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In a nutshell, I'm the happy, positive Sunny-Daying Solrock while my sis is the deep, drama Rain-Dancing Lunatone (Another Pokemon reference)

Yup, so this fic is based on Maple Story (gets pelted by rocks) and Final fantasy (still getting pelted by rocks)

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The two blades clashed, sparks flying when the two pieces of metal contacted. The two sword-users stood at the same position with their swords crossed, knees apart, before jumping backwards. One of them was a young teenager, wearing a white shirt, but his leather armor was covering most of it, only revealing very little of the top collar and his sleeves. He wore faded jeans and red sneakers. His spiky black hair was drenched with sweat. Both his hands were clenching a large, 1 metre iron blade. The other man, did not wear a shirt nor armor. He had tan skin and wore a tribal necklace consisting of only a few beads and a yellow feather, with a red tip, said to have come from Moltres, the legendary fire bird. He was bald and wore baggy grey shorts with a gold chain looped by the side. He wore no shoes and wield a long but thin steel blade backhanded. His eyes were calm, yet focused at the same time.

After a few seconds of disturbing silence, the battle raged on. Both warriors sped towards one another, swords clashing against one another yet again. The swords slid against one another, causing a ear-piercing screech that sounded like a Meowth sharpening it's claws on a chalkboard. After moments of struggling, the older man withdrew for a split second -causing the young warrior to falter- before swinging forward, pushing the warrior backwards, leaving him wide open for another attack. Which was exactly what the blader did. Just when the blade was inches away from the boy's neck, a yellow blur shot past the boy's shoulder, crashing into the man's blade, before rebounding a distance away from the two. The young boy regained his senses and jumped backwards next to the blur which had been revealed as a yellow, mouse like creature with red cheeks which sparkled with electricity and a tail shaped like a lightning bolt, it's long, thin ears tipped with black. The Electric Mouse Pokemon, more commonly known as Pikachu, glared at the man. The man didn't even blink, for he had his own partner. Out of the shadows of the rocky cave came a small green dinosaur-looking creature. It had a distinctive blunt horn on it's head, and a crimson red belly separated by lines. It's tail was round and and looked like a blooming flower. It's middle section of it's body had black, diamond shaped patches. The Rock Skin Pokemon smirked upon seeing it's rival's resolve. Another moment of silence. Then, the battle continued. The two warriors had seen that brute strength would lead to no where, and changed tactics. The young boy leaped forward, executing a spiral slash at the man. It was a wonder how he could even lift the sword. Let alone use it. The man responded by moving his right arm gracefully, as if doing a dance, guiding the sword to defend him from the many blows. The electric mouse rushed forward to help, but was stopped by the Larvitar. It summoned the stalactites from the cave ceiling, raining down around the poor creature, while trapping it's movements using Rock Tomb. As the Pikachu struggled to escape from the earthy jail that confined it, it didn't notice it's rival charging up a Focus Punch. When the Pokemon finally managed to look up, it was too late. The small creature was given a direct hit: right in the guts. The force was so overwhelming that it even crushed the rocks restricting the Pikachu's movements. It was blown away from the force, but executed a airborne backflip, landing on all fours. It's tail started to glow a brilliant white, eyes filled fury and rage. The Larvitar's right arm started to glow as well, charging up for another attack. Both monsters charged at one another, tail versus fist, Iron Tail versus Focus Punch.

Meanwhile, the boy was also struggling. He couldn't find a single opening in the man's defense. It seemed almost impenetrable. As the boy thought of strategies, the man took advantage of the moment and switched from defense to attack. He brought forth his blade, stunning the boy. The Pikachu saw this, but all it could do was cry out in alarm, for it was still clashing with it's rival. The man's sword continued it's journey, swiftly reaching the boy's neck, stopping half an inch away. Seconds of nerve-wrecking silence passed. The man's serious face lightened up somewhat, before withdrawing his weapon, putting it away. The boy did the same, smiling widely despite the death-defying experience.

"You excel in strength and skill in handling the sword, but what you lack is defense..." said the man wisely as he knelt down next to the injured Pikachu, a potion in his hand.

He squeezed the bottle, letting the medicine work it's magic. The mouse flinched upon contact with the liquid, but later set out a sigh of relaxation as it let the cooling spray heal it's wounds. Once the potion was used up, the Larvitar walked up to the now fully recovered Pikachu, who was lying on the cave floor, too lazy to get up. The Rough Skin Pokemon offered a hand to the drowsy creature. The mouse accepted the offer, and got on it's own 2 feet.

"That will be enough training for today, Red. You may go." said the man.

Red picked up his sword, bowed to his master with respect, before turning around and walking away. "Come on Pika, time to go," said the teenager as he walked, referring to the Pikachu by it's nickname. The Pika immediately scampered behind it's owner, before jumping onto his shoulder.

Red's Pov

As I exited master's cave, I took in the wondrous view of my hometown. I was on the top of a cliff, so the view was spectacular. The buildings were IN the big rocks, and there were no roads. Only natural pathways lined with stalls. The town was old and plain, but it was that that gave it it's natural charm. As I walked down the streets, the stall keeper and passer-bys smiled at me, with an occasionally "Hi" or "Hello" from those that I knew well. I walked up to a familiar stall. It had a red cloth roof, standing on four metal poles. Below it was a round, tan man sweating up a storm from the heat of the grill, the towel hung on his neck soaking up most of it.

"Oh Red! Come for another famous beef burger?" said the man, using his spatula to wave at the teenager, causing grease and oil to fly all over his workplace. He didn't seem to mind a bit though.

I gave a grin. "Yeah. I just can't resist them!" I chuckled, as I placed some Pokécoins on the counter. In moments, I was holding a burger in his hands. I bit into my well-deserved meal, letting my taste-buds go on an all-out frenzy. The patty was extremely soft and well done. The sauce tantalized my tongue, forcing a smile to appear on my face. The man might not have been great at cleanliness, but he sure could whip up a good burger. As I walked away, happily munching on his burger, I felt a small jolt travel down my spine. I turned to see my "faithful" partner on my shoulder frowning, his red cheeks still sparkling from it's previous attack. I scratched the back of my head sheepishly, forgetting to get some poffins for my team. I entered the Pokémarket and exited with two paper bags in my hand. After 10 minutes of walking, we finally arrived at my house. I opened the door, realizing yet again that my dad was not home. I sighed, but I still couldn't blame him. He was an important man: the ruler of the village. I'm sure he had something important to attend to. As I entered, my Dad's Poliwrath greeted me. Poliwrath, or Poli, was Dad's seventh pokemon, which he kept at home to look after the house. I returned his politeness with a smile of my own, outstretching one of the paper bags towards him. He happily accepted the treat. Upon seeing this, Pika leapt off my shoulder and landed in front of Poli, tugging at the bag. I gave both of them a look, telling them to share the food. The both complied (even though I could see a hint of disappointment Pika's face) and sat down to eat.

As I left them to eat on their own, I went into the living room and sat down on the sofa. My legs were tired from both training and walking. A purplish-pink, cat-like creature jumped onto my lap, nuzzling me chest with the side of it's face, pleading for me to scratch it's back. I couldn't help but chuckle at Vee, my Espeon's actions. As I scratched her soft, pink fur (much to her delight), I used my other hand to fish out a Pecha Poffin from the bag, feeding it to the pokemon. Vee was one of the few mementos left behind by Mum. That is, after she died. I looked up to the ceiling and let out sigh. Vee, sensing my distraught, climbed into my lap and gave me a worried look. I snapped back into reality, and assured her I was fine. I decided to take a stroll around the outskirts of the village. The weather was pleasant, and I needed some fresh air. I slowly got up, picked up my sword, slung it over my shoulder, and walked out of the house, Vee tagging closely behind. Poli and Pika were too busy wrestling over the last Oran Poffin to notice me exiting the house.

Normal POV

As Red finally exited the village with Vee, he took a deep breath. An earthen scent engulfed his nostrils as he took in a deep breath. After a short rest, they continued their journey into the outskirts. Red usually spent his free time in the outskirts, enjoying the little wonders of nature. He had battled all the wild pokemon at least once, so he was rather close with them. The Pokemon didn't bother to challenge him :some because they trusted him; others were just plain scared. Something snapped the teen out of his thoughts. Standing, or rather, squatting was an average sized Graveller, boasting to the two Geodudes not too far away about how he was going to defeat both the boy and the cat. Red smirked as his right arm gripped the hilt of his blade, still slung over his shoulder. A newcomer? This should take less than 5 minutes, the boy thought. Vee got into a battling stance. Okay, maybe 3.

The battle was over in a flash. The Graveller lay on it's round back, struggling to get up. After putting back his sword, he offered his hand to the Graveller, who accepted it, and helped him up. He left 3 Sitrus Berries in front of the exhausted creature, before walking away, with Vee tagging along behind.

As Red wandered aimlessly in the terrain, something caught his eye. It looked like an another, brown rock. However, the teen's sensitive ears told him otherwise. He could hear the sound (though very faint) of machines, like those in factories. Before Red could decide on what to do, Vee rushed ahead, sensing something was wrong. Red chased after his mother's Pokemon. Just when Red thought that they would crash right into the rough surface of the boulder, both Vee and Red somehow entered the rock, as if there was nothing there in the first place.

Both gasped upon teleporting into the new, unfamiliar area. They were in a room. Actually, it was more than a room. It was more of a large laboratory. Vee, who was usually calm and composed, let her jaw drop as she took in the all the weird things that had happened. A creepy laboratory? A teleporting rock? Her head felt as if it was gonna explode. Red, seeing his Pokemon's expression, quickly let it back into it's pokeball, before continuing his exploration. There were large, glass containment tanks, all aligned in neat rows. Each held at least one Pokemon. The creatures were all asleep, with tubes connecting to them from the ceiling. Red was shocked and furious. If he ever saw the person who did this, he was gonna kick him hard in the-

Before he could complete his sentence (or thought, in this case), he saw a beautiful girl in a tank. Her long blonde hair was flowing in the fluids which filled the tank. Like the other victims, her eyes were closed. She wore a simple, pure white dress that reached her knees. She was the most beautiful girl the teen had ever laid eyes on. He stared at her, unable to look away. Suddenly, the girl's eyes fluttered open, like a group of Butterfree dispersing, revealing petite, hazel-colored irises. Both teenagers both stared at each other for moment until realization dawned on both of them.

"Eeep!" "Ahh!"

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