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Chapter 2: A Surprising Visit and An Alliance Formed

After the day of the robbery, Kiyomaro and Gash were walking to school, with Gash being carried by Kiyomaro in the green gym bag. Both heard murmuring from other students as they stared at the black haired teen as he walked to class.

He sat at his usual desk, but still kept hearing the whispers of other students in the classroom. As he was wondering what the situation was, Suzume ran up to the male with a newspaper at hand.

"Kiyomaro! Look, you and Gash are on the front page!" yelled the brunette girl as she slammed the paper on the desk. He saw that Suzume was right and saw an entire article of the robbery with a picture of Gash and himself on the front being interviewed.

"My friends were wondering if you can answer some of their questions about yesterday?" asked the brunette girl. Kiyomaro smiled lightly and nodded his head in agreement. Soon, a group of students surrounded the black haired teen, bombarding him with many questions. Kiyomaro answered them one by one as Gash happily observed what was going on from the green bag.

"Enough! Nothing has changed! That guy is still that same as ever!" yelled Kaneyama from his desk. Everyone stopped talking and turned to him, "That guy probably makes bombs for a living or something!"

"Quit saying things like that to Kiyomaro!" yelled Gash as he jumped out of the gym bag and landed on a desk in front of Kaneyama.

"You again!" shouted the large teen as he attempted to hit Gash. However, the blonde demon prince easily blocked the attack.

"It's this kid! He's probably the bomb!" yelled Kaneyama. Everyone else laughed at his statement as the sensei entered the classroom.

"Alright, that's enough of this foolishness," said the sensei as the students started returning to their individual seats. Sensei then looked as Kiyomaro's direction and smiled.

"I'm impressed with what you did yesterday," commented the sensei. The black haired teen was taken back slightly but still replied with a thank you.

"As for this guy, I believe that he should stay in the nurse's office until school is over," said the sensei as he picked up Gash by his mantle and carried him to the nurse's office. Gash didn't complain since he knew it was his own fault for revealing himself.


"So this is the place, Lauren?" asked Mayah as she stared as the 2 story house.

"Well, after through much city searching, the map pinpointed to this location," answered the purple haired teen.

"Well, let's go ask then!" shouted the demon child as she ran to the front door.

"Wait! Don't just go answer so carelessly!" yelled Lauren but was too late as Mayah already pressed the doorbell. Soon a brunette woman opened the door, carrying a happy expression.

"Hello, what can I do for you?" greeted the woman.

"Hi! Does Takamine Kiyomaro live here?" asked Mayah.

"Yes, he does," answered the woman, "Are you one of his friends?"

"Actually, I am. Hi again, Mrs. Takamine," replied Lauren as she stepped toward them.

"Wow, it's been a long time, Lauren. I'm surprised that you came all the way here to see Kiyomaro," said Hanna.

"Well, I can't forget an old friend now can I?" replied Lauren as Hanna let the teen and the demon child walk inside.

"So, how are your parents?" asked the woman.

"They're doing fine back home. I'm still tired from taking 2 long flights," replied Lauren as she made her way to the couch.

"Well you can relax here until Kiyomaro and Gash return from school. I'll be out to the market to buy food for dinner. I'll return later," explained Hanna as she grabbed some bags and headed toward the door.

"Bye, Mrs. Takamine!" waved Mayah as the brunette closed the door. Soon Lauren passed out on the couch as soon as she lay down and her head landed on one of the pillows.

A few hours later

Ding Dong!

"Ugh…" groaned Lauren as she opened her eyes slowly and stretched her arms.

"Lauren, someone's at the door and Kiyomaro, Gash, or Mrs. Takamine haven't returned," explained Mayah.

"Uhh…answer it and ask them what they want," replied the purple haired teen.

"Okay…" replied the demon child as skipped toward the door.

Lauren slowly got up and yawned. After she rubbed her eyes, she heard the door open and heard mumbling but did hear Mayah perfectly fine.

"Umm, yes Takamine-san lives here, but isn't home. He should be coming soon, I believe. Do you want to come in and wait until he arrives?" explained Mayah. Lauren face palmed. She kept forgetting to tell the demon not to let strangers into a house. She quickly hid her spell book, in case something were to happen.

After hearing more murmuring and footsteps, Lauren quickly laid back down and stared at the celling. As she was about to close she eyes again…

"Laurie, it's been awhile," said a feminine voice.

Lauren instantly opened her eyes from the voice. She only knew one person who gave her that nickname. She soon sat up and saw the four newcomers across the room. She couldn't help but smile.

"Well, hello to you too, Miranda and Dufort," replied Lauren as she sat back up.

"Hah, for a second there, I thought you've forgotten about us," said the mahogany haired girl.

"Why should I? After all, we're all here for the same reason, right?" asked the other teen.

"Precisely, well, except for our demons you know. Example, Dufort's demon, Zeon, came here so he can find his twin brother, Gash," explained Miranda.

"Ahh, I see," said Lauren as her eyes wandered to the demons, as Mayah was being acquainted with the other two.

"Takamine-kun better come soon. I've been here since noon," commented Lauren.

"Seriously? What happened with you?" asked the other teen.

"Uhh…I rather not explain," replied the purple haired teen, remembering her misadventures as soon as she got off the plane.


"Well, you sure haven't been talking much, Dufort," said Lauren blandly.

The said teen just shrugged in reply.

"Don't worry, he's always like that. Well…most of the time I would say," said Miranda.

"When would he actually talk?" ask Lauren.

"Mainly during battles."

"Well, obviously!"

"Then why did you ask?"

"Because- You know what, nevermind!"


"Same old Lauren," commented Miranda.

"Oh, shut up!"

With Gash and Kiyomaro

As the two were walking home, they suddenly got ambushed by a man name Hosokawa and his demon partner Reikomu. Now Gash and Kiyomaro are currently in a battle against them.

"Kiyomaro, on my signal, get ready to use Rashirudo!" yelled Gash as he dodged an ice attack from Reikomu.

"Yeah!" answered the black haired teen as he kept dodging. However, he wasn't able to see one incoming attack as his feet got trapped in the ice.

"Kiyomaro!" yelled the demon prince as he stood in front of his partner to protect him from another attack.

"Gash, don't worry about me! Go with the plan!" explained Kiyomaro.

"It's useless! This kid will end up being my tool so I can get anything I want!" laughed Reikomu's bookkeeper, Hosokawa, as he was about to grab the red spell book. However, Gash managed to stop him with his bare hands.

"Don't you dare get near Kiyomaro! Besides, you can't read another demon's spell books. Didn't your demon tell you that we're fighting to become king of our world? Yet, you're just using him for your own selfish needs!" yelled out Gash as he pushed the man away.

"You little brat! All you say is lies!" yelled Hosokawa as he was about to call out another attack.


Before Gash's spell could hit, Reikomu came and helped his partner escaped. By then, Kiyomaro was able to move and stand.

"That's it! It's time to teach both of you a lesson! Gikoru!" yelled Hosokawa as he had Reikomu launch another spell.

"Now, Kiyomaro!" yelled Gash he gave the signal.

"Okay! TheSecondSpell:Rashirudo!"

A large rectangular shield appeared, covered with lightning in the front and a lightning bolt in the middle. Reikomu's attack hit the shield, however, the shield did its job and bounced back the attack, with electricity surrounding it, to their opponents and hit Reikomu's spell book as well, causing it to be engulfed in flames.

Kiyomaro and Gash watched as Reikomu tried to put out the fire from his book but was already disappearing. Soon, after the ex-bookkeeper ran off, the black haired teen and the demon prince left home, unknowing that a blonde female teen and a pale skinned, goth looking demon was observing their battle.


"Hey, Gash?" asked Kiyomaro as the two were walking home.

"Unu?" replied Gash.

"Excuse me for asking, but have you thought about what king of king that you want to be?" asked the teen.

"Uuu…I haven't really thought it through. One thing is for sure is that I want to be good king but I think when the time comes, I'll surely know what kind of king I'll be," explained Gash as Kiyomaro nodded his head.

Soon the two arrived home. Kiyomaro opened the door, allowing Gash to happily rush in. He was surprised to find many pairs of shoes in front of the hall. He saw as Gash ran towards the living room as he soon followed.

"Zeon!" he heard Gash yell as he approached the room.

Once Kiyomaro entered the room, his eyes widened to find some guests awaiting for his arrival.

"Long time no see, Takamine-kun," said the purple haired teen as she looked at the said black haired male.

"Don't tell me you've forgotten about us?" asked the mahogany haired girl.

"…Hello, Kiyomaro," greeted the light blonde male.

"Of course I haven't forgotten," replied Kiyomaro, "Nice to see you all too, Lauren, Miranda, Dufort."

"It's nice to have all of us together again," commented Miranda.

"I can't believe you found me, Zeon!" exclaimed Gash as he was reunited with his twin brother.

"Of course I've been looking for you! You know how much trouble you could've been in if you didn't find your bookkeeper?" explained the silver haired demon since he was being protective of Gash.

"Uuu…I'm sorry. At least I'm here now. How did you know I was here anyway?" asked the blonde demon.

"We saw you on TV!" interrupted Shiami.

"It's true," agreed Mayah.

"Eh? You mean that the news from the robbery was not just in Japan?" asked Kiyomaro.

"Exactly. Mayah and I were at the airport at the East Coast of America," explained Lauren.

"Dufort, Zeon, Shiami, and I were at London at the time," said Miranda.

"It was so funny when Gash-kun shocked those robbers!" commented Shiami.

Most of the group couldn't help but laugh.

"Those robbers' faces were priceless!" said Lauren in a fit of giggles.

"Hey, Gash, have you and Kiyomaro-san been in a battle?" asked Miranda as she finally calmed down.

"Unu! We just came back from one," answered the demon prince.

"No wonder you guys took so long. Plus Kiyomaro has some scratches on himself," appointed Lauren.

Kiyomaro just grunted, a bit annoyed from the comment.

"I've been thinking of an idea that I would like to share with you all," said Miranda, causing everyone to look at her direction.

"I don't know if everyone would agree with this, but I was wondering if we could all agree on forming an alliance together for the battle," explained Miranda.

The rest of the group started getting into thought about this. They know that they would need strength in numbers in case some tough demon appeared or if there was another alliance.

"That sounds like a great idea!" answered Gash.

"I agree. It's been a long while since we've seen each other and maybe some of the demons have similar goals of becoming king," explained Kiyomaro.

"I'll join…It's been so boring back in America and you all know I would rather be in all the action," said Lauren.

"I will only join because Gash agrees to it and we might end up having similar goals after all," said Zeon as he stood next to Gash. Dufort wouldn't oppose since Zeon would most likely follow Gash wherever he went.

"I'm just wondering, where are you all going to stay?" asked Kiyomaro.

"I have relatives here in Mochinoki so I'm staying with them until this whole battle is over," explained Lauren.

"I want to stay here with Gash!" said Zeon a bit demandingly. Dufort didn't say anything about it though.

"I believe we have a guest room that both of you could stay in," explained Kiyomaro which made Zeon nod his head in approval. Gash had a huge smile on his face since he was happy about being with his twin brother.

"So that just leave Miranda and Shiami," said Kiyomaro as he looked at the two.

"Well the thing is, I'm actually a star singer in Spain but I'll be around here for a while. However, I may have some unexpected concerts which will have me travel but I'll try my best to keep my schedules cleared more or less," explained Miranda.

"We understand," said Lauren.

"Hey, maybe you can invite us to one of your concerts here sometime!" yelled Gash.

Miranda laughed a bit. "Of course. I'll ever let you all enter for free."

Soon after, the group discussed more of some future plans and officially approved their alliance. They kept having their conversations over dinner and soon nightfall arrived. Everyone eventually went to their respective places and went to bed as they all awaited for a new day to arrive.

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