Chapter 18

A secret meeting

Tholeste's POV-

I was on the move. I felt of vulnerable in the jungle not having any of my pack with me, but Kara had given me permission to see my old friend at the bluffs.

I had eaten, said goodbye to my family, and took off once the sun had risen over the trees. I paced myself as I moved with ease through the jungle, heading in the direction of the bluffs. The morning chill felt god on my scales. As good as the soft jungle floor beneath my talons, the exhilaration from the run, and that everyday rush of adrenaline.

But-paths through unfamiliar jungle often changed. I needed a nice, high vantage, so I went to the base of Mount Wyeth. The rise overlooked a small valley that had four paths that led to different parts of the jungle. I had to take the right path to the cliffs that was near Flyer Bluff.

I reached the rise in less then a few minutes and started ascending it. On top, there was another thing that had been left behind by the humans. It was a small structure that had turbines and metal staircases.

I really never gave the place much thought. To me it was just a building that humans had left behind to rot in the jungle.

Ignoring it, I made my way past the building and down toward the path to Flyer Bluff.

A minute later, I finally reached my destination. And waiting for me, standing beside a pair of tall rocks, was my old friend Steel Beak.

He was an elongated and slender flyer with a long, skinny body ending in a small tail. Right under his tail was a pair of thin legs with three clawed feet. His wings, arms, inside of his beak and legs were mostly a beige color with his belly and throat in a lighter shade of beige. His upper body was a shiny blue that made him stand out from the others in his flock. His beak and crest were a yellow color and along his beak were several old scars that he had gotten when he and his kind were kept in cages by keepers.

Though he was almost as old as the long-neck matriarch of the lowlands, Steel Beak still had some youth left in him.

"Hello, my old friend," I greeted him with a soft chirp. "it's been a while, hasn't it?"

Steel Beak nodded to me and smiled. "Well, I wouldn't say that long, sickle claw. My flock and I have just returned from a successful flight around the island from our fishing grounds."

I nodded. "How was it?"

He sighed and shook his beak.

"Bor-ing. For most of my flock there was nothing but trees and rocks. All the old males ever did was nap and eat."

I stood in front of Steel Beak as we talked. He was a little bit taller then I was but not that much.

"Speaking of which, we need to make this meeting of ours short. We can't risk your flock finding out about us."

Steel Beak nodded in agreement.

"You're right, sickle claw. But first is there something you came here to tell me?"

"Yes. I'm not sure you heard yet, but you must know that there is a human on this island. And he staying at the abandoned human settlement."

Steel Beak squawked, "WHAT?!"

I could tell that Steel Beak couldn't have been more astounded to hear that the creatures of rumour not only existed, but also was living in one of the old settlements.

"That's impossible," Steel Beak found himself breathing out.

"Impossible yes, but it's still true and he's quite real," I maintained. "My pack couldn't believe their eyes either, but the rumours were true."

Steel Beak frowned. "But why is he here on our island? Doesn't he know that no human has ever survived here?"

I grinned. "Oh, he knows. That is why Alpha Kara has told the pack not to harm him. She believes that he can help us find out about our origins on how we were put on this island."

"How would he do that?" Steel Beak asked. "you know humans can't understand the language of the reptiles. I can't see how he'd be able to tell you or your pack anything if you told him anything."

I wrinkled my snout. "Oh, but he can understand us, my old friend. He has this human device on his ear that allows him to understand our language."

This intrigued Steel Beak. "Really?"

I nodded. "Yes. My grandfather, along with my sister and brother, think that was not possible, either."

"Speaking of which, how is my old friend doing?" asked Steel Beak.

I sighed sadly and shook my head. "I'm afraid he's slipping. I wish I could spend more time with him... but these are troubled times. The black stripes are infesting the boundaries of our territory."

Steel Beak hissed at the very mention of my pack's enemy. "They breed too quickly while we grow soft. Even now they outnumber your pack ten to one. I've seen them hunt. But they kill, eat their fill, and then leave the rest of the carcase to rot. It's a waste of meat."

I snorted and growled. "And now they have the nerve to encroach onto our game trails and mark our territories!"

Steel Beak gave me a reassuring nudge with his beak. "It's going to be alright, sickle claw. You'll see."

I nuzzled Steel Beak and gave him a soft chirp. "Thank you, Steel Beak. I just hope my pack doesn't have to go to war with the black stripes. Most of our young males are not even ready to fight for our territory yet."

Steel Beak nodded and stood back. "Well, I have to be going now, young one. Give my regards to your grandfather for me. He might be old and tired ... but he's done being scared."

I nodded, turned, and left the bluffs. In the sky I saw Steel Beak pass over me and join his flock in their afternoon hunt for food.

Not wanting to overstay my welcome, I left the bluffs behind me and re-entered the jungle.

It took me a while to find my pack's territory again but the sentries had marked the trails well.

After all that running around, it was time for me to take a little nap.

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