Elise's beginning.

My life has been nothing but hard ever since I had entered elementary school back in the late 90's. I was an outcast, the bad child. It was hard to ignore the other kids when I didn't have a friend to help me ignore them. I was always picked on for my height in the fourth grade. It was because of these harsh words of the other kids which got me in trouble.

Junior high wasn't as bad as elementary. I did get two after school detentions though. But I still felt like all the kids were against me. I was just the girl no one wanted around. That feeling hurts to have no one on your side. I was just glad that my nickname from elementary didn't stick with me. Right before I moved up to High school, I started to stress out over everyone's thoughts about me.

High school was nothing but a bunch of teachers favoring some students and shunning others. I hated to see kids in other classrooms while the class they were supposed to be in is doing some big project. It was the same kids you would always hear about in the classrooms. I bet they didn't do any work and still managed to graduate. Those kids were nothing but suck ups.

Girls would make fun of me because I never wore makeup. Yeah just what I wanted, to look like every other dumb pore clogging girl. I never even had a boyfriend, let alone a friend. I just wish to have a friend to ease my envy.

A question I've asked myself ever since I seen 1776. From the strong words by the character John Adams. "Is anybody there? Does anybody care?"