The knights and Arthur all laughed collectively as they watched the secret warlock gather the large pot of steaming soup and march over towards the horses. Merlin was hungry- his growling stomach only proved the fact further; But prattish king Arthur had ordered him to feed the horses the remainder of the food, so being the 'good' servant he is, the warlock did just that.

Merlin grumbled to himself about stupid king's as he walked over to the dark horses which were all tried to a single fallen branch, Behind him just beyond the tree's was Arthur and the knights all laughing at their ridiculous jokes. He was about to scoop out a large portion to his own horse when a stick snapping caught his attention. Merlin froze as he spun on his heel to face the direction the sound originated from, His eyes scanning the area. Soon a familiar ringing noise hit his ears, sending his mind reeling.

"Hello?" Merlin called outwards as he eyed the tree's, His magic rose so it was under his skin; Prepared for a sudden attack if needed. When there was no answer the warlock allowed his magic to settle.

Suddenly another loud twig noise sounded through the air alerting the warlock, Merlin's grip went lax as he dropped the large pot. However as it slipped slowly through his fingertips his eyes burned a deep gold slowing down time around him instinctively. Merlin panicked as he grabbed the pot and brought it close to his chest, his eyes darting back to Arthur and the knights as his eyes returned to their normal piercing blue and time resumed.

Much to the warlock's relief the men were all still laughing and joking to themselves. The sound of ringing slowly faded away as did the feeling that he was being watched. The warlock closed his eyes and allowed his magic to fill him and filter outwards, sensing his surroundings; However as he thought he found something a familiar annoying voice filtered through the tree's,

"MERLIN, WHERES MY BED!" Arthur cried outwards, Merlin's eyes snapped open knocking him from his focused state.

"YEAH MERLIN!" Gwaine called after the prince, "PRINCESS NEEDS HIS BEAUTY SLEEP!"

Merlin smiled as he scooped out the rest of the food and dumped it on the floor before the horse. Sighing his forced his hand into the large pot and picked out a piece of chicken, forcing it into his mouth he made his way back to the camp.

The first thing the warlock saw was Arthur's supercilious smile, His face lighting up mischievously as he eyed the warlock. Merlin glanced over his shoulder and looked around as he walked, carefully avoiding all the branches, His eyes locked on the deep green of the leaves. The familiar ringing returned to his ears as the knights laughter unfocused, The world seemed to slow for a second as the warlocks eyes were drawn to one specific spot; the noise seemed to originating from. Merlin watched the area closely, but was knocked from his reverie as the world returned to its normal pace, his foot catching on a branch as he tripped and fell forwards, The warlocks hit the floor on his side sending a sharp pain through him as he grunted in displeasure.

Arthur and the knights watched in slight disbelief as the warlock fell to the ground and ceased to move, His blue eyes looking around in confusion. It was a few seconds silence before laughter erupted from all the men as they watched the warlock push himself upwards and look around slightly dazed, His hand clung onto his left arm.

"What the hell" Arthur gasped between breathes,

"I- I don't" Merlin sat upwards and smiled goofily at the King and the knights as they laughed before standing upwards and brushing himself off, His hand never leaving his arm.

"What were you doing?" Arthur asked incredulously as he finished laughing, the other knights no where near succeeding in stopping the fits of laughter they were in, Merlin bit his lip as he looked around and tried to think of an excuse,

"I was looking"

"I can see that" Arthur stated, "Look at what you have done with the pot" The king pointed towards the pot, the contents of what was to be the warlocks dinner sprawled on the floor while covered in dirt. Merlin rolled his eyes as he looked down to the ground.

"What have you got to say for yourself boy!" Gwaine stated as he imitated a displeased lord, his hand resting on his stomach as he laughed deeply.

"Yeah Merlin!" Percival joined in as he nudged Elyan in the side, the final knight was in too much laughter to say anything. His side's obviously aching from the ordeal.

"Hes always useless, He was looking for woodworm earlier-" Arthur explained, "Wait Merlin maybe you were looking for WOODWORM when you tripped!"

The knights laughed again leaving Merlin standing in the middle of it all. The warlock slowly looked up at the men, his eyes dark and unforgiving as no smile lit up his face. Instead the raven haired boy growled and did something unexpected-

"Or maybe if you all weren't being such idiotic knights you would realise aswell as doing all the chores you have set and helping track down the man you want to catch- I HAVE NOT HAD BREAKFAST, LUNCH OR DINNER!" Merlin shouted as he looked back down at the pot on the ground, immediately regretting the decision to shout at the men,

"Maybe if you weren't such a useless servant you would have got everything done and eaten- Maybe I was right to fire you all that time ago-" Arthur growled back; However the king regretted it instantly as Merlin's eyes linked with his; the iris's watering slightly as he looked into the eyes of his friend. Merlin swallowed a dry lump before looking at the knights who all seemed to have a slightly sympathetic face pulled on. Merlin wiped his nose with his sleeve and bent down; Picking up the large pot from the ground.

"Ill go and wash this sire-" Merlin muttered, "I am sorry I tripped I thought I saw someone that's all sire's" Merlin turned and began to walk off in an opposite direction and towards a small stream, The knights and Arthur all sat in silence their eyes all fixed on the fire in the centre.

Merlin reached the stream and dumped to pot on the ground before falling back onto a mound; The man placed his head in his hands as small tears of grief fell from his eyes. It was al his fault. No-one understood him or knew the true him- Anyone who was ever burdened with his secret died- Lancelot, Will, Balinor, Freya. And now there wasn't even a point, his actions had caused the death of Uther and made Arthur king; A king who will always have a passion to hate magic.

Merlin pulled his head from his hands and looked up to the sky, It was dark and probably time he should wash the pot and return. He had some apologising to do anyway- The tomb was not far off and they were close to catching Julius Borden; the man who had nearly had Merlin caught. The warlock's spirits were lifted as he remembered the prize which came with his success on his quest- A new dragon being born into his world.

Smiling Merlin stood upwards, wincing as he pulled on his arm. Merlin sighed in annoyance as he placed his hand over where the pain was originating, He willed his magic to rise as he manipulated it to flow through his hand and into the wound-

"healas min áwierdnes" Merlin hissed, His eyes burning gold as the magic flowed through his arm. The relief was instant, as soon as he casted the spell the burning sensation that originated from his arm subsided into nothingness.

Merlin smiled and held his hand outwards towards the pot, "selflíce" The large piece of metal rose softly into the air as if it weighed nothing before slipping down and into the water, Rolling in itself as it washed away the dirt that wallowed on its surface. When it was done Merlin released the magic and walked forwards, picking up the pot in his hand as he turned and began to walk back towards the camp where the knights are, However as he did the noise returned.

Merlin spun on his heel and eyes into the tree's, The sound was stronger than before and closer. The warlock willed his magic upwards once again as he pushed it outwards; closing his eyes her felt the surroundings with magic; Every living thing emitted it, including the figure behind the tree.

As the warlock's eyes snapped open at noticing his attacker a large hand forced itself over his face, Similar to the one he felt before. A strong smelling substance was forced onto his face on a cloth. Merlin wriggled with all his mite but he had already inhaled a large amount of the chemical- Black dots danced around his vision as his attacker slowly brought the warlock to the ground, Before Merlin succumbed to the darkness he saw the familiar face of Julius who was smiling over his body; A large reel of rope draped across his back.

"I know what you are Merlin- I saw you use magic. And I need someone like you to get into the tomb…" Julius mumbled as he tied the merlin up tightly. The last memory the raven haired boy took with him before he succumbed into darkness was the sincere look of disappointment on Arthur's face as he walked away.