The wonders of that one day worn away very quickly, far too quickly as it was only a week ago and was it too fast? I still can't believe all the brides from the weddings I've been to come to mine and worn the dress I had to wear for them, but I think Kevin was in far more shock. Now, I still live in small apartment and with an extra person which of course is Kevin. It is far too small I do want a big better place, maybe even a house hover neither of us can afford it at the moment. Therefore we have both agreed to save up for a couple of years then get the house. I also have a new job earning more and no longer have the awkwardness at last. I should be happy with my dream wedding and perfect marriage but it's almost as if something is missing. Maybe the house is missing? But it feels like something a lot bigger is missing from my life?

"You're looking rather upset again today, come one cheer up" Kevin says grinning at me as he walks in. Yet he is only wearing a dressing grown and will be until we go out or do something.

"I'm allowed, look I'm in bed still, and I'm just tried. Hey, wasn't there something we were supposed to be doing later on today? See my dad or your parents?" As I said that I was continually yawning, it wasn't even like I had a late night last night.

"Ummm, well you're the one with the over full dairy, I'm just one of your chess pieces. But if I remember correctly we are meant to be going to see Tess?"

"Yeah you're right. Apparently she has some big news to tell us. Maybe she's finally fully forgiven me for everything" This is basically because of everything that happened in the past year.

"You don't need anyone else because you have me!" He said slowly creeping closer to me. "Are you going to get out of bed today?"

"Well you seem to be coming back to bed" As I said it I gestured him away, so I can get out of bed and ready for Tess's. However as usually he ignored it.

"Just to cuddle and talk about the wonderful things you have been up too" As he said this he laughed at me mockingly. "Don't forget I'm covering that story tomorrow"

"I can't believe you're going to finally write about something you want to and you love"

"I love you too and we will go away eventually for a honeymoon" While he said this he got into the bed and started to attack me.

"I never said I love you, even though I do" We both gazed into each other's eyes longingly. "I love you" Giving him a quick peak on the cheek.

After that I tried to get out of the bed and dressed but I was very un-successful, as he dragged me back each time with me scream "Nooooo!". Yet in the end I just gave into him.

Here we are at Tess's, it's still torture every time I see her and it's a symbol of how stupid and pitiful I was. How I forgot the important things and became blind to the things happening around me. But here I am and there she is looking the happiest I've seen her in ages. She now has her own place luckily, as I wouldn't want her ruining anything else for me now that I have Kevin. I actually have something first and that is all mine.

"Dinner will be in five. We are still waiting for one more of our guests" Tess said as she disappeared back into the kitchen. She always wears the prettiest clothes like a princess and of course she always acts as if she is one. Today she was wearing a short a-line black dress what had a flower pinned onto it on the right hand side. This for some strange reason was better she usually dressed and has slapped on the make-up, with bright pink lipstick.

I looked up at Kevin from having a mini thumb war together. "Who has she invited round? Is this the big surprise?" As I spoke the words the worse ideas of who it could be came into my head.

"Has she got a new boyfriend?" As he said this I met his eye's they are beautiful and sparking brown eye's what always calm me right back down. He does look more tried compared to normal however I only think that it is from his new job and the strain it puts on he, especially with the huge workload.

Then I was stopped on the train of thought as the doorbell kept ringing. As I got up to answer the door Tess came flying past me and started to open to door. She slowly turned the door handle looking back at us as if to almost say sorry. Then the creak of the door opening the slightest echoed through the room. Who is it?