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Chronicles 5

A week has past since the attack against Perion. The land was left in shambles, and many lives were lost. The day would leave a dark mark in Perion's history, but if things were to change, the people had to move on.

The houses were replaced with temporary tents, built in a hurry. They only barely held up against Perion's frequent sandstorms, and wild Pokemon always served as a threat.

The once optimistic people now had fear and suspicion in their eyes. The incident had happened because of an infiltration in the city's defences, or at least that was what the rumours say. Whether they were true or not, it was no doubt that the people had changed in a bad way.

However, there were two in particular that remained hopeful.

Red was in the Perion cemetery. Once it was barren, but now, dozens of graves dotted the area. Red paid his respects to each and every one of them. From the clerks from the Pokemart he frequented to the uncle who made his favourite burgers. But there were 2 that stood out to the raven haired teen.

The first was his teacher, his master. He remembered the day clearly.

Red had awoken with a start. He laid on a white bed. Or at least it was once white. It was dirty and had brown patches over it. As unsanitary as it was, it was probably all that the doctors had left.

Red looked around. He was surrounded by others, pale and injured. Some could possibly have been dead. Red pushed the thought aside and examined himself.

He looked fine for now, and he felt fine too. Before he could get off, a nurse came in.

"Oh you're finally awake!" the lady in white commented.

"Yeah I guess I am..." Red said rather lamely, scratching the back of his head.

Before Red could continue, he was pushed out of the medic tent by the nurse. "There are people who need that bed more than you do, so please leave," the nurse said hurriedly. There was a sense of urgency in her voice.

"By the way, there is someone expecting you. I believe he is in tent 12 at the end of the road..." the nurse told him, before leaving to tend to another patient.

Red turned solemn as he was reminded of what had happened by his

Although makeshift tents and houses have been set up, the city was still in shambles. Red quickened his pace and reached Tent 12 in a matter of minutes.

What he saw took him by surprise to say the least.

His very own master laid on the one and only bed in the tent. Bloodied and wounded, his master did not seem to be recovering fast enough. The machine next to him confirmed it, as his heartbeats were slow and heavy.

It was only after a moment did the teenager notice the humongous green foot that covered the back entrance of the tent. A humongous Tyranitar bent over its head to peer in the tent. Red also noticed the Everstone by his unconscious master's bedside.

"The situation was that bad, huh." Red murmured under his breath. "Even Larvitar evolved and we still lost."

"Is that how you respect your dying master?" Red's eyes widened and jolted up to see his master smiling, reaching forward towards him. Before Red could apologize, the old man hushed him.

"Listen, Red. You were one of my best pupils. I've watched you grow up since you were a mere child. And now, you have come here to see me off, and for that I am grateful." the man only barely weezed out. The fluctuating line on the monitor slowed.

"I have a final gift for you. Call Tyranitar when you are ready."

The man was losing his grip on life.

"Red, you have much to go, but I believe that you will save Perion and the rest of the world. Follow your destiny, and you will achieve heights you could never imagine..." the man said as his eyes gradually closed.

"One more piece of advice: not everything is as what it seems..."

Finally, the man allowed death to take him, as a final tear trickled down his cheek, leaving him in a state of peace and tranquillity. As nurses and doctors flooded the room, Red excused himself from the packed tent via the back door.

Outside, Tyranitar let out a low moan, but Red shook his head and left for the outskirts, leaving a trail of tears behind him.

And now, Red was in the cemetery, looking before his Master's grave. The pupil lighted an incense, prayed for the old man's peace in the afterlife before making his way out.

As he walked past the numerous tombstones, another memory entered his head. This one was just as impacting as his master's death: his father's disappearance.

According to the townspeople, the village chief was nowhere to be seen throughout the period of the two-man attack. The defences of the town were no match for the duo, and were further crippled by the loss of their cheif.

Red looked up into the sky and thought aloud to himself.

"Dad, where are you?"

"Slash, Dodge, Slice and...Eek!"

Red covered his mouth with a hand as he tried to restrain the laugh that was developing in his throat as he watched Yellow, his new pupil, for the 8th time, be enveloped in a box of hay.

Yellow had wanted Red to train her, for some peculiar reason. And she wanted Red to train her, Red and RED alone. She rejected the other (much more good looking) men who offered to help the lass, but Yellow persistently stuck to Red's side. Red was flattered by this.

"I..I just thought I could learn a little self-defence so that I wouldn't be too much of a burden..." Yellow had explained, although never explaining why it had to be him.

It seemed that she was regretting it, from Red's point of view at least.

The routine he had made for her seemed simple enough. Ratty would cut up bundles of hay with Cut which then, Kitty would tie with to a piece of its String Shot, holding it firmly together. Finally, Gravvy, as Yellow calls him, would toss the whole stack to Yellow for her to slice in mid-air.

Simple enough.

"Perhaps this blade is the problem..." Red explained as he and the other Pokemon struggled to get the blond a block of hay.

"Let's see what we have to try." Red muttered to himself as he rummaged through a trunk of weapons that they had found. Yellow stood by the side, peering over Red's shoulder as she patted the smaller strands of hay off her.

"How about this?" Red pulled out a long, thin rapier. It had a bright blue grip and a silver guard that glistened in the sunlight.

"I'll give it a shot..." Yellow muttered shyly. Her new weapon felt light in her hands. She felt more comfortable with it. Perhaps this would be better, she thought.

As a block of hay was flung at her, she readied her stance and sliced the flying mass cleanly in half.

Everyone applauded the blond for her first success.

"That was great, but a rapier isn't just for slicing..." Red explained as he walked over to help his blushing student.

Red's POV

Yellow's training had been going quite smoothly. Indeed, her skill with the rapier was much better than with a large blade like mine.

It just showed that I'm not as good of a teacher as Master. Even now, his death is still etched into mind.

His Tyranitar is currently helping out with removing large boulders. I do not know what will happen to him after the village has been restored. I doubt he would become my Pokemon: the only one who could control him was master.

It was at the thought of Tyranitar was I suddenly reminded of Master's 'gift'.

"I have a final gift for you. Call Tyranitar when you are ready."

What could Master have left for me in such a dire situation? I pondered over it for a while. Seeing as Yellow was taking a break for the rest of the day, I decided to find the green tyrant.

It wasn't hard to locate him. Surrounded my small abandoned hills covered in scratches, their top half chopped off, sat the Armor Pokemon.

"Hey! Buddy!" I hollered at, standing atop of one of the flattened peaks. A 'playful' claw was swung at me.

Thankfully, my reflexes let me jump over the blurry green claw and land on the Pokemon's shoulder.

There was silence between the two of us for a while. I was the first to break the silence.

"A...About Master." the beast turned its head to look at me. "You miss him too right?"

He stared at me with a hint odds annoyance, as if to say "Quit beating around the bush and get to the point."

I scratched the back of my head out of habit. It was easy to get nervous when you're at the mercy of a mountain-sized giant.

"Master mentioned that he had a final gift for me. Do you know anything about it, perhaps?" I braced myself for another swing and was about to jump out of his reach, when the green claw grabbed me gently and put me down on one of the surrounding hills.

Knowing that I was safe, Tyranitar slammed his right claw into the ground. With that single mighty pound, a glowing circle was outlined in the ground. As Tyranitar took a few steps back, leaving the circle's boundary, the land within the outline crumbled away with an unexplainable force, creating a deep, vertical tunnel down into darkness.

Tyranitar turned his head around and nodded, urging me to jump in. I walked to the pit's edge and looked down into the steep drop.

"Tyranitar, I'm not so sure of this. Maybe we should come back late-"

'Something' pushed me off the edge and before I knew it, I was plummeting into the darkness. In free-fall, I somehow managed to compose myself and saved myself from becoming a Stunfisk.

"Feather Falling!"

White light glowed around my ankles, and my falling speed gradually slowed down. I reached the bottom of the deep hole safely, besides the initial heart attack.

Just as I wondering what I was supposed to do down here, torches (which I didn't even know were there) ignited into flames, one by one, as if guiding me. With no other options available, I followed the lights.

After a minute or two down the lit walkway, I reached a large, wooden, forming a semi-oval shape before me, possibly half the size of Tyranitar.

Upon contact, the door moved aside by itself, inviting me in. What I saw behind those doors awed me.

On a marble pedestal, rested a large blade. It was just as large as my last blade, although this was a double-edged one.

It was made of a strange, red metal, a shade of heroic crimson. 4 spoke-like figures, short and blunt, formed a guard, 2 spokes on each side of the black leather grip. The main, middle blade was the most prominent feature, in a similar fashion of the other blades, although larger, broader and sharper than the others. It looked just like a maple leaf, the 5 blades forming the palm shape

In the formations centre was a turquoise gem, glowing with mysterious energy.

I walked over to it. I was amazed at the swords fine work, and as I touched the magnificent weapon's hilt, the gem gleamed, and an array of visions flooded my head.

I was pulled into a new dimension. This new world that I was in... What happened to it? The sky was grey, empty and dull. I couldn't even tell if it was day or night. The earth was dry. It was like Perion's, but so...lifeless. In fact, there were no signs of life at all: no plant life, no Pokemon; no people.

Where was I?

And then, I saw it. Partially buried under grey dust protruded a wooden sign.

I bent down to touch it, only to realise that my body had become hazy and translucent. Nonetheless, I brushed some dust aside and gasped outwardly.

On the sign, was engraved:


Before I could even feel horrified, I was pulled into yet another vision. There were 13 gallant warriors, standing by the seaside. They stood proudly, each with some form of weapon. I didn't recognise any of them, although there was something that told me they would be important. I squinted at one of them, and made out the figure of...Yellow?

At that thought, she turned around. She wore a yellow vest over a black turtleneck and sage jeans, coupled with odd purple boots.

She smiled and gestured for me to come forward, but I was pulled out of through vision before I could even take a step.

Returning to reality, I took a few minutes to take in all I had witnessed, gasping at the overflow of knowledge. When my mind was finally cleared, I realised that I had pulled the blade out of its former place, and was holding the weapon in my hands.

I stared at the blue gem, and it shone, projecting the sword's name.


It lasted for a split-second, before returning to its original state. But I knew I had seen it. And somehow, from those visions, I knew what I had to do. Just as Master had said.

This, was my destiny.

But first, I'm going to have to find my way out of here.

So there you have it! I hope you have enjoyed this.

The idea for the blade came from Maplestory (i dunno what blade it was called but I remember something like that in the game) and the skill Feather Falling was kinda from Huntik. I loved Huntik, until it stopped. :(

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