Title: The Chronicles of an Affair

Author: enchanted nightingale

Beta Reader: pussycatadamah

Disclaimer: The characters do not belong to me. I only use them in my plot for fun.

Attention! Lemon ahead!

Chapter 9: One night

Ianto was nervous when he entered the restaurant. It was a small place but obviously exclusive. The maitre'd greeted him and then directed him to the table Jack Harkness was already seated. He wore that RAF coat again and it made him look handsome and classical and at the same time mischievous. And did he say handsome?

"Ianto!" the Captain stood and they shook hands.


"None of that when it's just the two of us, Ianto. Call me Jack." He gave one of his wide, big smiles that were infectious.

The Welshman smiled back. "Okay, Jack," he replied.

"Glad you could make it," Jack told him and showed him to the seat, finally breaking their handshake and releasing Ianto's hand after a soft caress. It was a smooth, well practiced move and it made Ianto smile and feel rather flattered. It was also now more obvious than ever that Jack Harkness, the notorious leader of Torchwood 3 was trying to seduce him; and succeeding.

"I took the liberty to order the menu," Jack told him. "I've been here a many times already so…"

"It's fine with me," Ianto assured the man. "Red wine?"

"I'm more of a vodka guy but the situation called for wine," Jack offered him a smile.

"I don't really mind," Ianto replied. "And thank you for the invitation."

"I was surprised you accepted," Jack told him. "Weren't you warned off about me?"

Ianto chuckled. "Oh, I've heard the rumours. All of them," he said meaningfully.


"Are you really that good? Or that gifted?"

Ianto's eyes were challenging and it pleased the rogue Time Agent.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Jack teased.

"I know I would," was Ianto's reply and it made the Captain smirk.

The atmosphere between them was sizzling and slowly growing warmer. Ianto looked unfazed but Jack was willing to bet that if he took the man's pulse, he would feel his heart racing.

"And you looked so prim and proper in the meeting…" Jack teasingly accused the younger man.

"I could hardly walk in dressed in jeans and leather."

"You know, that comment was open to interpretation in so many ways."

The younger man grinned, a cheeky grin that lit up his face and made his eyes sparkle with mirth. "A gift from me for you."

Jack laughed then. "Oh, you're really something else, Ianto Jones. How on earth did Yvonne end up with you? You are not as bland as her usual employees. And you're so young…Sane. And with that accent… you should have been mine."

Ianto tried to pretend that Jack's gaze was not smouldering when his possessive streak showed and the tone of that voice did not go straight to his crotch. He took a sip from his drink to calm his racing heart and when he spoke, he sounded composed.

"Hm, that I am, young that is," the Welshman admitted. "Torchwood approached me personally. It helped that I've got a degree in cybernetics and languages, plus I'm a genius."

Jack nodded. "So, you were qualified, that I believe. But why join?" his face was grave when he said this.

The reasons were plenty and Ianto was not going to share them, not with another member of Torchwood. So he gave the answer he usually gave.

"The money was good." the Welshman shrugged. "Torchwood turned out to be a very interesting place, opened up a whole new world for me. Now I can't imagine a different life."

Yes, Jack could relate. Adventure and mystery was in his blood. Torchwood was in his blood. Now that the young man passed the threshold, there was no going back; he was ruined for regular work. "I know exactly what you mean," Jack told him and picked up his glass. Ianto followed his lead. "A toast. To Yvonne and the only choice she made that I approve."

"What is that, Jack?"

"Hiring you of course."

They took sips from their drinks, eyeing each other over the rim of their glasses. Ianto was no stranger to seduction games and this one was as blunt as a Dalek invasion.

Ianto carefully set his glass down. "Are you after something Captain?"

Jack laughed. "I'm always after something."

Their food arrived soon and the talk left the Torchwood Institute, at least the administrative subjects. There were plenty of anecdotes with funny incidents, not enough personal information shared but enough wordplay to make the air between the two men thicken. Ianto learned that Jack Harkness was very suave man, knew a vast topic of subjects to talk about and could make everything and anything sound suggestive, from the table cloth to the weather. He had a certain charm that Ianto had only encountered once before, in a certain time travelling alien with two hearts.

"I'm paying," Jack insisted once the dishes were cleared and Ianto made to take his wallet out. "I insist."

Ianto nodded and let Jack do his thing.

"Just to be clear though," Harkness said as they get up. "You do understand I have plans for you."

"Do they involve morning coffee?"

Jack smirked. "Only if you drink coffee."

"So, my place or yours?"

They ended up in Jack's hotel. They nearly did not make it inside the room. Inside the lift they used to get to the right floor, Ianto was all over the older man, mouth over soft lips, hands clutching at Jack's shirt. The Captain kissed back with equal desire and passion. He opened his mouth for Ianto's tongue to invade and the two were tangled up in each other. When the elevator doors opened they nearly missed it but Jack, being more aware, tagged Ianto's tie and had them stumble out into the hall, laughing and kissing.

"That was close, Mister Jones," the Captain teased.

Ianto smiled and drew him back down for a kiss, teeth lightly gazing the man's lower lip. "Just get us in the room, Captain," he tells the older man who just smiles.

"Keys are in my pocket," he tells Ianto.

The Welshman was up to the challenge, his hands travelling on Jack's body, caressing the man's sides and slowly travelling from his shoulders down to his hips, checking front and back pockets, hands lingering more than politely supposed to be but neither man complained about this. In fact, Jack's body was rather responsive, especially when Ianto lingered over the man's bulge, teasing the cock hidden underneath the fabric.

"Got it," Ianto finally announced, producing the key to the room.

Once they got inside the hotel room Jack took off his coat, hands then falling on Ianto's shoulders and taking off the Welshman's upper layer. Their shirts followed and in Ianto's case his tie too. Mouths met again in a hard kiss as they tasted each other and fought for dominance. They never made it to the bed. Ianto takes Jack in his mouth, the older man lying on the floor, and the Welshman comfortably lies between his spread legs, lavishing him with attention, expertly taking him in his mouth, teasing him and pleasuring him until Jack comes undone.

And then it is Ianto's turn and Jack makes sure he pays back the youth. He brings the Welshman to his bed and does everything in his power to drive the blue eyed youth out of his mind. He has had decades to perfect his style and it pays off. He drives Ianto to his knees as he plays with the man's neck and nipples. When he prepares Ianto he torments the youth at the same time until he has Ianto threatening and begging him to enter him, to make the wait come to an end. Jack gives in, finally, taking Ianto gently, slowly, drawing the game out despite the man's urging to go faster, stronger. They collapse against each other, breathless and speechless, the intensity having left them both surprised.

Then Ianto laughs. It is a loud, happy sound that makes Jack chuckle. It earns the Captain a kiss from Ianto.

"That was brilliant," the Welshman tells him and kisses his lips, cheeks, neck. He finally bites Jack's earlobe, sucking on the wound and repeating the action, making Jack's flaccid cock stir again with interest.

"Ianto…" he tried to warn the youth.

"Again, I want you again," he demands of the Torchwood Three leader. "Only this time, I want it fast, hard. I want you to make me forget my name, Jack," he demands, voice deep and rough, with a hint of darkness in it. And it turns Jack on, this not so tame side of the younger man.

"Ianto…" Jack groans the name.

"Just tell me one thing," the youth demands even as he reaches for the drawer Jack had earlier taken out a condom. He takes out another and Jack's eyes darken. "Do we have enough of these?"

Jack laughs. "Ambitious, Mr. Jones?"

"Are you balking on me, Captain Harkness?"

The challenge is there.

Jack flips them, pressing Ianto to the mattress and kissing him harshly. "Careful what you wish for, Ianto," he warns before he sets out to do exactly what the Welshman asked of him.

End of chapter.