Chapter 20

Hellos and Goodbyes

Josiah's POV-

The raptor stood only a foot from outside the door as my eyes widened in fear and adrenalin. Hector saw the raptor as well and shouted out.

That was all the dinosaur needed. It let out a shriek and jumped, right toward Eddie. But the raptor hadn't counted on Rita being behind the opened door.

Rita instantly launched herself from where she was standing and slammed into the door, closing it shut. The door shuddered as the raptor slammed into it.

"There's no lock!" Rita shouted. "Where's the lock?!"

"There is none!" I replied. "Guys, help us hold the door!" I rushed over and pushed myself against it to hold the dinosaur back. Eddie and Hector placed themselves against it as well.

We stood there for a while, our bodies locked firmly in place. we heard the barking and hissing outside the door, but the raptor wasn't pushing against the door. It was slamming against it. During each pause the dinosaur would hiss and then ram into the door, denting it inwards.

"We gotta' do something!" Hector shouted. "Wheres your rifle?"

I turned to him and then back at the desk where I had left it. There was no way I could reach it from here.

Just then there was another raptor screech. This one was different. It sounded like...Tholestes.

Tholestes POV-

The nap that I was having had been ruined. It had been short but sweet. Now there was a black striped raptor in my pack's territory to deal with. This was going to be a long day.

I stood inside the hallway of the building where the scent of the black stripe and Josiah was. And also there were three other smells, too. I didn't know who they belonged to but I could worry about that later.

I followed the sound of the black stripe and soon came upon it. The dinosaur was trying to get into a room. But the door was closed firmly in it's face and I could hear voices on the other side. It sounded like Josiah and it sounded like he wasn't alone. There were other humans in the room with him. What were more humans doing here on the island? I had no time to think about that. Josiah was in trouble.

"What do you think you're doing in here, black stripe?!" I barked, raising my neck quills in a threatening gesture.

The raptor stopped what it was doing, turned, and faced me. From the light of the hallway I could tell that the raptor was...female. A black striped female raptor. I lowered my neck quills a little but kept my threatening stance.

"I won't ask again. Who are you and what are you doing in my pack's territory?"

The female black stripe's body was mostly a dull brown and grey dappled, with a faint striping with a paler brown underbelly. Her eyes were yellow with black slits and looked fierce with intelligences.

"What pack are you from?" She quickly growled questioningly, taking on a threatening stance, her killing claws raised and her teeth bared.

"I'm asking the questions here, black stripe!" I hissed at her. "Now who are you?"

"My name is Pava, pack member to the Tall Grass pride. And those humans inside that room are my prey."

I let the name roll around in my head for a brief moment before I forced myself not to get distracted.

"Well, my name his Tholestes, pack member and scout to the northern Forest Pack. And one of those humans in that room are my pack's prey and apart of our territory. I don't know about the other humans that are in there with him."

Pava calmed herself a little. "You are of the Forest Pack?" She asked, tilting her head.

I nodded. "Yes. And I suggest that you leave before I call the rest of my pack and their fangs find you. You are trespassing on a scented part of the Forest Pack's territory. You must leave."

Pava hissed at me but did not attack. I just hoped my bluff worked.

"But those other humans..."

"Are my pack's prey now," I cut her off, growling. "Now I won't tell you again. Leave this place right now!"

Pava narrowed her eyes at me. "Beware, little Forest rat, I will be watching you." she chuckled a hiss as she left the door alone and walked passed me to leave.

As she passed, her tail gently brushed against the sides of my neck, flank, and haunches. When she had done that I felt a tingle in the back of my neck. Something deep and buried inside of me arose and I felt a little strange as if something buried in my mind wanted me to be nearer to her. I turned around to make sure she was gone and saw her pause near the doors that led out of the building. She had a seductive smirk on her face and I couldn't help but feel that same tingle again. And then with a flick of her tail she was gone.

I shook my head to clear my mind of that female jungle trash. 'Females!' I thought with slight revulsion. 'They get under my scales.'

After she was gone I went over to the door where Josiah and the rest of his human pack mates were. Of course, the door was closed, so I made the same barking chirping sounds for him to know it was me and not Pava. The door opened a crack and Josiah's face appeared.

Josiah's POV-

I opened the door slightly to see if it really was Tholestes out there. It was him.

"Tholestes, thank god it's you." I breathed with relief. "Thanks for coming to the rescue."

"No problem, human," He said. "If I lose you, Alpha Kara will have my hide."

I chucked a little at this. "Yes, well, anyway, my friends are here on the island. But don't worry." I added hastily after seeing Tholestes look of surprise and slight botheration. "They won't be staying long."

I adjusted my translator device on my ears so that Tholestes raptor language was more audible.

"Well," Said Tholestes, shaking his head. "That's all very good and all. But there are more humans on the island. And you know how Phaganax feels about humans on the island."

I didn't have time to discuss this now. My friends in the room were still a bit nervous and frightened. And if they saw Tholestes just walk right into the room with me...

"Look," I said to him seriously. "My friends are kind of on edge right now after that other raptor attacked us, Tholestes. I need you to back away a little from the door so that I can get the others better acquainted with you and reassure them that you won't hurt them. Okay?"

Tholestes gave me a raptor-like sigh and nodded his head. "Very well, Josiah, I'll do it. But we need to hurry." he backed away from the door and stood a few feet from it so that I could inform my friends about him.

I closed the door and turned back to the group. They all had confused looks on their faces.

"Guys, it's alright. That raptor outside the door won't hurt you," I then added, "He happens to be a friend of mine."

"Are you insane?" Eddie exclaimed. The rush of adrenaline gave him a little more strength and he was able to sit up from the desk that he was leaning on. "Have you lost your mind?"

"No, Eddie, I haven't." I replied. "He's saved me a few times from the larger dinosaurs on the island and I saved him. I think we can trust him."

"Are you sure, Clover?" Said Rita nervously, while eying the door. "I mean, he is a raptor. Don't you remember Malcolm's book about these guys?"

I nodded to her and smiled reassuringly. "I remember that book but it was all chaos and stuff. This raptor won't hurt us. Now, I'm opening the door to let him in so that he can get to know all of you. And please refrain from screaming and shit." I added to Eddie who looked white in the face with fear. The sudden adrenaline was gone from his system. Hector didn't look all to good either. Rita, on the other hand, stayed by my side. She looked apprehensively at the door and then back at me. I knew she was scared of the prospect of meeting a raptor up close but I would protect her no matter what. And just in case Eddie tried anything, I went over to the desk to retrieve my rifle.

I went back to the door and opened it and Tholestes slowly entered the room. Rita stayed close to me while Eddie and Hector shifted uneasily. Tholestes kept his head low in hopes that they would not see him as a threat. He continued to approach and stopped only two meters in front of us. He tilted and angled his head to examine my friends. After he was satisfied, he turned to me.

"So, are these your pack mates?" he asked, nodding his head to each of my friends.

I nodded. "They are, Tholestes."

"Er..Josiah, what are you doing?" said Rita.

I turned to her and smiled. "He wants to know if you guys are my pack or not. And I said yes."

"You mean you can understand him?" said Hector. "you can understand his language?"

"That's right, Hector. And it's all thanks to this." I pointed at both my ears to show him my translator device. "This translator device in each of my ears allows me to understand dinosaurs here on this island."

"But that's not possible, Clover," said Eddie with a snort. "No electronic device on earth can transmit animal sounds into words."

I gave him a cold look. "That just shows how little you know, Campbell."

Eddie gave me a glare and wanted to say something but decided not to, on account of Tholestes still in the room with us. Better luck next time, bozo.

Rita then got the courage to try and pet Tholestes. She came out from behind me and cautiously approached the raptor.

Tholestes turned to face her. I could tell that he could probably smell the nervousness that she now had. Slowly he approached her, ignoring the looks of fear that Eddie and Hector had at him. I saw that Rita was starting to sweat heavily with Loki's head only inches from her hand.

"Don't be scared," Tholestes said in an nonthreatening growl.

Rita pulled her hand back a little. "Is he going to bite my hand off or something?"

I chuckled and said, "No, no, Rita. He won't. He just said that you don't have to be scared of him."

Rita turned to me and then back at Tholestes, who stood there with his head tilted. Reaching out, she allowed her fingers to make contact with Tholestes scaly muzzle. The raptor let out a soft purr from his throat, enjoying it. It had been a risky act; one of supreme trust, and both parties would recognize what had passed for what a affecting thing it really was.

"See, it's not so bad now, is it?" I good-humoredly said.

"Actually, no. It feels nice," Rita calmly smiled, petting Tholestes along his neck and head.

The raptor purred deeply as he felt her hands rub him. I smiled at this little scene that was unfolding before me and I thought back to what Dr Grant had said about Raptors. "Genetically engineered theme park monsters, nothing more and nothing less." That's what he had said about them. But how could he? Tholestes here was not was acting like a monster from a theme park at all.

To me, there was more to these raptors then Grant thought. And when I got back to the mainland and showed people the footage of these animals, they would be convinced that the raptors and other animals here weren't monsters.

"Alright, everyone," I said, turning to the door to leave. "I think it would be best if we left now."

Eddie and Hector followed me out the door while Rita and Tholestes followed behind them.

The trip back to the beach was uneventful. We didn't take the jeep because I didn't want to waste gas. And other predators were lurking around any of the trails we were traveling on. It was either by dumb luck or it was because we had Tholestes with us.

While we walked, Hector fell in line with me to talk.

"How much of this island have you seen?"

I turned to him and thought for a moment. "Well, not very much, Hector. I usually stay pretty close to the worker village and church. I figured since this island is going to be my home for the next few weeks, I can make the village my base of operations for what I'm going to do."

"What are you going to do?" Hector asked.

"Well," I breathed, checking my rifle. "I want to make a living fossil record of these animals alive and living in their natural habitats on the island. People on the mainland and the UN think this island can't be controlled. And they're right. This island is far too dangerous to be controlled by anyone. But if I bring back solid evidence that these dinosaurs are thriving on this island, scientists and paleontologists will see first-hand that life has found a way."

Hector smiled and I smiled back. It felt great to use that famous quote from John Hammond. And in a way I felt that John himself would feel the same.

"And so," I continued, "I found a way to document the dinosaurs safely without getting eaten. With my jeep, camera, and rifle here, I have all I need to survive and document to make the most spectacular living fossil record the world has ever seen."

At that moment Rita came over to walk next to me.

"Public opinion is the only thing that can preserve Site B now, right?" She asked, adjusting her hat and backpack.

I nodded to her. "That's right, girl, and I need to show the dinosaurs in their natural habitat to stir up emotional support for keeping this island pristine and safe."

"But what other proof do you need?" said Hector. "The Tyrannosaur attack in San Diego and Hammond's announcement on TV..."

"Are not enough, Hector." I said, turning to him. "This is my chance to contribute something of real value. Nobody on Earth has the guts to do what I'm about to do. I'll survive on this island and document everything I see with my camera."

Eddie took this moment to also say, "Yeah, but didn't Hammond also say on TV that the dinosaurs here need our absence, not our help?"

I wouldn't meet Eddie's gaze. I was still not happy with him. Even Rita and Hector sensed my anger toward their friend.

"That is none of your business, boy," I retorted, not looking at him but focusing on the trail to the beach. "I'm not 'helping' them, okay? I'm helping people in the real world realize that these dinosaurs are not theme park monsters. And it means more to me then money. Unlike you."

I let the last words hit him with an accusing cold ire. I sensed that Eddie had stopped momentarily on the trial and had fallen back a bit behind us. My words must have stung him good. I didn't care.

"Can't you give him a break?" Rita asked me quietly. "I know what he did back in Enid was wrong and everything, but..."

"No," I said levelly. "If he just took responsibility for what he had done in Enid, then I'd forgive him. But he's still acting like it was a victimless crime."

We walked on without another word. Eddie lagged behind a bit but decided to stay close because Tholestes was still following us. I guess he didn't want to be in the back with a Raptor.

We reached the beach and I went over to where I had the raft stashed. In the distance I spotted the familiar dark outline of Enrique's boat. He was right on time.

"Alright, everyone," I said, pulling the raft into the water. "climb in and head toward that boat over there." I pointed in the direction of the boat. "Enrique will take you all back to the mainland once you reach him."

Eddie and Hector climbed in and sat themselves down on the rubber seats. Rita stayed on the beach with me to say goodbye. A proper goodbye.

I didn't know what to say to her that would sound good enough. I faced her, gathering my courage to say what I wanted before I returned to the village with Tholestes.

Rita cleared her throat. "Look, Clover, don't get all mushy on me," she said. "You and I don't have time for a long goodbye."

"I was just going to say..." I took a deep breath and held her hands and in mines. "Be careful on your way back home, girl. And tell my mother that I'm going to be alright, but not about me being here on the island. I don't want her to panic. Also, you owe me a rematch on the Paint-Ball field."

Rita's eyes softened.

"Well then, Clover, you'd better hurry back," she said, leaning forward. "'Cause I'll be practicing." She then kissed me on the lips.

I didn't pull away from her. I knew this would probably be the last time I would ever see her again. Providing I'd last that long here on the island.

The kiss lasted about three seconds.

Rita pulled away from me. She looked sad. I could see tears beginning to form in her eyes.

"No tears, girl," I said, rubbing her cheek gently. "we'll see each other again. I promise."

Rita hugged me, stepped away, and got into the raft with Eddie and Hector, who had started the motor. Hector eased the small craft into the surf and sped away toward Enrique's boat. I saw Rita turn back to have one last look at me. I waved at her and she waved back.

I watched their boat grow smaller and smaller until it to was a small black outline in the ocean. I turned back to Tholestes. He motioned for me to follow him back into the jungle. I nodded, then turned and followed him. I knew that my adventures here on the island was just beginning. This place was cruel sometimes, but it gave me a chance to show the world that humans and dinosaurs alike could share this island together. Eric was living proof. And so was I. Only he didn't have a Raptor for a friend to help him. I did. And my survival here on Isla Sorna was going to one to remember.

End of Part 1

(NOTE to readers)

This is where I stop my first part of my story for now. I'll be on a cruise for two weeks starting on Saturday. the second story will take time to do. for now, enjoy my completed fanfic story.