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What they forgot to mention

"Harry Pearce" he answered the phone, eyes glazed-focussing on a pen she probably touched.

"Harry, I know I said I'd butt out and all that jazz-but there is more you're not telling me isn't there?" if he didn't know better he would have thought the Home Secretary was actually concerned.


"Harry. Please"

"I have to go Home Secretary-I'll see you soon I'm sure"

Harry put down the phone and looked out to the three agents sat around Ruth's old desk-as if being there made it seem like she was there with them. He thought back to how brilliant they had all been.

"Harry the helicopter is on its way"

"What's the point, Erin? She's dead"

"No. She's just unconscious" Dimitri put his two fingers on her neck and felt her pulse, confirming this. Harry started to cry again, but they thought nothing of it-not now they all knew the truth about him and Ruth.

Within a few minutes, the helicopter came and took her away. They wouldn't allow him to go with her, so Dimitri drove them to the hospital at a speed which was probably illegal.

The nurse had come up to them and asked if they were Ms Evershed's family

"Not technically" Callum answered

"Well then you won't be able to see her, so I'd advise you to go home"

"No, please, we have to see her" Dimitri came forward

"Just because we're not actually related, it doesn't mean that we don't love her as if we were" Callum joined him. Erin turned from Harry, who was sat with his head in his hands,

"We have to talk to her, to see her and know that she's ok. Please, we're family in a strange and complicated way" Erin said strongly

"Listen to Miss Watts" A doctor walked in and Harry raised his head

"Doctor Nixon" he remarked

"Hello again Harry," The older man greeted him with a smile and turned to the nurse "These people are allowed to see Ms Evershed-after all they'll find a way in even if we do say no" he turned to the team "Follow me,"

When they entered Ruth's room, three of them went forward-Harry hung back by the door.

"What happened Mike?" He asked the doctor,

"Her lung was punctured-I won't ask how- and so her brain had to shut down most of her body to keep it going. We've sorted her out-she'll be right as rain eventually"

"Thank you Mike-for everything you do"

"That's alright, my friend- don't excite her too much, she needs sleep"

Harry tried to ignore his imagination which was working overtime thinking of the ways he could excite her.

"Don't take this badly-but I hope I don't see you too soon!" The doctor said cheerfully, waved and walked out. Harry chuckled and turned to the bed.

"Rosie wants to know when she's going to see Auntie Ruth again" Erin was saying with smile,

"Tell her she will soon-we need to perfect those cookies" Ruth managed to gasp out-but the smile on her face and the sparkle in her eyes gave nothing away about the pain she was in. Dimitri was on the other side of the bed, she squeezed his hand, "Di, I want a wedding invitation from you two in the next year-or I'll take matters into my own hands" she whispered so no-one else would hear

"Me too" he winked, returned her squeeze then moved so Callum could see her.

"Cal" she whispered softly and brought him into a hug-no matter how much pain it caused "I'm sorry" He pulled back so he could face her

"You know, I may joke a lot-but you mean a lot to me. You know what my mother's like- I almost feel like you're my chance to replace her" He looked down, embarrassed at revealing so much. She stroked his cheek

"I know Cal, and I'm always here for you." He kissed her cheek, and got up for Harry.

"I didn't know just how close you were to them all" He whispered. She smiled gently and breathed a laugh

"mmm, but I like my boss the best-don't tell them though" he smiled and cupped her face

"So, Suffolk then?" her smile faded slightly-probably just the pain, he thought.

"Sure" she whispered.

A week later and Harry made his daily pilgrimage to the hospital. But when he reached Ruth's room, she wasn't there-just a note.

how do I explain? I can't-but I'll try. The doctor says I need to rest properly or I might have a seizure. So, I'm not going back to work- I think you know where I'll end up. But the hard part-I don't want you to come and find me just yet. Go back and end your career brilliantly and worthily-show them just how amazing you are. Do what you have to do, just give me some time.
Don't think I'm running again my love, because I'm not.
All my love, Ruth xxx

He called Tom that evening, made arrangements for the death of the man who ultimately could have caused Ruth's death.
Then he went to Erin's to join them all for drinks.
He then called certain people who needed to be notified.

Finally he settled down to the longest wait of his life. But he would gladly wait for her. He'd wait for life, if needs be.

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