You Have Two New Messages

by Complete Synch

"Hello! This is a friendly reminder from Blockbuster. Our record shows that - "

A button is pressed.


Footsteps fade away.


Sally Jackson freezes. Her heart skips a beat before it races, each heartbeat chasing each other in rapid succession, like gunfire.

Hastily, she pivots, hurls herself forward and bolts down the hall.

Blood rushing through her veins she hurdles over the stray laundry basket, hair streaming behind her before she wheels around the corner.

Almost losing her balance, she desperately scrambles for the phone set, as if the message would self-destruct if she didn't reach it in time.

"Love you."


Hurriedly, she snatches the phone of the bench and jabs the button.

Her chest constricts, and her pulse begins to throb at an erratic pace as there is nothing but a faint crackling noise.

She's ready to toss the phone out the window when the message finally starts.


A strangled sob of relief escapes her throat and she brings a hand to her mouth to contain her surprise.

It's really him.

Resting her head against the wall, she slumps to the ground.

"Hey, I'm alive."

She can't help but let out a distorted chuckle, leave it to Percy to state the obvious.

"Hera put me to sleep for a while, and then she took my memory, and..."

He hesitates, contemplating what to say. She grips the phone tighter, knuckles turning white and waits with bated breath.

"Anyway, I'm okay."

Shakily, she sighs and haphazardly drags her hand through her hair.

"I'm sorry."

A smile graces her worn face but still gives her head a small shake, he has nothing to apologise for.

" I'm on a quest — "

Instinctively, she frowns. Something she's become quite accustomed to recently.

"I'll make it home. I promise."

She chokes a little at those words. I promise. Somehow hearing him say the words relinquishes that last sliver of fear.

"Love you."

It's those two words though that finally undoes her and tears of joy spill down her face.

The salty tears sting her cheeks and leave a bitter taste in her mouth, but she doesn't care.


He's alive.

Her little boy is alive.

And for the first time in eight months she bakes blue cookies.

I'm trying to actually write my idea's not just leave them floating around in my head so sorry if it's a bit rushed.

This is Sally listening to Percy's message, one of my favourite parts on SoN.

You know the drill R/R and CC much appreciated.