A/N: Hiya everybody! I thought I'd do another humor/ parody type of story. The first idea that came into my head was a facebook style for Mario and Sonic. You wonder what they would get up to online, and this is what they talk about. Do you think a should continue or keep it as a one-shot? Please read & Review and enjoy :)

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Mario wrote on Sonic's wall: Its about time you signed up!


Sonic: Hey I do need to save the world from egg head u know!

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Mario: Excuses, excuses.

Sonic: Shouldn't u be saving the world from bowser, who's just kidnapped Peach right now.

Mario: Hes not destroying the mushroom kingdom in fact... OH CRAP! I'M COMING PEACH!

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Sonic is now friends with Knuckles, Tails and Shadow.

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Tails: Has anyone seen my screwdriver? I left it in my toolbox.


Sonic: No sorry buddy.

Amy: Nope!

Shadow: Why would I waste my time looking for a screwdriver?

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Tails: I was just asking...Oh hey I found it! :)

Amy: Where was it?

Tails: In my other toolbox.

Shadow: Pathetic.

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Daisy: Who run the world?


Peach: Girls!

Amy: Girls.

Rouge: Girls!

Mario: Guys!

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Dr. Eggman: My ass!

Sonic: Dislike!

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Mario has listed Luigi as his brother.

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Luigi: About bloody time!

Sonic is now friends with Wario, Waluigi, Bowser and King Boo.

Cream: Hey does anyone know what S&M means?

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Wario: LMAO!

Waluigi: XD

Amy: Cream where did you hear that from?

Cream: Off a movie.

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Luigi: It means...er...Sonic and Mario.

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Cream: Oh yes it makes sense now, thank you Luigi, I'm going to tell my mum. :)

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Luigi: ...

Rouge: Shes still young how sweet.

Mario likes Jumping, hanging out with friends and kicking bowser's fat ass.

Bowser is in a relationship.

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Mario: Wtf...

Sonic: Not cool.

Wario: Respect for the nobody person!

Bowser: Who the hell is this nobody person! I demand to know!

Nobody: Nobody.

Bowser: Grrrrr! I hate this nobody person!

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Knuckles is now married to Rouge.

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Sonic: Well done bud! ;-)

Cream: Congratulations!


Rouge: Awwww I didn't know you loved me that much.

Knuckles: I don't fuckin love you! Now who hacked my account.

Daisy: Hahaha yay my plan worked!

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Knuckles: Why you little...I'm gonna kill you!

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Peach wrote on Amy's wall: Hi Amy, you want to come round my place later?

Amy: Sure I'd like to come.

Peach: Lets say, 1 O clock.

Amy: Ok!

Wario: The damsels are now good friends!

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Peach: Come and say that to my face you fat ass!

Wario: Sure I'd love to come around and have some fun. ;-)

Mario: You sick minded freak, keep away from my girlfriend!

Big The Cat: Has anyone seen froggy?

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