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Summary: 18 year old Naruto Uzumaki is finally captured by 'Madara'. During the extraction process, knowing he was going to die anyway Naruto decides to release the seal confining Kyuubi and try to thwart the man's plans. Something unexpected happened though and now Naruto finds himself back in time as the Jubi Jinchuuriki. Rating will be M for violence or sexual situations.

AN: I've gone back and altered the story slightly, so it fits more so with recent canon events. I realized after going over it, there's no real reason I did something, that's been rectified in this version. Obviously it doesn't follow canon completely, like the Jubi's form, it's abilities, the kekkai genkai I'll give Naruto later on etc. I'll go over the other chapters and reupload them too, I'll leave the old version up for now in case anyone wants to compare or just to read a bit further as the story will have changes, but don't expect this to be completely different to that one. All the chapters should be redone and up within the next few days, a brand new chapter a few days following that. So hope you like the new version of Chance to Change.

The initial battle for the allied Shinobi forces had resulted in their victory. Their enemy indeed had superior numbers perhaps, but they lacked the same amount of skill. The clone army did manage to add confusion to the war, by taking on the chakra signatures of their own fighters. Each resurrected warrior from Kabuto's Edo Tensei (Impure Resurrection) aided whoever they fought with tips on how to counter their styles. Even with that important factor, the kage level opponents were still extremely difficult to defeat.

The shinobi forces had lost quite a few of their number during this first assault but 'Madara' had lost his entire clone army which gave them time to prepare for the next wave. Many in the army couldn't believe that they were able to defeat all the legendary shinobi that had been resurrected. Although many knew it wouldn't have been possible without the one they were trying to protect, one Naruto Uzumaki. Thanks to his skill with nature chakra, the nine tailed Jinchuuriki weeded out the clones that had infiltrated, as well as helping defeat the resurrected Kage level shinobi.

After the first battle was over and the remainder of the enemy forces retreated, they sent Ninjutsu specialists to train Naruto in as many Jutsu as possible while they had the chance. The Kyuubi Jinchuuriki had even more chakra than Killer Bee, the Raikage ordered the training as he believed that Naruto, might possibly be one of the only Shinobi alive that would be able to use all 5 elements in the high ranks due to the sheer amount of raw Chakra he had at his disposal.

Naruto after being having a talk with his friends, wanted to go and take care of the masked shinobi before he had time to rebuild his forces. It was quite the shock when the resurrected Madara had attacked, considering they all thought he was the masked shinobi, even more so when the legendary warrior wielded not only the mangkyou sharingan, but the Rinnegan too.

After extensive explanations and pleading the young shinobi agreed to remain and train, at least for the time being. Besides, he really did want to learn more attacks, Sasuke had clearly grown so much, yet all he had was pure brute power, rasengan variants but no real chakra ability.

2 years passed and he had learnt quite a bit of Ninjutsu from various shinobi from the different villages, thanks of course to his godly use of Kage Bushin. He even got some instruction from Itachi, who had broken the Edo Tensei's control mechanism through Shisui Uchiha's Mangekyou Sharingan. Due to the fact Kabuto could not be found he had returned to help Naruto learn how to fight a true wielder of the Sharingan.

The main trainer, ironically ended up being his former sensei Kakashi, who might not have been able to perform all the ninjutsu he had copied over the years due to the amount of chakra required, but he could show Naruto the handsigns while explaining what each did. Wind and Fire were his strongest affinities, while the other three required a much larger chunk of chakra to perform. He felt kind of dirty with learning fire techniques, since it is what the Uchiha clan were famous for, but figured it would be usually to beat Sasuke with his own attacks. That thought alone made the blonde giddy in anticipation.

Finally, 'Madara' had struck again with an army, this time in even greater numbers. The allied forces were hard pressed and their numbers started to drop one by one. With great reluctance the Raikage once again decided to let the remaining two Jinchuuriki fight, since it appeared they wouldn't win this battle. His decision proved to be foolish. As soon as they arrived on the battlefield Bee was taken away by the same Teleportation jutsu the dark skinned leader had seen 'Madara' use at the Kage summit.

They had all felt the wave of chakra and explosions in the distance, Naruto having begun thinking of Bee as his brother during the time together, took out hordes of Zetsu with a few clones pumping out insanely powerful ninjutsu. It left many shinobi feeling scared, thinking that once the war was over, this boy could be the next big threat. Naruto, once done with his duty in defending those he cared for, launched towards the area of the battle ignoring everyone's pleas for him to stay. With his mastered Kyuubi enhanced form while in sage mode Naruto could move at speeds close to the Hirashin. Not even the Raikage with his lightning aura could match him in speed.

Reaching the battle he saw Bee unconscious on the ground with Madara and Sasuke gazing down at him, one sharingan and Rinnegan eye looked up to him. "Ahhh, what have we hear, what a pleasant surprise, the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki. Sasuke take him down, soon it will all be over, Kabuto and I shall extract the Hachibi using Edo Tensei" Madara stated in a cheerful tone before he and Bee vanished in a warp.

Naruto still in his enhanced form snarled "How could you do this Sasuke. When did the great Uchiha clan become so pathetic?"

Sasuke roared at the insult to his family, he switched to his eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and gave his trademark smirk "Don't speak of things you don't understand dobe, This ends now, with your death, the world will be united under the Uchiha, as it should be. Susanoo"

A great chakra enveloped Sasuke taking the shape of a giant purple demonic humanoid being with a strangely shaped bow that was large enough to act as a shield. Naruto said nothing, a Kage Bunshin popped into existence next to him and he formed a Rasenshuriken. Sasuke's eyes widened when Naruto began feeding some fire element chakra into it, then water balls charged with lightning formed around each chakra blade. "Sasuke Uchiha is dead, he died years ago, everyone was right, while I was just foolish, I realize that now. I'm sorry I failed you Sasuke, goodbye, my brother. Maelstorm Rasenshuriken"

He tossed the super charged Rasenshuriken straight towards Sasuke who merely brought the bow up to block the odd shuriken shaped jutsu. His eyes widened when the jutsu hit the shield and exploded, the strange chakra human taking the hit. The sight was truly impressive, a large dome formed as his Rasenshuriken did, small wind chakra needles infused with fire chakra rained down, causing dust to appear as the dome spread. Lightning could be seen throughout the dome, adding significantly to the punishment.

When the dust cleared Naruto had tears falling, truly believing he had just killed his old friend, his eyes widened when he heard insane laughing though. The giant chakra beast was regenerating until it was complete once more, armor and all. "You really think one attack can defeat the completed Susanoo. You are still a dobe, Madara thought they were training you, I guess he was wrong if that is the best you can do" Before he fired off an arrow that Naruto barely avoided.

Naruto was staring in shock at the fact his most powerful attack didn't work after a direct hit. More than that was the fact the arrow had come at him faster than anything he had seen, easily matching his speed, but he somehow still managed to avoid it. One of the next 5 connected with him though and again he was shocked that the arrow managed to pierce through the Youki coating and his sage mode body.

Coughing up blood he looked up just in time to see Sasuke smriking and bringing down the bow like a sword and slamming into him. Then his world went black.

Naruto groaned when he woke up noticing he was inside his mindscape in front of the Kyuubi's new cage. "You just had to get cocky didn't you boy. Underestimating your opponent that much, did you forget he was able to take down the Hachibi Jinchuuriki and survive an encounter with all 5 kage's. All who can counter or avoid your 'ultimate jutsu'"

Naruto merely responded with a "Stupid fox, how was I to know my most powerful attack would do nothing"

The mighty fox let out a loud roar "What did I just say? Are you really that stupid? Here I am, starting to realize that you might be a worthy host, than you say something stupid like that? Now I'm about to get sucked out of you and forced to become one with the others again, meanwhile you will die because of your stupidity"

Naruto threw his hands up in the air "Then what the fuck am I meant to do then huh Kyuubi? I've already lost. I might have fucked up, but there's nothing I can do, so stop gloating"

The Kyuubi let out another roar "You think I want this, to join with the others again. Shut your idiotic mouth and think for a change you fool. Remove the seal you stupid child, I have a theory. I don't like it but it'll keep me from serving that red eyed freak"

Looking at the strongest Bijuu in confusion Naruto snorted "What would freeing you accomplish during the sealing, it would likely just speed things up"

The Kyuubi let out a sigh, knowing that he would fuse with the others one way or the other, the mighty beast would much rather serve an idiot than who he believed the masked shinobi to be "Not exactly, the method the Uchiha uses to extract the Bijuu, using that statue, allows the user to fuse the youki of the nine Bijuu into one host. With me being the strongest of the 9, if I initiate the merger before I leave you, the other 8 will come to me instead. Meaning that you will become the Jinchuuriki of the Jubi"

Pausing the mighty Kitsune let out another roar "As much as I don't want to be a part of that damn Wolf again it's going to happen anyway, I'd rather be stuck in an idiot like you then serving that bastard Uchiha like a pet. I might hate you boy, but I hate any Uchiha more, they are abominations, being able to control even a being as great as me. Despite our issues over the years, you never saw me as a tool, for that at least, I have grown to not want to rip you apart on sight. Thankfully your chakra is large thanks to your training to suppress me so you should survive the intense chakra of the Jubi"

Naruto stared up in shock at the Kyuubi before he sat down and let out a sigh "Does that mean I will gain the abilities of the other Bijuu?"

The mighty fox chuckled, Naruto looked shocked since he only ever heard the evil cackle from the beast in the past "Well at least you sound like you'll do it. No you will not have the abilities of the other Jinchuuriki. Our skills are based on our forms, like me all you will gain is enhanced senses and much stronger regeneration speed" He paused before stated "You also might be able to use a Kekkei Genkai, but I do not know which you will obtain if you even get one, you may even get a few"

The beast roared again and seemed to be in great pain "Hurry brat, if you're going to do this you need to do it now" Naruto gazed at the Kyuubi before nodding, he walked over to Kyuubi who muttered out "Thank you brat, for what it's worth, thank you for destroying me when you took my power. I hate to admit it, but you could have wiped my mind once you gained full control, that damn red eyed freak plans to do just that I'm sure" Before he ripped off the seal containing the Kyuubi.

Meanwhile outside the seal

"HAHAHA, finally i have all nine, once the Jubi is formed I will become the new Jinchuuriki of the Jubi and bring this world to its knees" 'Madara' happily gloated.

Sasuke looked over at him and impassively stated "What do you mean, you told me you were going to cast a genjutsu on the moon to bring peace"

Madara continued to laugh "Peace, no you foolish boy, why would I want peace to a world that has wronged me, I am an avenger just like you Sasuke. But I have waited far longer to get my revenge, all will suffer, all will die, I will be a god while the rest of the world will lie dead at my feet. The Jubi is too powerful to be controlled by any kekkai genkai. I would be unstoppable HAHAHA"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes but said nothing, secretly once the Kyuubi was extracted he would take the beast for himself. This main had outlived his time, Sasuke had surpassed him and the Jubi will be his to use, now that he saw the older Uchiha's true colours. After all the man was a mere shell of what he once was, he stood no chance against a true Uchiha.

'Madara' stopped laughing when a large glob of red chakra flowed along the nine dragons into the statue at once, there was mild rumbling coming from the statue containing the 8 Bijuu "What is this? The process shouldn't be done yet and the dragons have yet to recede" He stated seriously. His eyes widened when all 9 dragons chakra flow suddenly changed direction and began heading towards the Kyuubi Jinchuurki. He shouted out "What, NO, WHAT TRICKERY IS THIS?"

Each of the 9 dragons took on a colour representing each Bijuu. Madara tried to cancel the Jutsu with his Rinnegan eye but nothing happened the rumbling got louder and the chakra flow got faster.

His eyes then looked at the seal on Naruto's stomach and his eyes widened when there was nothing there at all, a huge gaping hole was present on the boy "How can this be, he willingly released the Kyuubi, what would that achieve?" The 9 dragons then left the statue completely and the last of the chakra went to Naruto and his hole sealed, a detailed seal then appeared on the young Jinchuuriki's stomach. Much different than his old one, Kabuto, who was standing nearby had wide eyes that only lasted a moment before his head separated from his body. Both Uchiha's turned to see Itachi, sharingan ablaze holding a blade that seemed to be charged with multiple elements.

"B-brother, how can this be, you were part of the Edo Tensei. Not that I care, but how did you break free of his control?"

Itachi turned his gaze to Naruto and Sasuke felt rage when he saw the look in his brother's eyes, affection "Sorry Naruto, looks like I was too late to save you from an even bigger burden" His gaze returned to his brother and he narrowed his eyes "Foolish little brother, you are walking the wrong path" As his mangekyou sharingan activated, spinning wildly.

Madara let out a loud roar in frustration before he activated his Mangekyou Sharingan and used Kamui on the nuisance that had ruined his plans making him disappear forever, in his distraction he missed Sasuke activating Susanoo before the young Uchiha killed him with 3 arrows. "I'm not as foolish as you think big brother, now let us truly test the might of the Uchiha to see who has the right to rule." With another roar he leaped towards the one he always wanted to surpass.

With Naruto

When Naruto opened his eyes he found himself in a forest within his mind. Confused at where he was he stood up and gazed around curiously. He heard a mighty roar from nearby and turning in the direction he saw a giant Silver wolf with 10 tails glaring at him with silver eyes with a black slit down the middle.

"I see the process was a success gaki" Naruto's eyes widened at the familiar tone in the beasts voice. "Kyuubi, i thought you said –" The beast roared again "I am not Kyuubi, I am the Jubi. However looking at the memories I contain from those that were parts of me I can see why you would think that. The Kyuubi contained the most of my essence so took on a similar form with a similar attitude"

He gazed around the area they were in before he continued "I do not have a cage since the seal used to seal me is different from the one used to contain the 9 tailed Bijuu before. You will not be able to lock me away like you did the Kyuubi, not only because it would be like comparing an ant to yourself power wise, the seal itself would prevent it. I will be unable to harm you and you me, this means my influence on you is limited when you channel my youki, so you shouldn't lose yourself as you did with Kyuubi. But your body will not handle more than 5 tails worth of my power so never go beyond that until your chakra reserves increase. The Uchiha if nothing else was thorough in his sealing techniques, it prevents me from influencing you in any way, I would like to make our existence together more bearable though if possible. My previous forms weren't exactly comfortable where they were."

The massive wolf got a smirk on his face. Very creepy in Naruto's opinion "Thanks to me your chakra will start increasing to compensate you for holding me. Luckily since you already contained the strongest part of me you are able to handle me in the first place. The Hachihi's host would not have survived the process. Now a unique feature of this seal is you will be able to communicate with me anytime. Now I think it is time for you to wake, the Uchiha sent you somewhere and you need to find out where you are"

Then Naruto was launched back to consciousness, opening his eyes he saw it was night and he was in a forest that looked very like the forests surrounding Konoha, if slightly different. Standing up he felt slightly stiff so did a few stretches to loosen his joints.

He did a few katas as a test before he pulled out a scroll that contained spare clothes since his current clothes were ruined thanks to Sasuke's assault. Once he got changed in Black Anbu pants, a black shirt with the Uzumaki symbol on it and his usual black and orange jacket. He left it upzipped before he put on his sage cloak on his back (Red cloak with black flames on the bottom) and launched into the trees heading in the direction of his village.

Naruto eyes immediately widened when he saw the destruction at the entrance to the village with bodies and blood scattered around the village, Ninja were tending to the wounded and sealing up the dead into scrolls. He saw a ninja nearby and jumped towards him. He didn't recognize the man but he didn't know many of the ninja's in the village before he called out "Hey what the hell happened here?"

The ninja turned to the new voice and gasped "Yondaime-sama" Before the man bowed low, Naruto raised an eyebrow at the greeting, sure he sort of looked like his dad, especially with his current attire, but seriously, no one could possibly confuse him considering his dad died 18 years ago. Then he gazed around the area again "No I'm Naruto, you must be really shaken up to confuse me for the fourth, now what happened here?"

Standing from his bow the man took a closer look at Naruto and eyes widened "I'm sorry it's just you look just like-, never mind, if you just arrived you probably don't realize what happened, the Kyuubi was attacking and Yondaime-sama arrived before teleporting himself and the beast from the Hokage monument to over there" The man pointed to the distance where there was an eerie red glow.

Naruto's eyes widened in shock at what he was just told, turning to the mountain he saw only 4 faces, where was Tsunade baa-chan? The Kyuubi just attacked? The Yondaime is fighting it? How can this be? The Jubi hearing his thoughts stated 'Hmmm,I think somehow we're back in time, Kamui is a time space ninjutsu, the Uchiha must have used that to get rid of you'

Naruto froze 'What the fuck do you mean back in time, that's impossible baka!' He heard a roar in his mind before a menacing growl 'Do not talk back to me you like that you fool. How do you explain what you just heard then? Now you do look like somewhat like your father, still I'm surprised he thought you were him, you aren't that alike. No matter, know that you must never reveal you're from the future. You might even be able to gain custody of yourself and give him a good life if you can convince the old fool'

Naruto took a deep breath before he responded 'Younger me? Wait a minute, if my dad is battling the Kyuubi, then he isn't dead yet. Neither is Mom, and why can't I tell anyone Jubi?' The Jubi made a whining like sound 'How did Kyuubi deal with such stupidity on a daily basis. First off no one would believe you, if they did then they would try to get as much information out of you about the future as possible. You will not reveal the truth to anyone, unless you want me describing how we Bijuu mate. That always seemed to work on the other hosts. Also I doubt you could save your father now'

Naruto paled and muttered under his breath before he turned to the Ninja who informed him "I see, I'm going to back him up" Naruto was about to take off towards the light but he found he couldn't move

"I'm afraid we can't let you leave until you tell us who you are" Shikaku Nara stepped into view flanked by Chouza Akimichi and Inoichi Yamanaka. "My name is Naruto, shadow user, you must be Shikaku, but I have no time to talk, I have to aid the Yondaime" Naruto channelled some of the Juubi's chakra into his system and broke out of Shikaku's shadow hold with ease, he nodded to them, ignoring the looks before launching himself into the air. Moving at extremely high speeds making him look like a red and yellow blur.

He arrived just as his father yelled out "FUIN" sealing a large portion of the Nine tails chakra into himself weakening it considerably, at least temporarily. Bijuu regenerate their chakra using nature energy so the beast would only be weakened for a few minutes.

Landing nearby the Sandaime and two Jounin who were looking at the new arrival in shock he muttered "No, Minato you fool. Damnit I'm too late" Before he charged up a Rasengan and slammed it into the barrier, pushing more and more chakra into it a hole opened up and he dove through it channelling more of the Jubi's chakra. His eyes turned silver with black slits, his whiskers thickened and a silver chakra shroud appeared around him with 4 tails sticking out from behind.

Naruto let out a feral roar that echoed throughout the area, he appeared behind his mother and father in time to block the Kyuubi's claw from piercing them. He threw the claw back making the Kyuubi land on his back, he quickly went through handseals and pinned down the beast with chakra chains like his mother had shown him in his mind, hers required no handsigns, Naruto just used an imitation. "Fuck you Kyuubi" The beast was writhing around in rage before he looked at Naruto, the mighty fox's eyes widened at the familiar Youki and it stuttered out "H-how?" Naruto ignored the scared beast, released his shroud and turned to his parents who were watching him in shock and awe.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head in a familiar manner to all present and put on a big cheesy grin before he stated "Yo" The witnesses eyes widened in complete shock before Naruto turned serious.

"I'm sorry but you need to finish what you started Minato. I didn't get here in time, if I did maybe you could have survived but you've made the deal with the shinigami already I believe, there's no turning back. Kushina you also are too low on chakra and having a Bijuu ripped from you is fatal. I'm shocked you're still alive but you are an Uzumaki after all. Hmm since that claw didn't pierce you, you might survive still, I hope you do. Since I stopped the furball here you have a chance to put more of your chakra into the seal, to help your son later, go ahead before it's too late."

Minato got over his shock and stated "While I'm impressed of your knowledge and skill, you did get one piece of information wrong" At Naruto's questioning glance wondering what he got wrong, his mother had told him this story first hand he stated "I have a daughter, Naruko, not a son" Before he began the hand signs. Only Kushina saw Naruto's eyes bug out in shock, Kushina looked at her daughter to the speechless man in front of her and noticed the similarities, blonde hair, blue eyes, hell even the whisker marks on their cheeks. Hell he could probably pass as the father to her little girl.

Minato and Kushina both placed chakra into their daughter before he summoned a toad that had the key to loosen the seal and ordered the told to go to Jiraiya. "Who are you?" Kushina asked, oddly, Naruto noticed her chakra appeared steady all thing considered, but she didn't use her chakra chains like she did in his past, or get a fatal claw through the chest. Still without immediate medical attention she would probably die, he closed his eyes for a moment and entered sage mode briefly, shocked at even though she was so weak, her chakra was still on the level of a chuunin, just how powerful was she at full strength?

As he was about to respond the Jubi interrupted "You might still be able to save her, she held the Kyuubi, so she might be able to handle a portion of my power, in other words regeneration"

Minato had done the hand seals but waited a moment to hear the strange man's answer. He walked over near them and talked low enough so the Sandaime couldn't hear "I don't know how but that masked bastard you just faced sent me here. I thought I went back in time but it's something else since you have a daughter, not a son, trust me it should be a boy, I should know, I promise I'll protect your daughter with my life, hopefully I won't need to though"

Both of their eyes widened trying to understand his words, before Kushina looked back and forth between her baby and the strange man, suddenly she began to cry "Y-you're our child, aren't you?"

Naruto smiled at his mother "Well I guess there's no harm in that much, yeah, I am, 18 year old Naruto Uzumaki, nice to meet ya, Mom." He finished with a chuckle.

Minato looked at him with narrowed eyes, as if he saw him as a threat, but after a moment he suddenly got a bright grin "Well I see that you turned out strong, son. I have to ask did I ever explain to you why-"

Naruto held up his hand, there wasn't much time left to finish up "You did, when I went berserk when I thought someone important to me was murdered, I had almost released the Kyuubi, you stopped me. I was angry at first because of how I was treated by the village growing up but I got over it. I strove to make you both proud even if I never knew that you were my Dad until 2 and a half years ago, I always wanted to surpass the Yondaime Hokage though"

Kushina was crying even harder "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" Naruto wasn't sure what to do at first, he looked at his father for some sort of idea, then noticed a very distraught look in his eyes too. Naruto didn't understand when his mother seemed even more upset than before. Naruto's brain was on overdrive, thinking of what he could say 'Are you really such a fool?'.

A memory from one year ago popped into his mind, Kurotsuchi smacking him over the head when he upset Hinata from them training together often and not going to fix the misunderstanding, then whispering in his ear once she realized he truly had no idea what to do. Naruto eyes widened and he pulled Kushina into a hug and kissed her on the forehead. "I forgave you years ago Mum, I was never angry at you, as I told you in my mindscape, it was your love for me that kept me going. Somehow, despite everything everyone said, I just knew you didn't hate me. I'll make sure your daughter doesn't live that life, that's a promise of a lifetime. But since it was me stopping that claw and preventing you using those chakra chains might have just saved your life anyway. Perhaps I might really get to know my mother, maybe we can go get ramen"

Naruto finished with a big cheesy grin on his face, Minato was shocked at the insinuations his 'son' was making. It was a dream, he knew, for his village to treat him as a hero, but his hope for the old man to keep watch over him, gave him hope at least. He realized how foolish and selfish his current move was, not only that, it seemed Kushina had followed him to the grave in his life, so he didn't even have her to love and support him.

He seemed to understand and smiled gratefully at his 'son' for at least saving his wife, hopefully. At least he could die at the very least knowing that his daughter would be protected, even if wasn't him or Kushina, he wanted to ask him about his life, but he had a job to do and his chakra was fading fast. He shook his head with tears coming down and nodded once before he yelled out "Hakke no Fuin Shiki" (Eight Trigrams Divination sealing style). The Kyuubi was pulled into the seal cursing the whole way and Minato fell to the ground, his life slowly fading away. Kushina struggled in Naruto's arms and called to the man she loved "MINATO NOOO". Naruto noticed the hole was beginning to seal though, she was powerful, or perhaps remanents from Kyuubi's youki healing her, she cried out desperately and Naruto let her go to his father.

The barrier fell and the Sandaime ordered the two Jounin to notify the village before he approached the group, he didn't hear what was said between the 3 shinobi however he clearly saw they were trusted him so he didn't attack the stranger. "Minato you fool, I could have done it in your place, why did you erect the barrier? Why did you use such a sealing in the first place, your own daughter"

Minato grinned and tried to focus on the old man "You wouldn't have been strong enough old man, I barely managed it, plus you know the Kyuubi can't be contained in anything but a person, then only a newborn."

The aged Hokage nodded with tears starting to come down "What would you like me to do Minato, as a Jinchuuriki of the demon that just attacked, the villagers will not see her as a hero. I can only do so much, even if Kushina survives, it will be hard on her" Here Minato smiled weakly once more "Let Naruto here help raise her, I trust him completely, if not for him, Kushina would have died without a doubt, besides, he is family"

His eyes widened at the request before he turned to the newcomer who had tears coming down his eyes and he let out a sigh "I will see what I can do my friend" Minato died moments later with a smile on his face, his wife crying out his man and hitting his chest in frustration, she turned to look at her future son in confusion when she processed her husband's words.

Naruto sighed before stating "I blocked the claw from piercing you, or from you pinning down the Kyuubi so Minato could finish, that wound and chakra use would have ended your life. Now even with that intervention, you still need immediate medical attention Kushina, you did just have the Kyuubi ripped out of you"

With that said he placed his hand on her head and smiled kindly at her "Rest Kushina Uzumaki, I will take care of everything, you have my word" He channelled chakra through his hand and her eyes felt drowsy, she knew what he was doing but didn't try to fight it. The man she loved was dead, her village was in tatters and she did want to rest. So she let the blissful sleep take her, she just hoped her future son would be there when she awoke.

Hiruzen Sarutobi bowed his head in respect before he turned to the newcomer "I've never seen anyone calm Kushina so easily? She normally never would have let you do that until she knew her husband's body and daughter were in safety. She must truly trust you young man. "

He didn't sound hostile so Naruto turned to the man he always thought of as his grandfather, before he nodded, he paused in thought before he stated "My name is Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki, I'm also a Jinchuuriki too so I know all too well what Naruko will expect growing up. Kushina here was the former Jinchuuriki for the Kyuubi, she's also an Uzumaki, so she should be able to survive as long as we get her to the hospital immediately. I have no doubts she would die otherwise, a Bijuu was ripped from her after all.

The man looked on in complete surprise, hearing that the man was an Uzumaki, from his looks and attire, he would have thought that he was related to Minato, not Kushina. The hole in the woman's stomach where the seal once was, did look nasty. He nodded in acknowledgement as he walked over to the crying baby before he stroked his chin "I wasn't aware that Kushina had any family still alive, your looks are very similar to Minato though, curious no?"

Naruto cringed slightly at the words, he trusted his jiji with his life, but this man wasn't his jiji, he just had his face. Naruto was nothing more than a stranger who happened to look like his successor and claimed to be an Uzumaki. He sighed internally but didn't panic as he would have in the past "I've gone by a few names but I think in respect to Kushina I use my real name, Uzumaki, now. if you must know, I was as shocked as you to find out my cousin married someone that looked just like me, hell it's even weirder her daughter looks more like me than her"

Hiruzen appeared once more surprised at the quick response by the young man, something in his story seemed off. However both Kushina and Minato seemed to trust in this boy, so he would at least honour them to give him that much credit. However that last observation was very good news indeed now he thought about it, a smile made its way on his face, the first one since this disaster occurred. "Yes as a fellow Jinchuuriki you would be the most suited to raising another along with her real mother. Also I will need you to attend a council meeting with me to go over the details with them all. I think that we should change one fact however, I have already hinted at it"

At Naruto's questioning glance he continued "Few people knew about Kushina being pregnant, she had a powerful genjutsu on her to hide the fact, very few knew she was even with Minato except their close friends, Minato's sensei Jiraiya, my wife and I. After all, many would target the wife and unborn child of the mighty yellow flash of Konoha. You and Naruko are both so strikingly similar you could claim she is actually your biological daughter, I don't wish to do this to Kushina or Minato, however it would keep people from learning the truth"

Naruto blinked before he paled "Are you saying, you want me to state that I conceived Naruko here with Kushina" The Hokage had a sparkle in his eye, as if it were an ingenious idea, meanwhile Naruto was shitting himself. How could he state he was romantically linked to his own mother, he let out a loud sigh but the Hokage let out a soft chuckle.

The man looked fondly at Minato's body before he started to chuckle again at the stupefied look on the young man's face. "No, I couldn't do that to either Kushina or to Minato's memories, however many would have dug and found out the truth anyway. However as I said, if people believe that Naruko here is yours, hell you even have similar names. It could avoid many problems, we of course will have to convince Kushina of this once she recovers, it is in Naruko's best interest in the long run. Meanwhile we will alter the hospital records to make it so Kushina's baby died during the battle, this wound justifies that further. We should return to the village now Naruto, I'll take Naruko, you can take Kushina"

Naruto processed the information, Naruko wasn't really dead so Kushina shouldn't be too troubled by it, also helping his 'cousin' raise his child wouldn't be seen as too odd to the masses. The more he thought about it, it did make sense. He nodded before he walked over to his parents and pulled out a blank scroll and some ink, quickly drawing up some seals he sealed his father into it before walking over to Naruko.

He gazed down at her in fascination, so tiny and innocent, a small tuft of blonde hair and the similar whisker marks on her cheeks. Pulling out another scroll he pulled out a blanket, with his kunai he cut a section out before resealing it and then wrapping the baby up gently before handing her to the Hokage. He walked over to his mother and saw her nasty wound, he shook his head in amazement, that even with a gaping hold in her, she had a small smile as she slept. He hoped it was a good dream, as she likely wouldn't like reality when she woke, shaking his head he picked her up bridal style and walked with the Sandaime, the man that taught him love.