Chapter 16

The Trespassers ruination

By 4:56 the scavengers had collected six eggs from individual nests on the outer-rim of the island's roads.

Each member took turns getting an egg from a nest and then placing it into the cooler. Once every egg was collected, the team would head back to the rendezvous point at the dock.

There was just one more nest to collect from.

Greg drove the jeep down the road toward the coast where another road that led inland was located. One last nest and then they were out of here.

In the passenger's seat, Eddie looked to his left and thought he saw the outline of a rubber raft on the beach. Though it could have been anything.

Rita noticed that it was beginning to get light now. The jungle was becoming less dark every minute and Greg could see the jungle's trail now.

They had arrived to another open field that had two more trails that they could follow. Greg adjusted his glasses and turned on his portable tracking devise to check if they were close to any nests. There was a nest close by and Greg could see that it was a Triceratops nest. This would be the last nest on his list. All he needed was for one of the teenagers to fetch one egg from the nest, put in the cooler, and then they would be home free.

"This will be our last nest, everyone." said Greg. "After this, we go home!"

He drove the jeep slowly down the trail toward a large pond where an entire herd of Triceratops had made their nesting area. Greg parked the jeep next to a large brush just outside the pond. The sound of the engine would startle the animals into attacking them and Greg knew he had to play it safe.

The dinosaurs were impressive. The sun had just about come up through the dense trees above to shine on the animal's horns. Their scaly hides bore large blotches and stripes. From his seat, Eddie could see that the colors on the dinosaurs were a pattern of tan and dark green.

Greg turned to the group to fill them in on what the plan was for the Triceratops nest.

"First," He said very quietly, "don't make any sort of noise. This will be a simple snatch and grab. Eddie, you can get the last egg from the nest. But don't spook them when you approach. They're asleep now so getting an egg will be easy."

"Got it," said Eddie, getting out of the jeep.

"And remember," Greg continued, "these things have babies with them. If you do any thing to scare them, we're screwed."

Nodding, Eddie made his way toward the animals, quietly. The nearest nest was right beside the pond's bank. The only downside was that a triceratops parent was facing it's nest. The large dinosaur was still asleep and Eddie knew that this was now or never. Slowly, he tiptoed toward the nest.

To Eddie, the adult Triceratops were huge-the size of an army tank. And the horns themselves were very lethal looking.

Swallowing hard, Eddie carefully reached out and plucked an egg from the nest. The egg itself was a little heavy, but Eddie secured it in his arms none the less. The adult dinosaur didn't even stir in it's sleep. It snorted and then rolled onto it's side, it's huge bulk of a body not showing any signs of waking up. The other Triceratops were still asleep, too.

Knowing he was home free, Eddie made his way over to the others in the jeep. He placed the egg into the cooler amongst the other six eggs and climbed into the drivers seat of the jeep. Greg started the engine...but the damned thing made such a loud noise when the I.N.G.E.N employee had turned the ignition on, that the very sound cut through the air like a gunshot.

That was enough to make the herd of Triceratops wake up in a hurry.

"Shit!" hissed Greg. "I should have let the engine cool down first!"

The adult Triceratops all stood up, fully awake and pissed. How dare these intruders trespass on their nesting grounds?!

"Get us out of here!" cried Rita. "Get us out of here now!"

Greg fumbled with the steering wheel and hurriedly turned the jeep in the direction of the trail they had come in. The herd of Triceratops were charging across the pond, their angry bellows filling the air.

Greg gunned the jeep up the trail, the tires splashing in the loose dirt. In the backseat, Hector and Rita looked behind them to see if the herd was following them. At first, there was only two of the angry animals on the trial after them. But the jeep's speed up the road had been too much for the large animals to keep up. With a final defiant roar, the two Triceratops turned and headed back to their nesting grounds with the others.

Greg slowed the jeep down and then finally stopped. The whole thing had been scary but the man had kept his cool and had gotten his 'team' out of there. Not only that but he finally had the last egg. Now it was time to head back to the rendezvous point at the docks.

Joisah's POV-

The sound of an engine backfiring awoke me. I knew it was an engine. Not some crazy dream. There was another jeep on this island which meant more people were here, too.

I got out of my sleeping bag and left the attic. Climbing down the stairs, I fumbled for my jeep's keys. I found them and put them in my pocket. Then after that, I checked my digital watch to see what time it was. It was 5:32 in the morning. Damn it! Who the hell would be stupid enough to come here, aside from me, to this island at this time of night?

I sighed and removed the blockade from the door and went outside. After closing the door behind me I made my way over to the garage. The sun had just about risen over the mountains but it was still a little dark out. I guess the sun here rises a bit differently then back at home.

Climbing into the drivers seat, I started the jeep and drove out of the worker village. The sound where I had heard the backfire of the engine must have been near the old fishermen's wharf. Whoever it was, I had to see if they needed help off the island.

When I reached the open field, I saw that a jeep had been through here. There was a dust trail from a vehicle that led...toward a game trail. I knew of only four roads that led to safety and danger. The road I was on now led to the worker village, but the trail was narrow with branches on either side that made it look like you were driving into a dense forest. The road to the fishermen's docks was on the far side of the field. Straight ahead was a small sign that was in Spanish. The two remaining roads led to trails that I knew were dangerous. One led to a Triceratops herd that made it's nesting grounds at a pond. And the other led to...Oh, no.

That trail led to Spitter territory. Tholestes had told me about it when he had visited me at the church a while back. He said that the Spitters were dangerous because of their ability to spit blinding venom at their prey. I knew what dinosaur he was talking about. Dilophosaurus. I had only read about them in Grant's book but knew enough about them to know they were dangerous.

If that jeep went down that road into their territory...

I drove over to the entrance to the trail and stopped there. I got out and felt the cool morning air. But I had no time to enjoy it. I was right. The jeep did go this way. I went to the back of my jeep and took out my rifle and gas grenades. The animals were probably aware that their dominion had unwanted visitors in it by now.

And then from somewhere down the dark trail, I heard a scream. A familiar scream, that is. It sounded female. Almost like...

no, it couldn't be!

I took off down the trail at a run and into the Spitter's territory.


Rita had screamed because right in front of her and the rest of the group in the jeep was a steep embankment, which they were speeding right toward!

What happened was that Greg had panicked when one of the angry Triceratops had doubled-backed and had charged them from the side of the jungle near the edge of the open field.

The animal had rushed them just before they could head to the docks. Greg had let out a startled cry and had steered the jeep wildly onto another path to escape the Triceratops. The jeep sped away from the dinosaur but Greg, still in a panic, had taken the wrong road! And now he was heading toward an embankment and was going to crash!

"Stop! Stop the jeep!" yelled Hector, griping his seat. "your gonna' kill us!"

"SHUT UP!" shouted Greg, stepping on the breaks.

The jeep's tires tried to get a grip on the muddy road but since the vehicle was not in four-wheel drive the traction caused it to skid.


Eddie and his group braced themselves for the impact. There was a jolting strike and then the jeep halted with a bone-gearing ker-crash! Mud and water flew up at the windshield and splattered on the windows.

When it was all over, Greg shook his head, opened the door, and stepped out of the jeep.

The others did the same. Eddie and Rita looked around at where they were. The bottom of the embankment led to more jungle but they could see that two other paths went left and right.

The forest around them was dark and haunting. And somewhere in the jungle beyond they could hear an eerie trilling-hooting sound, like a bunch of owls calling.

Eddie turned to Greg, pissed. "Now look what you did, smart guy! We're stuck now!"

Greg turned to him, equally pissed. "It wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for your fat friend stupidly yelling at me in the backseat!"

Rita snapped at Greg, "Don't you call Hector stupid, you scrawny excuse for a..."

"Enough!" shouted Eddie, making his way over to the both of them. "We don't have time for this. The contact is going to be at the docks within two hours. We've already wasted enough time getting the last egg. Now let's get out of here."

"We can not walk to the dock," Said Rita, pointing to the jungle to empathizes her point. "Not if we don't know where we are."

There came the soft hooting cry of another owl again. It sounded close. Of course, none of them took any notice.

"Look," said Eddie, trying to calm the tension. "lets just bring down the car. I'll stay up here with Hector and push from behind. Greg, your gonna' have to pull the winch line down the embankment and hitch it to a tree. Rita, you can turn on the winch and help us push the jeep."

Greg started to protest. "Hey, now wait a minute. You take orders from me, kid. I'm not climbing down that in my new leather shoes and getting them dirty!"

Eddie, having enough of this bullshit, stormed up to Greg and pointed his finger at him.

"Listen, you skinny-ass weasel! You got us into this damned mess, but we are not taking anymore orders from you. Once we get back to the mainland, you will pay us what we want for the eggs and then we're going home to Enid Oklahoma. We don't care if your new anything gets dirty. Now stop being a pussy and help us with this damned jeep!"

Greg, unable to argue back at the teenager, mumbled something under his breath and went over to the jeep's winch. He took the hook off the bar and and then made his way down the slippery mound. Once he was at the bottom, Greg made his forward to the nearest tree. The grass around him was tall and thick so getting through it was a hassle. He was not made for the outdoors at all.

He circled the tree with the cable and hook, tied it as best he could, anchoring the hook with the tied cable, and then made his way up the embankment again.

Hector and Eddie were behind the jeep, ready to push. Rita turned on the rotor that activated the winch engine. The jeep moved forward a bit but stopped when the back wheels caught on a fallen tree branch. Eddie and Hector then took that cue to start pushing. Rita joined them and together they pushed the jeep with everything they got.

Greg stood at the side, not helping in the process. He was too busy wiping the mud from his shoes and grumbling to himself.

Unknown to the group, several green eyes were watching them from bushes at the bottom of the embankment, their haunting hooting calls getting closer and closer.