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Tails: I got fantastic news everyone! There is a flight heading towards Antarctica tomorrow morning!

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Sonic: Great work Tails!

Knuckles: Now we'll be able to smash their faces in!

Mario: Our first priority is to rescue the president.

Knuckles: Then we can smash their faces in!

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Luigi: It's going to be freezing.

Mario: Don't be such a chicken lil bro. It will be a fun adventure!

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Luigi: For you maybe.

Vector wrote on Charmy's wall: Come on Charmy, we've got to get going or we'll miss the flight!

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Charmy: Don't rush me Vector; I need to pack my bags.

Vector: We're not going for a holiday you know. This is a mission to rescue the president! If you're not ready in 10 minutes we're leaving without you!

Charmy: Don't be so mean! No wonder you don't do well with the ladies.

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Vector: Shut your mouth! I do really well with the ladies!

Espio: Really? Then why are you still single?

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Vector: I've chosen to be that's all. Now hurry up already.

Bowser Jr. wrote on Bowser's wall: We've got trouble dad! The Sonic and Mario gang have found out our secret location!


Bowser: Damnit! How could they find us so easily?

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Dr. Eggman: I forgot to mention that Tails is a bit skilled when it comes to technology. He must have tracked us from our last Facebook conversation.


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Stalker: Don't worry boss, as long as you have the president, I'm sure they won't attack you.

Dr. Eggman: Even though he gets his ass kicked by Mario every time he kidnaps princess Peach.

Bowser: Don't remind me.

Charmy: Whooooooooo! We're all flying!

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Wario: These seats are so small!

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Mario: Maybe you should think about losing some weight.

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Wario: You could do too!

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Mario: But I'm not the one complaining.

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Shadow: How long is this journey going to take?

Rouge: Approximately 18 hours.

Shadow: Are you Serious?!

Rouge: Yes

King Boo: Better not complain hedgehog or otherwise you'll find yourself flying on the wing.

Shadow: Wat the hell is he doing here?!

Amy: I'm not entirely sure. Who invited King Boo?

Cream: I don't think anyone asked King Boo to come along, which isn't very nice to be honest.

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Big The Cat: I'm here also!

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Jet: Oh great. Someone had to let him come along.

Big The Cat: I brought Froggy too!

Jet: Like I care.

Chain Chomp: *Barks*

Jet: *Face palms*

Daisy: Guys we're not going to get anywhere if we all keep arguing.

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Charmy: No let them argue. It's entertaining.

Knuckles: Bit of a boring argument if you ask me.

Charmy: Ok let's spice up the entertainment! Let's talk about why Knuckles chose to become gay.

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Birdo: That is so old.

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Vector: But it was funny at the time.

Waluigi: I'm sooooo bored! I hate plane journeys.

Luigi: Shut up already! We only have 17 hours and 30 minutes left.

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Peach: Does anyone have any spare headphones? I want to watch the movie that is about to play.


Yoshi: You can borrow mine

Peach: Thank you Yoshi.

Tails: Oh no! I dropped my peanuts everywhere!

Vector: Pffttt hahahahahahaha!

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Tails: What's so funny?

Blaze: Don't be so immature Vector.

Vector: Come on. At least you must find that a bit funny.

Tails: I'm confused.

Blaze: Just ignore him Tails. He's being childish.

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Cream: We've finally arrived!

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Sonic: Let's go and find Dr. Eggman and Bowser and rescue the president!

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Mario: Yeah!


Vector: For the last time we're not on holiday!

Sonic wrote on Dr. Eggman's wall: Stop right there Dr. Eggman!

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Mario: You too Bowser!

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Bowser: NOOO! They found us!

Charmy: I told you they would be hiding in an igloo.

Knuckles: OK! You were right, you happy now?

Charmy: YAY! I'm so awesome!

Shadow: Where's the president?

Dr. Eggman: Like we're going to tell you that.

Bowser: You'll never find him.

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Bowser: I've left him with one of my henchmen, aka the Stalker.

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Amy: Not him again!

Peach: Well he's going down Bowser!

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Bowser: I'd like to see you try, if you can find him.

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Tails: Maybe we should all log off Facebook now.

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Luigi: That sounds like a good plan.

Big The Cat: Let's rock n' roll Froggy!

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