Dr. Hadley hurriedly signed a prescription for anti-biotics for an old man who kept insisting he had brain cancer, even though physical evidence and past medical records showed otherwise.

"If that's all, sir, you can leave now."
"That's all? I'm dying! You need to fix me," he spluttered.

"I'm sorry." She sighed deeply. She'd had a long day and House had paged her five minutes ago with a new case, so she knew she wouldn't be able to rest any time soon. "You can come back tomorrow if need be."

She ushered the man out of the clinic room, and made her way to the elevator. It chimed as it reached her floor, the doors opened and Wilson smiled at her from inside.

As they rode upwards, Wilson made conversation.
"Remy, let me guess. House is making you stay after hours?"
"New case. Cuddy is making House stay after hours"
"Ah." Wilson said thoughtfully.

There was a comfortable silence before the elevator stopped.

The doors opened and Remy Hadley stepped out, taking a sharp right and pushing the door to their office open.

Foreman, Cameron, and Chase were sitting around the table looking at files, while House was playing with a cup-and-ball.

"Where's your coat?" was House's greeting, not looking up from his cup-and-ball.

Remy looked down at herself.


She must have left it in the clinic, after taking it off because the air-conditioning was messing up.

House looked up at her. "I'm the one who doesn't wear the coat." He went back to playing with his cup-and-ball. "Where's your coat?" He repeated.

"I left it in the clinic."
House watched her critically as she moved to her seat.

Glancing up at House, Remy knew he was dissecting and analysing this situation more than was necessary.

The team went over the case and determined blood tests and an MRI was needed.
"Cameron and Chase, get an MRI of his brain. Foreman, go do clinic duty or something. Thirteen, get a full blood count."

Thirteen followed the others out of the office. House followed her.

"I take it you're not coming to help, House?"
House's face displayed mock outrage. "Of course not. I'm coming to admire the extra skin on show." He paused. "You forgot your coat."

Remy shook her head, unsurprised at his persistence on this trivial matter. "Yes, I forgot my coat. The air-con isn't working, it's hot. I took it off and forgot to put it back on. It doesn't matter, I can work without it."

She entered the patient's room, noting that they were sleeping, and she began taking their blood.

"Wow." House said, looking at Thirteen's ass and remembering how he payed the electrician who came in to fix the air conditioning to leave. "Money well spent." He frowned, "Well, Wilson's money well spent."

Ignoring House, Remy finished taking the patients blood and made for the door. She had just reached for the handle when House's cane appeared in front of her, edged between the wall and the man himself, blocking her way.

"You cut yourself," he stated.


She quickly lowered her arm to her side, knowing exactly what House was referring to; the many white scars that lined her forearm.

She looked up at him. His face was unreadable, but his blue eyes pierced her and she was forced to look away.

"They're old, House."

House moved his cane and Remy opened the door, striding out with House at her tail.

"Why did you cut yourself?"

"Will you stop following me if I tell you?"
"I didn't think so. All the more reason not to tell you, it doesn't change anything."

House looked Remy up and down, before turning away from her.

"Wrong," House told her, stepping into the elevator. "This changes everything."