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When I 'wake up' next, I know that I am far away from Anakin, on another planet.

The thunder of waterfalls pounds around me like a roar of white noise.

I can smell dirt and plant-life rather than the dry heated sand of Tatooine.

I tilt my head and open my eyes to see a young man trying to meditate, a troubled frown on his face.

Seeing no one else around, I trot the dozen or so feet between us and settle down in a similar mediation stance in front of him, watching the play of discomfort and frustration on his boyish face.

The young man is probably early to mid twenties with short, dark ginger hair and a Padawan Learner braid. He is shorter and slighter than my current manifestation.

I pause and wonder over that for a moment, finding something wrong with that observation.

I glance around and find a polished metal fountain pillar not far away.

The person in the distorted reflection is in his late twenties to early thirties, with long waved black hair falling loose, darkly tanned skin and a small well-kept scruff beard. The eyes appeared to be very large and dark, with little white showing. He is dressed in an odd, sleeveless cloud-grey robe tied off at the waist by a white tie that trails to about the knees.

I wonder if this is the face that Anakin sees, then dismiss the tangential thought as the young man sighs, shoulders drooping.

"Something wrong?" I ask.

His eyes snap open and he flinches back in shock.

I admit to being surprised by his eyes; the odd blue-grey-purple eyes of those the people of Senjula called Calalescan, literally 'Force-Born' as only Force-sensitives had these eyes and senses. Had Senjula not been destroyed by the Sith during the last Jedi-Sith war, this boy would have been automatically given a high life akin to a Prince once he began his purpose.

The Calalescans were born Dark Force detectors and hunters. Incapable of falling to the Dark Side, they are nonetheless overcome with righteous anger when their senses detect Dark-influenced midichlorians, driving them with a single-minded intent to remove the discordant entity through death.

I blink to cover my surprise.

The Calalescan sighs unhappily. "I have difficulty connecting to the Living Force. I can connect to the Unifying Force without issue, but the Living Force escapes me, Master."

I blink, mind scrambling then grabbing the reason he is calling me 'Master'. He thinks I am a Jedi Master.

...Haha, cute.

I smile at him. "What do you know about the differences between the Living Force over the Unifying Force?"

The young man sits straighter and speaks as if reciting from a text book."The concept of the Unifying Force is of the belief that the Force is a single entity and has neither a Light nor a Dark side. The Unifying Force is viewed as an entity that has neither sides nor chooses them, treating all beings equally. Followers of the Unifying Force always keep their eyes open for future possibilities." He speaks matter of factly, like it is a Universal Truth.

"The Living Force is thought to be present in most living beings, surrounding and penetrating them, thus making all living things connected by it. The Jedi believe the Living Force relies on their instincts and are attuned to other living beings around them. They are mindful of the future and the possible consequences of their actions, but remain focused on the present. The Living Force is viewed as having both the Light and the Dark side."

I wiggle a finger in my ear with a grimace. "I didn't ask you what the textbook definition was, I asked you what you know about the differences between the two concepts."

The Padawan looks slightly baffled and contrite.

My eyes roll of their own accord at the puppy eyes the young man is subconsciously giving me. I reach out to the side and snag a rock at random, holding it up so he can see.

"This is a rock." I tell him seriously before giving it to him. "Using all your senses, including the Force, to tell me about this rock. Don't try to direct the Force to either the Unifying or Living Force. Let the Force tell you what it wants about the rock."

The young Calalescan looks down at the rock and turns it in his hands for nearly a minute, frowning.

"It is a river rock from one of the moons of Naboo and was moved here some five hundred and twenty-six years ago. It is made of a mix of granite and quartz. About five hundred grams, egg-shaped with a small crease on one side. There are three fault lines. Someone will die or be badly injured upon it in the next twenty years."

The young man looks to me for approval. I nod and take back the rock. I look over the rock a moment as I consider what to tell the man.

"You actually have a very firm grasp on the intricacies of the Living Force, but you seem to have difficulty sorting it from the aspects of the Unifying Force that throw mostly useless or near-useless information at you. Just saying it is a river rock from a moon of Naboo is Living Force, as is what it is made of, the faults and shape, but the history and possible future of the rock are Unifying Force. You just need to learn to sort Living from Unifying aspects as needed." There is something both relieved and worried in his pretty eyes. "Do you know what I see when I glance at this rock?" I ask.

He shakes his head, eyes locked on the rock being turned around in my hands like it has all the answers in the universe.

...And it might. Rocks are tricky like that.

"I see a rock." I tell him bluntly, tossing the rock over my shoulder without a second glance. He looks a bit startled. "It is a rock like any other in this chamber and has no current meaning to me as anything but a prop for this little lesson. Though," I admit, "There is a small percentage that it will be thrown at me sometime in the next few minutes by an angry Jedi Master trying to protect you." I grin as it suddenly occurs to him that, while I am obviously a trained Force-sensitive and wearing robes, they are not the robes of a Jedi of any rank, nor do I carry a lightsabre. "This," I tell him as if nothing has changed, "is the Living Force. The Living Force is the moment and the moments surrounding the moments that encompase the present. The Unifying Force is future and past that has come and possibly will come, but only one is set it stone." I lean forward as if to tell a secret, my grin widening. "But, you know, stone can be broken and reworked."

I am moving before becoming consciously aware of what is happening, flipping up and twisting in the air to land on the rippling surface of the pool behind where I had been sitting. I finally registers that someone had shouted, sending a spray of rocks at where I had been, including the lesson-rock.


Settled on the watery platform, I turn to regard four Jedi Masters, two humans and two of the small green inhabitants of Dugobah. The bearded Master, the Force murmurs to me, is Master Qui-Gon Jinn, Master to Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi, whom I had just been speaking to. The darker-skinned human master is Master Mace Windu, of the Supreme Council. The two smaller masters are already known to me. Jedi Masters of the Supreme Council, Master Yoda and Master Yaddle, who are watching me with narrowed, suspicious eyes.

I will admit to being a little hurt by their responses.

I sigh and try to smile. "I seems, my Padawan, that every time I see you these days, you're always angry at me."

My former Padawan's eyes soften a little. "Help, it would, if your presence brought trouble, it did not."

I chuff softly, my playful good humour returning as I begin to fade back into the almost-music of the Force.

"Then I am sorry." I tell my once-Padawan, Yoda, sincerely. "The closer you get to the Light, the greater your Shadow becomes. The Son of Suns has been born and is nearing adolescence."

I struggle to hold one long enough to tell Yoda along the frayed bond between us, 'Obi-Wan is a Calalescan.'

So I drift into the almost-music again, the Force gently berating me for shifting the balance down a knew path. But it wasn't that bad since the Force is already poking its way curiously down this knew path, so it wasn't too upset with me.

When I drift out of the almost-music again, I grin at Anakin.

"Do you wanna hear a story, Ani?"

So what do you think of Rant so far? And the Padawan Yoda was just something I came up with on the spot. An emotional connection that could possibly drive a Force Spirit to interfere with the livving.