I saw the whole scene that day, in the Blue Light bar. I wasn't exactly sure what happened after, so I had to track down the girl. The one who started it all. So I'll tell you what I saw, then I'll tell you what she's supplied me with. It all makes quite the interesting story.

Blue Light, one of the strictly no mundane bars. Anyone else was welcome, as long as they weren't outlawed and they weren't demons that is. Jace Wayland was causing trouble for the third time this week. One or two people turned their heads when a heavily scarred hand pushed the shadowhunter girl into the bar and swiftly disappeared. I was watching extremely closely. The girl was shaking. Her head twitched quickly from side to side, as if searching for something, or someone.

"J-Jace?" she whispered. The voice was melodic, but it was worried, afraid of something and a hint angry as well.

The asshole in question turned his head from smiling at a group of warlocks who certainly didn't have the same expression he did. "Natalia!" he grinned widely when he saw her, although he looked unsure, maybe thinking she couldn't be real.

"Help." She cried. The figure was almost glowing, which I hadn't noticed until then, fell forward. Jace had her standing, limply though, in his arms in less than a second. Or maybe it was two, but I wasn't counting. I was looking, or more staring, at the perfect line of blood trailing from under where her hair left off. I couldn't see how fair it went, but the sight simply disturbed me, and I sat back farther in my chair.

"What the hell happened?" that was Jace. It didn't take him long to yell for one of the warlocks to come help him.

"A magic influenced sleep. She was attacked. I saw someone push her in here. Might have been them." The warlock diagnosed.

"Can, you help her?" Jace asked. He had worried lines on his forehead, something no one saw too often with Jace. None of us had any clue who this girl was, or why she was here, but Jace had some connection with her. He obviously wasn't afraid to kill one of us to get answers. He actually cared. But they weren't related. That much was obvious. The girl had had almost indigo colored eyes and a maroon type of color for her hair. She wasn't particularly tall, and looked a bit starved. She wore plain black clothes that weren't meant to fit her.

"Can you?" the warlock sneered in reply. I had a feeling this wouldn't end well. Yet Jace simply nodded, carrying the girl out of the bar without another look. And that was the last I saw of Jace Wayland and his mysterious girl for a few weeks.

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