Bonjour! Salute! Halo! Hola! Hello! Hi! Hey! Hillo! 'Ello! Heya! Hiya! Hullo! (How many words are there for hello in the English language, seriously!)

This story is just really based on a title of a Take That song: Eight Letters.

Here we go...

Eight Letters, three Words, One meaning...

The Doctor hated being on his own, but he knew he deserved it. He didn't deserve to have friends, not after all the things he had done. So the Doctor knew that he didn't deserve Rose at all. She was far too special, but he had let himself fall in love with her. And now he had lost her. She was a universe away and he could never see her again. He had ruined her and now she was trapped in a world where she didn't belong. He only had himself to blame really. If he had never asked her to come along with him, none of this would have happened.

But if he hadn't taken her with him, would she be dead because of the war?

She was alive, but maybe, if she hadn't been with him she would've have been killed. So maybe the Doctor had done the right thing. Maybe. But that didn't help the fact that he had ruined her, he had changed her, some say for the better, but he knew that he had ruined her life. Maybe she would have been happier if she had never known him.

But would he have been happy?

Probably not, but then again he didn't deserve happiness. He knew that.

So why did he have to fall in love with her?

Because she was Rose, the most amazing woman in the universe and the Doctor couldn't help falling for her.

You don't choose who you fall in love with.

But if you did, would he have chosen Rose?



Because she was amazing, that's why.

And yet the Doctor had never told her.

The reason being?

He was scared.

The most important words that were needed between them, and he didn't say them because he was a coward.

And what a big coward he was.

He could have told her so many times...

'Humans decay, you wither and you die, imagine watching that happen to someone you...'

'If you talk to Rose...tell her...just tell her...oh, she knows.'

And the last time, the time where he ran out of the Time. The Time Lord ran out of time...

'And I suppose, if it's my last change to say it...Rose Tyler...'

I love you.

And now, he can never say those words to her. She's gone and there's nothing the Doctor can do to get her back. All he can do is pray that the impossible may one day become possible. So he can say those words, those important words...

Eight letters, three words, one meaning...

I love you.


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