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Prologue – A Childhood That Never Lasts

"Tag! You're it!" giggled a mahogany haired girl as she was being chased by a light blonde haired boy. As she was close to being home free, she ended up crashing into another child. The girl got off the other child.

"Hey, no fair! You can't use Laurie as a wall, Kiyo!" the girl was scolding a dark haired boy who came out of his hiding spot and chuckling.

The four children sat in a circle on top of a hill. They happily talked but carried hints of sadness in their expressions.

"Are you all really leaving?" asked the dark haired boy.

"I-I'm sorry, Kiyomaro, but my mama and papa really want to go to America," answered a dark purple haired girl.

"Abuela is really mad at me for staying here too long and wants me to go back to España tonight," said the mahogany haired girl.

"I don't know where I'm going, but my mom wants me to leave here," said the light blonde haired boy.

"I see…" looked down the dark haired boy.

"I have an idea!" shouted the purple haired girl.

"Huh?" everyone stared at her.

"Let's make a promise. A promise that when we all grow up, we all look for each other! Also, we can't forget each other, capiche?" explained the small girl.

After a moment, the group all agreed.

"Okay then! Group hug or the promise won't work!" said the girl. Everyone laughed at her antics but still group hugged anyway.

They made their goodbyes and soon took their departures.

Little did they know…

That much depressions and difficulties await them…

And they'll soon…

Face the battles that will change them forever…

A/N: Well that's it! Obviously the dark haired boy is Kiyomaro. The purple haired girl is my first OC, Lauren. The mahogany haired girl is my second OC, Miranda. And the light blonde haired boy is Dufort.

Next time: They all have their demons (Well, Kiyomaro barely has Gash in the next chapter). Locations do change throughout the next chapter.

Translations: Abuela – Grandmother
España – Spain

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