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Scariest Halloween ever

Outside Jump city (9:00pm)

Outside of Jump city was a large fancy mansion. There were hundreds of cars outside the mansion and there was a big party going on within the mansion. Inside there were hundreds of teens dressed in their Halloween costumes partying. One of these teens was Jessica who was the host of the party and decided to throw a party in her parent's house while her parents were out on a business trip and wouldn't return till next week.

Jessica was still upset that she got insulted by the two freaks Ahsoka and Mikazuki. She hated that she got embarrassed by those two freaks especially in front of her friends. She hated it and wanted to make the girls pay for what they did.

"Hey Jessica you're not still mad on what those freaks said about you right?" Amber asked worried that her friend was still mad.

Jessica turned to Amber glaring at her, "What do you think?"

Amber was now scared of her friend and hid behind Britney who decided to try and calm her friend down, "Jessica come on you shouldn't let those freaks get to you. They're losers and freaks, we're popular and beautiful, everyone wants to be us even the guys wants us," Britney pointed to all the guys in the party who were indeed cute and did ask the girls out plenty of times. Both Britney and Amber accepted the offers the guys asked from them, but Jessica always turned them down.

"Ichiro is the only guy I want and I still can't believe he would rather go out with a freak rather than someone like me," Jessica said as she poured herself another drink. Jessica had gotten the guys to bring them beer while she got some whine from her dad's liquor cabinet, "I'm rich, beautiful, sexy, and popular. How could he pick a freak like her over me?"

Both Amber and Britney decided not to respond knowing that the real reason they believe Ichiro likes Ahsoka was because she was much nicer than Jessica. In truth Ahsoka was nicer than Jessica, although the girls like being popular and better looking than everyone. But they did wish their friend was nicer and wasn't so mean to them whenever she is angry at something or someone.

Just then a loud scream came from upstairs and many of the teens who were upstairs having some 'alone time' came running down the stairs with some of their clothes on. Jessica confronted one of the girls who came running down the stairs to find out what the problem was, "Hey Mandy what happened?"

"Something just broke through the window and began to attack Brat," Mandy said in a panicking tone. Just then the lights upstairs began to go out. All the teens began to panic when they heard a low moan and footsteps coming towards the stairs. The teens soon saw a dark figure with glowing red eyes approach them.

"Wh-what do you want?" Jessica asked scared by what this thing was.

"I…want…CANDY!" the figure said in a demonic tone as the figured charged at the teens.

Little Creek (9:10pm)

Back outside Little Creek in the home of Isamu and Rachel Ishida the former heroes were all watching an old horror movie Victor brought for the heroes to see. Isamu had set up a large screen outside and a projector for the former titans to see. Prototype was setting up the popcorn machine and the table where the drinks were.

"Hey Isamu, how long till you finish getting the movie ready?" Garfield asked who was getting impatient at how long it was taking his friend to set up the movie.

"Shut up, I haven't use this thing in a long time don't rush me," Isamu continued trying to fix the projector which was not working. Damn this thing was working just this morning.

"Hey while we wait why don't we play a game?" Hikari suggested wanting to help give her brother more time.

"How about we play some arm wrestling contest? In fact I'll take on any one of you," Prototype said who challenged any of the titans to face him.

"I'll take you on Proto," Victor stepped up and accepted Prototype's challenge.

"All right let's do this," Prototype and Cyborg moved the drinks and popcorn away from the table as both men sat down on their chairs and got both their arms on the table. Tara, Garfield, Kory, Rachel, Hikari, and Isamu watched as their friends were going to arm wrestle each other. Dick came over as both men's hands were locked on with the other.

Dick put his hands on both hands and gave the instructions, "Okay you both know the rules and remember no cheating," both men nodded agreeing with Dick, "Ready? Begin."

Both men soon began to use their strength to try and move the other's arm. Victor began to try pushing Prototype's arm down while Prototype did the same with Victor. Both men continued trying to get the win as the others cheered on for both men. Victor soon began to push Prototype's arm down slowly. Hikari, Kory, and Tara cheered for Victor who was now inches away from winning the arm wrestling contest. But then Prototype began to push Victor's arm back as Victor tried to use all his strength to push Prototype's arm back. Prototype however managed to use his own strength before he finally was able to beat Victor.

"Yes I win!" Prototype shouted happy to have beaten Victor.

"Tough break Cy I really thought you were going to beat him," Garfield said surprised that his friend lost.

"Well I did make his body, I just wish though I could have changed his personality a bit," Victor said a bit disappointed he didn't win.

"That's what my creator tried to do and he failed so many times. Ah well so who's next?" Prototype asked wondering who he would face next.

"I'm next," Hikari sat down on the chair and had her arm out ready.

"All right let's go then," Prototype said as he wrapped his hand around Hikari's and got ready to begin.

"Oh boy this is going to end badly for Prototype," Victor said as he moved away from table.

"You said it," Garfield soon moved as well along with Tara, Rachel, Isamu, and Kory.

"All right are you two ready?" Dick asked as both Hikari and Prototype nodded with a look of confident on both competitors, "All right then let's begin."

As soon as Dick Grayson let the competitors begin Hikari used all her strength to quickly push Prototype's arm down and through the table breaking it. The others were surprised it ended faster than they thought it would end. Prototype got up and saw that this arm was missing. He looked over and saw Hikari smirking and had Prototype's arm. Hikari walked over towards Prototype and tossed his arm back to him.

"Looks like I win," Hikari said before walking away. Hikari walked over to Victor and kissed him on the cheek before walking back into the house.

"Damn Victor you got yourself a beautiful yet deadly wife," Prototype said still surprise that Hikari tore his arm off so easily and quickly.

Victor had a smirk on his face and knew Prototype was right, "You have no idea," Cyborg followed his wife back into the house while their friends cleaned up the mess made by Hikari.

Jessica's mansion (9:15pm)

Ahsoka, Mikazuki, Katalina, and Arella arrived to the mansion of Jessica. They arrived when they were looking for Rowan when suddenly they heard some loud screams coming near where Jessica lived. They soon arrived to see many cars driving out fast and they saw many people who didn't have cars run out of the mansion. The girls ran into the mansion and saw that it was a complete mess. They saw some people were on the floor in a ball position cradling as they looked traumatized. Mikazuki checked on the teens while Katalina went to try and pick up Rowan's scent which she lost during one of the many places they've looked for Rowan. Meanwhile Mikazuki was outside the door after making sure there was no evidence to show that Rowan did this if the cops come by.

Ahsoka came outside and saw the concern look on Arella's face. Ahsoka knew she was worried about her sister and she knew that she felt responsible for what happened, "Hey Mika you okay?"

"Huh?" Arella snapped out of her thoughts and turned towards Ahsoka, "Oh I'm fine I guess I'm just worried about Rowan."

"Yeah me too, hey listen don't blame yourself these things happen sometimes. We can't always stop them from occurring all the time, even if we have powers," Ahsoka said as she tried to cheer her friend up.

"You sound like my dad, he told me that before and yet I still blamed myself for letting this happen again," Arella said as clenched her fists.

"Again? Wait you mean the first time it was because of?" Ahsoka realized that the first time Rowan went insane with candy was because of Arella.

"Yes…we were out for Halloween last year and mom told us not to eat too much candy. I didn't listen to her and let Rowan eat more than what she was supposed to eat…then the rest I'm sure you can figure out what happened," Arella said as she sat down on the steps ashamed by what happened, "I caused a lot of people to get hurt and now I take my eyes off her for one second…I don't want another repeat of what happened last year. We'll catch Rowan and keep her from harming anyone and herself."

"I have no doubt about that Arella, we'll save her and keep her out of trouble," Ahsoka said confident they will save Rowan.

Mikazuki and Katalina soon came out of the mansion and seemed worried about something, "What's wrong?" Arella asked wondering what was wrong.

"Well we got good news and bad news…the good news is I got a scent and I don't think Rowan is far from here," Katalina said as she informed Arella where Rowan could be.

Arella sighed in relief that they were close on finding Rowan till Ahsoka spoke out something that she noticed, "Wait you said 'a scent' don't you mean Rowan's scent?"

"Nooooo actually that's the bad news…it seems our little sugar rush demon friend may have kidnapped someone during the commotion," Mikazuki explained the bad news.

"Who?" Arella asked almost regretting why she asked.

Katalina handed a picture frame to Ahsoka where the two girls Arella and Ahsoka both looked at it and immediately groaned when they saw who it was. "Of all the people my sister had to kidnap why did it have to be her?" Arella groaned as the picture revealed it to be Jessica.

The girls then heard a loud scream coming nearby. They looked over and saw light and electrical polls being taken down along with car alarms going off. From the looks of things it looks like whatever was causing the damage was heading into the city.

"Come on girls let's go," Mikazuki said as the other girls nodded. Mikazuki took off on foot with Katalina right behind her and Arella carrying Ahsoka as they flew towards the city.

Construction site (9:20pm)

At the construction site there was no one around. The entire site was abandoned due to the fact that it was night time and the workers wouldn't come in till the next day. However the front gate was soon destroyed and in came a dark figure carrying what appears to be a female on it's shoulder. The figure climbed to the top of the building and grabbed some chains. Once the figure reached the top the figured tied the woman with the chains and even put what appeared to be a pair of sock into the woman's mouth. The figure looked at the moon and let out a loud yell as the figure grabbed a small bag and chucked down on what was inside the bag, "CANDY!"

"Hey Rowan down here!" the figure looked down and saw four teenage girls all dressed up in costumes, "Listen up if you don't give up by the count of five we're going to go up there and kick your butt till your sane again."

The figure now revealed to be Rowan growled at her friends. Rowan had a crazed look on her face along with chocolate stains. Her costume also had some shreds on it. Part of her skin leg was showing, along with her waist, and her part of her cat ears was gone, "One…two…" Rowan heard the count was starting and she wasn't going to let her fun end so soon.

"Guys shouldn't we try talking to Rowan? I mean threatening to kick her butt seems a little harsh don't you think?" Ahsoka said who didn't want to fight Rowan much less hurt her.

"I agree I mean really how dangerous can she-"

"Look out!" Arella pushed Katalina out of the way as a metal beam landed near where Katalina was. Soon the girls saw more beams heading their way as the girls took cover. Arella and Katalina hid behind a crane while Ahsoka and Mikazuki hid behind truck.

"Does that answer your question Ahsoka? When Rowan is in a sugar rush she's not herself, she'll do anything and I mean anything to get candy. Even if that means hurting people who are close to her," Mikazuki said as a beam landed near them.

"Well how do we stop her? What do we do?" Ahsoka asked as a beam went right through the truck and it came out through the other side between the girls.

"Well first we RUN!" Mikazuki and Ahsoka ran out from behind the truck towards the construction site as they saw Arella use her powers to cover them and Katalina used her powers to drive some of the beams away from Arella too.

Once the girls were inside they were all panting from what just happened. Two of them knew Rowan was bad in her sugar rush, but they never encountered her like that before. "Okay it's official Arella your sister is one fucked up kid," Katalina said as she never encountered anyone like Rowan before, minus her sister but she knew she wasn't like how Rowan was.

"This isn't her, at least the real her, we just need give her this," Arella took out a small piece of candy covered in an orange wrapper.

"What will it do?" Ahsoka asked.

"I'll tell you what it won't do, it won't turn her even crazier," Arella said knowing they have one shot at this otherwise they'll have to use force to stop her sister.

"Okay here is the plan, Arella you and I go distract Rowan" Mikazuki said as she told the others the plan, "Ahsoka, Katalina you two go and save Jessica then get her out. Hopefully once we're done with Rowan we will erase Jessica's memory of who attacked her."

The girls nodded as they went to complete their objectives. Ahsoka and Katalina began to climb the building while Arella and Mikazuki who used her gikongan to separate her soul reaper form from her body. "Take care of my body," Mikazuki ordered the proxy soul in her body to do while she goes to stop Rowan. The proxy soul nodded as she waited for Mikazuki to return.

Rowan continued throwing things below thinking her enemies were still down there. Then she saw two figures appeared behind her. Both were her cousin and her sister. "Rowan last chance stop or else," Arella said as she ignited her powers and Mikazuki took out her sword. She wasn't planning on releasing her zanpakuto but if she has to then so be it.

"Rowan last chance stop now," Mikazuki said as she threatened her cousin who instead of listening used her powers to launch several barrels towards the girls who dodged the barrels.

While this went on Ahsoka and Katalina arrived to where Jessica was. When they got there they saw Jessica had woken up and she was muffling loudly. "Jessica hold on we're going to get you out of here," Ahsoka said as she removed the sock from Jessica's mouth carefully.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!" Katalina quickly covered Jessica's mouth to keep Rowan from overhearing them.

"Jessica please be quiet we're here to rescue you," Ahsoka said as Katalina used her claws to cut through the chains since Ahsoka left her lightsabers at home.

Once Katalina removed her hand from Jessica's the young teen began talking, "Rescue me? Your friend kidnapped me, ruined my party, traumatized my friends, wrecked my home, and stuffed my sock in my mouth."

"We're sorry it wasn't her fault now please be quiet so we can get you out of here safely," Ahsoka said as Katalina broke through the chains.

"Oh you can help me all right, help me call the police and have that freak locked up for kidnapping," Jessica said as she wiped the dirt from her dress.

"Hey we just helped you, the least you can do is forget about this whole thing," Katalina said a bit mad Jessica was going to turn in their friend.

"I don't care, I'm going to press charges on her and on all of you because I know you were all behind this. Not only that you're going to pay for all the damages you've caused to my house," Jessica said.

"I don't believe you, we rescued you and your going to charge us? Why do you hate us so much?" Ahsoka said in disbelief that this girl who she rescued despite what Ahsoka did she still treated them like garbage.

"I don't have to give you a freak a reason now take me home now so I can call the cops and I will um what," Jessica fell towards Ahsoka who caught her. Ahsoka checked and saw Jessica passed out. She looked over and saw it was Katalina who used her powers to knock out Jessica.

"Don't worry I didn't hurt her, though I wish I did she is so annoying," Katalina said annoyed by Jessica's loud talking.

"Right let's get down then," Ahsoka lifted Jessica and carefully climbed down the building.

Arella and Mikazuki continued dodging the attack from Rowan who was becoming more of a problem. She kept using her powers to either blast her friends or lift things like the metal beams, barrels, or the equipment of the construction workers.

"I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!" Rowan shouted as she continued with her attack.

The girls saw Ahsoka and Katalina were now on the ground. Both nodded knowing it was time to end this. Arella used her powers to bind Rowan's arms while Mikazuki used her flash step to appear from behind Rowan. She slipped her arms underneath Rowan's and had them locked. Arella flew in and placed the small candy into Rowan's mouth. Rowan soon swallowed the candy and began to feel sleepy. Soon Rowan passed out and Mikazuki released Rowan who fell into the arms of her sister.

Arella sighed in relief that it was over and that the night didn't end that badly, "This was way too close."

"I know, come on let's get Rowan to Katalina so we can go erase everyone's memory even Jessica on who attacked them," Arella nodded as both girls flew down to where Ahsoka and Katalina were. Arella handed Katalina her sister while Mikazuki's proxy soul carried Jessica. Mikazuki told the girls to head back to the tower while they took care of the people who saw what happened tonight with Rowan.

Little Creek (9:30)

Out of Little Creek Isamu and Rachel were up on their balcony watching the others watch the horror movie. Rachel went inside to look for some more drinks till Isamu came in and the two decided to let their friends enjoy the movie while they enjoyed their time together.

The two looked out in the balcony where Kory held on to Dick's arm scared of the movie, Tara was also scared of the movie and Garfield for Tara held her so she wouldn't be scared even though he was scared too, Hikari on the other hand was enjoying the movie and didn't seem to mind the gore and horror of the movie, but unlike her Victor who had eaten a lot of the food earlier was feeling nauseous. Prototype on the other hand yawned since he wasn't scared by the movie, but did enjoy seeing how the others seemed scared.

Isamu wrapped his arms around his wife's waist and held her close. He kissed her on the cheek as both couple smile, "Hope this Halloween for you Rachel was better than last year."

"Not really," Rachel turn around to face Isamu and kissed him on the lips. Both continued kissing till Rachel broke the kiss, "It's better than last year."

Isamu smiled and kissed his wife again, "Happy Halloween Rachel."

"Happy Halloween Isamu"

Titan's tower (9:55pm)

Ichiro and Markala were at the tower eating their pizza in the common room, while waiting for the others to finish. Markala had just finish scaring almost 60 bad guys the last few hours since Ryu and him began their bet. Markala was very confident he would win his bet and would be enjoying seeing Ryu clean up the tower.

"Man I wish Ryu and Vic hurry up and get here so I can go back to the tower when Ahsoka comes back," Ichiro said who was growing impatient at how long his two friends were taking.

"Relax Ichiro I know you want to be sure Ahsoka had a good time tonight, but you need to be patient," Markala said as he used his finger claw and took a piece of pepperoni from his pizza and put it in his mouth, "I'm sure they won't be long."

On cue Ryu and Victor arrived, "Hey guys what took you so long?" Ichiro asked.

"Sorry Ryu wanted to make sure he didn't miss anyone he didn't scare," Vic said as he sat down and took some of Ichiro's pizza, "So how did you two do?"

"Not bad, Markala scared a lot of people around 60, how about you guys?" Ichiro asked.

Before Ryu and Victor could respond Arella, Mikazuki, and Katalina soon came in and they looked very tired. "Hey girls, how was your night?"

The girls didn't say anything but just groan. Katalina landed on the couch while the girls went over to the kitchen. The guys could see the girls seemed bothered by something and noticed that Rowan and Ahsoka were missing, "Um guys where's Rowan and Ahsoka?" Ichiro asked.

"Ahsoka should be in her room while Rowan is sleeping…we had a long day," Arella said as she poured herself some tea.

"Oh okay guess I'll go see how she's doing then…night guys," Ichiro walked out of the room to go see Ahsoka and see how her first Halloween went.

"Hey mind if I go check on Rowan?" Markala asked.

"Sure just don't wake her up she's had a looooooong night," Mikazuki said as Markala got up and walked out of the room.

Once he left Arella turned to the guys, "So who won the bet?"

"Oh well no one actually," Victor said as the girls looked at him confused by what he said, "Ichiro said they scared 60 while Ryu and I scared 60 as well. So it's a tie."

"I see interesting," Mikazuki said smirking as Ryu and Vic seemed worried.

"What are you up to?" Ryu asked.

"Oooooh it's nothing I am up to, just that our friend Rowan may have scared more than you guys…like say 66 people," Mikazuki said smirking as Arella and Katalina who poked her head out realized what Mikazuki was saying and going with this, "Since that's the case it seems we the girls win."

"Whoa hold on this bet was between Markala and me, not you girls," Ryu said.

"True, but since there has to be a winner I guess that means it will be us the girls," Mikazuki said as Katalina and Arella agreed.

"Vic help me out here," Ryu said as he turned to Victor who had disappeared. Traitor.

"Well Ryu it looks like it's unanimous tell Markala that tomorrow we expect you two to get to work," Mikazuki grabbed her cup of tea and walked towards the door with Arella and Katalina, "Night."

Ryu sighed and knew he wasn't getting out of this. Worst Halloween ever.

Ahsoka's room (10:10pm)

Ahsoka had gotten out of her Sith costume and had taken a nice long shower. Ahsoka soon came out of the shower wearing blue pajama pants along with a white tube top. As she got out she saw Ichiro on her bed sleeping. Ahsoka walked over towards the bed and laid down next to Ichiro. She hugged his arm and leaned forward to kiss him.

"Good night Ichiro," Ahsoka said as she closed her eyes and was glad her first Halloween was one she liked, and would never forget.

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Marrissa: Take a deep breath, and try dressing up. You might have fun.

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I run out the door

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The lights go off. The organ starts playing.

I enter dressed as the Phantom of the Opera

Marrissa: Let's go. I have a lot of children to scare.

General/Phantom: Happy Halloween everyone.