fucking wrong. It wasn't my fault. Now go."

James turned on his heel and slammed out of the room with one final "You're fucking crazy." Hissed at Kurt.

Kurt was only vaguely aware of Wes declaring the meeting cancelled and everyone filing out of the room, Wes and David saying that they would see them later. He felt his new found bravery leave him as his knees gave out and Blaine caught him, lowering them both to the floor.

"I'm so proud of you baby," Blaine murmured into his neck, "You stood up to him and I'm so proud. But you don't need to be so strong, I'm here for you and so are Wes and David, we'll look after you."

Kurt just cried into his boyfriend's blazer, but for the first time, in a long time. He started to feel like things might be ok.