It's him! How could she!

There he is, George. Smartly dressed just how he always has been, with shiny shoes and an exquisite bunch of flowers.

Then he hands the flowers to Tess, they are bold primary colours almost to show his masculinity and win her over. But what's going on between them.

After the wedding and getting a new job it was clear to everyone I wanted to never see him again. How could she do this to me? I'm happy now. She ruins everything.

"Jane, Kevin, this is our extra guest" She was saying it as if we had never met him or known him.

We were both there gazing at each other, speechless.

"Hey, good to see you again, it's almost been like you're avoiding me" George said this with a gigantic cheesy smile.

I felt like hitting him and saying I am because you make everything go wrong and make me go crazy, so stay out of my life. But of course I didn't I just sat there silent.


While I'd been off in my own thought Kevin got up and walked over to him.

"Hi" Kevin said shaking George's hand. Then he had punched him right in his stomach.

Therefore George fell onto the dull, dusty floor with an echoing bang, as if it was thundering.

I bolted over to Kevin.

"Nooo, don't, leave him alone!" I didn't even realise these words were coming out of my mouth.

I pulled him back onto the sofa and stopped him from going back over there again. I could see in his face the regret now of doing it but it was too late.

Tess helped him back up onto his feet. "You could at least be polite to people and not go round punching them!" she yelled this directly at Kevin.

"Calm down Tess, he was just in shock … it was very un-expected!" I said trying to relax things however it was too late for that.

"Calm down! Calm down! What give you the right to tell me to calm down!" She looked as if steam was about to start smoking from her ears.

"Tess I think we all should just forget it, should I leave or stay?" George said, actually trying to be considerate.

"No! Don't be stupid! You have done NOTHING wrong. Well are you going to stop it Kevin? Or are you both going?" Tess looked angry at George for even saying that.

Kevin then turned to me and asked me if I wanted to go or stay, what am I mean to do?

"Tess is it really necessary and important for us and George to get along?" By this point I was getting frustrated and wanted to go.

"Yes it is, please just try to get along and put the past behind you" Tess was saying this with actually feeling as well as disappointment.

She then walked back off into the kitchen. George started to slowly walk to the far side of the L-shaped sofa and sat down, being very cautious.

We were all there extremely quiet, like mouse, for around ten minutes while we waited for Tess. It was far too long and dreadfully awkward. George look sad and upset but I couldn't understand fully why it mattered to him so much.

"It is ready, the table is all set up" Tess shouted from the kitchen.

George got up first and walked through to the dining room first.

Kevin grabbed me and started to talk to me before we went through to the others "Jane, I don't know whether I can play happy families like this it's just not right".

"We have to for Tess"

"You always do things for other people, do something for your-self for once" He said this while stroking my hair as it usually wins me over.

"Don't you dare say that, you know I'm not a push over like I use to be"

"I know, I know. But still…"

I wasn't going to listen to this we just had to put up with it, only for a few hours anyway. So I walked off into the dining room and Kevin did follow eventually.

"As George is a vegetarian we have got a four cheese pasta thing, I did make it myself so sorry if it's horrible you all should know what I'm like at cooking" Tess said this with a fake smile on her face.

Tess has never been a good cook, she has always burnt things. I think this is because of how much she just use to depend on me for everything.

We all sat there in pretty much silence while we eat the pasta, then I cleared away the plates for Tess. I was then going to start and wash up but Tess shouted me back into the room with them.

"Ok I, no we have something to tell you" while Tess said this her whole face lit up.

"Don't you think it can wait Tess for a little bit longer?" George said.

"No I don't they have to find out sometime, you know that"

What were they both going on about?

"Fine tell them" George said to Tess.

"We… we are getting married!" she said it with such joy.

What? Huh? Nooooo …

After that Kevin said I think we should go and the next thing I knew we were getting into the car. Why? How can she do this?