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"That wasn't my fault."

Dear Jesus, this man was asking for it.

I mean, he was asking for it. And even though I was exhausted beyond belief, my eyes were fighting a losing battle to stay open and my head hurt, I knew how dumb the general manager sitting across the table was being.

A total dumbass.

I caught Mr. Cullen's slow blink in response to the man's reaction and had to stifle a laugh.

When I snuck a glance over at Alec, who was sitting besides me, I swear on my life that he did the same thing. Slow blink. Oh baby, these two. My stomach cramped from having to stop myself from laughing out loud at how alike those two were.

"You're meaning to tell me that it's not your fault that the store has lost five thousand dollars in revenue because you couldn't schedule five minutes into your day to call corporate and have the security cameras fixed?" The question was so cool, so calm, that it kind of amazed me it still had the effect a whiplash would have.

The general manager didn't even swallow. He settled for a nod. "Yes. That's exactly what I'm saying."

I caught Alec scratching at his throat with a finger, eyeing me in return. I made my eyes big but switched my gaze forward again.

"Interesting," was the one and only thing that Mr. Cullen responded with.

And then they stared at each other in silence. A couple minutes ticked by, it might have been longer. All I knew was that it was long enough for another yawn to swim up my lungs, catching me totally off guard. I covered my mouth but it wasn't fast enough to hide how wide my mouth opened.

Those dark green eyes swung over in my direction. His mouth twitched. "Ms. Swan."

"Excuse me."

The words that came out of his mouth immediately afterward could have hurt my feelings or pissed me off an incredible amount if he'd said them months before. But what really got to me was that I recognized the faint glint of amusement in his eyes at our secret inner joke. "I would make an effort to get enough sleep in the future."

But there was that flicker of playfulness I'd caught last night when we watched television in his room, laughing at Conan's antics at almost midnight.

Conan. I would have bet my vulva that he would've been horrified at the notion of watching Conan when I told him that I was heading back to my room to catch my favorite redhead. All he'd done was look at me with those cool eyes and nudge the remote in my direction.

"I wouldn't mind watching it."

Say what?

There was one thing for him to watch The Science Channel and Big Bang but...Conan?

"Do you like his show?" I asked him.

Slowly, slowly, slowly a bashful smile took over his face, and if I'd been standing then, it would've made me take a step back. Luckily, I'd been sitting down when this man I felt I barely knew did it. Because I mean, Mr. Cullen—Edward—was capable of smiling like that?

The sensation that had come over my back was awkward.

"I've never seen it," he admitted with that alien-like smile on his face.

It'd be a lie if I said I didn't swallow my saliva. "Oh." I had to look everywhere but in his direction until my nerves got back to normal.

And then it hit me.

He'd never even seen Conan? What. The Fuck.

Okay, it wasn't that surprising, really, but still.

I found myself nodding at him and taking the control. "Okay, let's do it. But if you don't like it, just tell me."

If you don't like it.

Like that was the case. Ten minutes into it, he was laughing louder than I was.

An hour later, he was asking me if it came on at the same time every night.

That was definitely not what I was expecting. And his little teasing in the conference room wasn't what I was expecting either. At all.

I had to school my features into their most serious version and nod, crisply. "My apologies, sir."

Mr. Cullen tipped his chin down before switching his focus back to The Moron. "Where were we, Mr. Black? Were you on the verge of explaining to me what duties held you back from making a phone call?"

Crack of the whiplash!

The meeting lasted another tense thirty minutes of awkward questioning and carefully controlled tempers. The Moron made excuse after excuse, getting just as mad as Mr. Cullen was getting except he didn't hide it as well. Eventually, the two men left the room to go check out the tiny security room.

The door had barely closed when Alec spun his chair to face me, shaking his head. "What an imbecile."

Proper little Alec calling The Moron an imbecile? I couldn't help but laugh and nod in agreement. "Yeah. I was trying so hard not to start laughing during most of that."

He scrunched up his nose in disgust. "It's pathetic."

I wasn't going to disagree with him. "Well, I'm looking up his records right now. I already know Mr. Cullen's going to ask for them when he comes back in, just wait."

The eerie pause while I pulled up employee records on my tablet should have been my warning that Alec was going to ask a weird question. But I hadn't been paying attention.

"Isabella, do you mind if I ask you a personal question?"

"Sure." I didn't even bother looking up.

"It's not my place to ask but...are those rumors regarding you and Cullen true?"

I dropped the tablet on the table. "What rumors?"

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