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-Len's pov-

" I don't want to have fucking sex with you!'' I shouted at him, a trail of tears down my cheeks. I had never touched anyone like that in my life! I strictly belived in abstinence I felt nauseous.

" I know you've never done something like that. Physically, you're as innocent as they come. I'm sorry. I really am Len," he said soothingly.

"Could you please stop saying my name?" I asked him. " I feel sick every time you say it and I don't even know your name!" that fact made me feel even more sick.


"What?" I asked, confused.

"My name is Kaito. I'm twenty-three years old. I've been watching you for a year and a half. I love you because of how pure and caring you are even though you always fight with your sister , I can see you care about her a lot. I'm surprised that's even possible with the way you look. And, well, can't tell you where we are other somewhere far away from anyone else," he sad. I still looked confused. Probably from the overload of information. "Answers," he said simply. "You wanted answers. "What time is it?" I asked , completely ignoring his rant. "nearly six p.m. do you want to see the rest of the house?" he asked enthusiastically. I nodded. Anything to escape being loced in a bedroom with 'Kaito'. he grasped my hand frimly. I tried to yank it away but he wouldn't allow it. He walked out into the living room with me in a tow. It was wide and open. There were two or three small couches, a coffe table, and a huge TV with surround sound, DVD player, etc. All in all, it was a pretty nice house. "This is the living room.". " As if that weren't obvious," I said sarcastically under my breath. He heard me and chuckled, smiling at me as if I were some exotic, endangered animal. I once again tried and failed to pull my hand out of his grasp.

We'll watch a movie later, after dinner probably. I'm going to make your favorite meal for your first day here. Banana Pie," he said proudly, as if it were some feat that he remembered what it was, even though he shouldn't know it in the first place. I swallowed the bile in my throat. "Speaking of dinner, I should start that, so I'll show you the kitchen real quick, you can pick out a movie and then we'll watch it after dinner and rest of the tour!" he said happily. I jumped at the opportunity to get away from him though , so I agreed. I went over to his massive collection of DVDs. I didn't recognize most of them. Most of them were romance, romance-comedy, or rated X movies. 'Disgusting perv….' I devided that I would rather go with romance-comedy rather than any of the other ones. I picked the most innocent one I could find. At least there weren't any sex scenes in it. Well, it was rated PG-13, so I assumed that. It was called 'Mine Forever'. I scoffed at the hackneyed story plot. Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Girl doesn't like boy. Blah, blah, blah. I cringed when I felt 'Kaito' slip his arms around my waist. He brought his lips to my ear. "Dinner's ready." I pushed him away and made my way towards the table.

My stomach automatically clenched at the delicious scent of my favorite meal. he pulled a chair out for me I took the other one instead. He chuckled to himself before sitting down. He poured me a glass of wine. "I'm not drinking that." I said stubbornly,

"Why not? You've always begged Luka to let you try some. I'm only trying to make you happy," he said " if you want to make me happy, let me go "I snapped at him. He sighed, taking a bite of his food. My mouth watered but then I just ate it and keep moving on to the movie.

"You're so caring when you want to be Len. So, I looked through the roll for you name. Then I found out what lunch bell you had, and I wemt to see if you were that way with everyone. There was a girl sitting alone, and you went up to her and introduced yourself. Then, you asked her if she wanted to sit with you. You're so kind to everyone. I started watching you from time to time, but then I started falling in love with you and I knew I had to take you. And here you are." he sighed.

"You're sick. How could you follow a fourteen-year-old boy?" I said. He just stared at me lovingly.

"what movie did you pick out?". "Mine forever," I scoffed. "Don't you have any non-porn, non-romance movies?" I asked.

He seemed to think for a minute. "No….Let's go watch the movie," he said, taking my hand.

I sat at the very end of the couch. He sat down, not two inches away from me. I looked at the rest of the couch and back at him. "Move," I said angrily. "No, it's my couch. I can sit where ever I want," he said. "FINE! I'll move!" I said, standing up to walk past him instead, he pulled me onto his lap "H-hey!" I yelled. He held onto my wrist with one hand and pressed on 'play' on the remote. He pulled me against his chest. As he skipped through the previews. I started to struggle. My back was against his chest. I could almost feel his calm heartbeat. The movie started to began. The lights were off, and it gave me a sense of unease. The dark had always been my comfort, but it now seemed to turn shadows into monsters, and at the moment, it seemed to make me even more fearful of 'Kaito'.

I started trying to pull away again as the first scene flashed across the screen. He pressed a hand against my stomach and one on my leg. "Everytime you struggle, my hands move further up," he said huskily in my ear. I froze, shivering. "Oh,baby. Are you cold?" he cooed in my ear. I tried to pull out of his arms quickly. I heard his chuckle in my ear, and realized I'd forgotten that I was supposed to stay still. His hands were moving just below my chest and the other at the bottom of my shorts. If he wasn't going to stop, then it was time to fight!

"Stay still" he said seductively. But to me it was like acid. I started struggling even more. "Do we need to go to option number three?" he threatened. I stopped and so did he. He probably realized that he just threatened me again. He'd probably just realized he could get away with threatening me. I gasped, trying to stay still. The hand at the bottom of my shorts moved up to the elastic waistband. His fingers went just under the edge of it touching the skin just below my stomach.

I whimpered.

"Please, I'm staying still. Please stop," I cried, a tear slipping out. Somehow I could feel him through my shorts, pressing against somewhere that made me gasp and try to pull away. But...

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