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Kurt closed his eyes as the car pulled up outside Dalton. If the school had looked intimidating and foreign when he first transferred there after Karofsky, that was nothing, absolutely nothing, compared to what it looked now.

Other week borders were arriving, laughing, carefree. Because they weren't in the Warblers, they still had no idea about James. None. And that knowledge wasn't helping him get out of the car. Instead, the contrary – it just made him want to beg his dad to turn around and drive them back to the safety and security of Lima. He'd never thought that he'd describe Lima like that. But he was. Because Lima didn't have James.

"If you want to go home, kiddo, we'll go home," Burt said. "You don't have to go in. We'll leave it for a few days."

Kurt shook his head. "No… No. I have to, Dad. He'll know he's won. I can't let him win."

"This isn't about letting him win, Kurt. Not this time. He raped you. You need to put your safety first. Where do you feel safe?"

"Honestly? With Blaine. Who's here." Taking a deep breath, Kurt tightened his grip on his satchel.

Burt sighed, still not happy. "Alright. But anything happens, you call me and we'll get you out of here like that. OK?"

Kurt nodded. "Bye dad. I love you."

"Love you too."

Kurt got out of the car, watching it as it drove back down the road and towards Lima. He turned to go into school, but saw Blaine standing a few metres away, watching him carefully. Kurt smiled at him, walking up.

"How are you feeling?" Blaine asked, his arm winding around Kurt's waist protectively. Kurt shrugged.

"I'm alright. I can handle the school day, if that's what you're worried about."

Blaine smiled at him slightly, guiding them both towards the school building. "OK. What do you have first?"

"Ummm… History, with Mr. Carney."

"Oooh, good luck. I had him last year. He is ridiculously strict, isn't he?"

Kurt nodded, smiling a little. "I don't know if I packed my homework or not, and I'm scared he's gonna kill me."

"He won't kill you. If he does, don't worry. I'll avenge you when you're gone."

"Oh, thanks. That'll be a great help to me."

"Unfortunately, I don't think he'll get his homework after all that either."

"Mmmm, no. That'll be a great shame, won't it?"

"What, for him to have one less piece to mark?"

"Yeah. It's strange, isn't it, how teachers complain about marking, when the easy solution is just not to give us any work."

"Well obviously. It's how teachers work. Complain unendingly then accuse us for every mistake they make. Surely you know that by now?"

"You would think I did."

"Well, here you are… enjoy. I really don't fancy avenging you, so let's both hope you've got your homework, yeah?"

"Yeah," Kurt smiled, walking into the classroom. It was only when he was gone that he realised that Blaine had been talking to him like nothing had happened, and that he was still normal.

Kurt had never loved him more for it.

James' mother came into his room, fully intent on talking to her son properly for the first time in who knows how long. She would have taken him away from his damaging father a long time ago if she didn't think it would turn James against her.

"James, darling?" she murmured. He was already sitting on his bed in the Dalton uniform, TV on, controller in hand. He looked up at her for a second, then back at the TV.

"James. I need you to tell me the truth." He grunted, which she took as a confirmation. "Why did you rape that poor boy?"

"He asked for it."

"James. No-one ever deserves that, no matter who they are, what they believe in or who they're attracted to. You know that, right?"

James shrugged again, and Kathy restrained the sigh of frustration.

"What does your dad think about all this?"

"That I was right, and that he deserved it. And that if I see the little fag today, I should teach him another lesson."

Kathy closed her eyes. When did it come to this? How did her son, that baby she held in her arms all that time ago, come to think that that boy deserved to be raped, deserved to be terrified for his life? She'd always blamed the parents of those youths who were convicted for all the gay bashings across the country. She'd always thought that it was their fault for not raising their child right, for not seeing it was coming and not disciplining them more so that they could see that everyone deserves equal rights. Look at her now. She was one of those dismaying parents who proved that they weren't fit to have children and shouldn't be looking after a minor.

She could argue that it was his father who had put all of these thoughts into James' head, but really. Why didn't she stop them in the first place?

Wes stared down at his half-written History essay, his mind going back to Julie. He'd honestly thought that he was moving on from this, that after five years he'd made maybe just a little bit of progress. He knew that David was watching him, but he didn't care.

He just wanted to stay in his mind, to stay with Julie for maybe that little longer.

David got up, pulling a chair to sit beside Wes. "You've got to let her go eventually," he said gently.


"I know you're thinking about Julie. And everyone knows how much it hurt you, but you do have to let her go eventually."

Wes let his head drop, hands resting on his temples. "God, I don't want to… David, I can't let her go… I'll forget her…"

"She was your sister. Of course you won't forget her. You can't let it go on. This is haunting you, and for God's sake, it's your senior year! You're meant to be having fun. You're meant to enjoy yourself."

"I know. I know what I'm meant to do."

"Come on, then. It's your senior year, so let's enjoy it." David grinned at him, shutting the textbook and pulling Wes up by his wrists and dragging him out of the room.

Blaine really wasn't a violent person, and that was why he was trying so hard to not think about what James did to Kurt, because every time he did, it made him want to punch something.

Preferably James.

But, he thought, as he ran his thumb over the back of Kurt's hand during Chemistry, he could hate him. He could loathe James and try to hunt him down, try to make him pay for what he did. But there was no good in that.

Wes's dad was doing something, he thought, filing charges or something like that. It might be best if Blaine just backed off and let the legal system do everything – there was no question that James would be found guilty.

Blaine needed to let go sometime… he couldn't stay like this forever. He'd just turn bitter; wasn't that what everybody said?

No time like the present.

Kathy had thought it over.

She'd really thought it over.

Surely the boy, whatever his name was, was going to file charges. Or do something. There was no way they were just going to let what James did to him float along in the background. That was just ludicrous.

And despite it all – despite how disgusted she was with her own son – he was still her son, and she had a duty to protect him. And if that meant moving, so be it.

Her sister lived in California, and that was where she was going to take James first. He needed to enjoy what little remained of his youth before the court caught up to him or threw him in a correctional facility or worse.

Kathy was just getting ready for all of this. Because she'd never thought it would happen – but now, there seemed to be no other option.

Wes, back at his History essay, looked over at the empty photo frame on his desk, before going into his drawer and pulling out the photo he'd always hated to look at before now.

But somehow, in light of everything, it didn't seem so bad. Julie was happy, and he should just remember her as his amazing sister who never gave up until the very last second.

And that was what he was going to do.

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