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New Plan

The front door downstairs banged shut causing a sudden dull pain inside a hung-over Irish-American's head to bang back in response, the man grunted in annoyance at the interruption of his sleep. In his pain addled brain he deduced what the cause of the noise was.

Either it's fucking Katie or Ma going shopping or to church. At least this time it ain't Niko wanting to do something, man never fuckin' sleeps.

He could even hear the key being turned in the lock and it was way too loud, Patrick grumpily thought to himself about how he shouldn't have been able to hear that from upstairs.

"Fuck's sake." Packie groaned out loud, rolling over to grab his phone so he could squint at the lit up screen for the time.

Ah Christ it's not even two yet.

Another dull thump in his alcohol-fuelled head made him drop his phone and roll back over with a moan, pulling the duvet up and over his head to hopefully muffle any other fucking annoying sounds. With a bit of luck Katie and his Ma wouldn't be back till past four, by then he should've recovered and then they can start making noise.

Grumbling to himself, he somehow managed to drift off again when his phone started to ring.

"Fucking hell!" Patrick snarled, awake again and instantly angry. He swiped at his phone to give hell to whoever it was for waking him up.

'Unknown number?'

Packie paused before deciding to answer it cautiously and he waited.

"Patrick it's me," Came a gruff voice sounding like it was in a crowded place as people could be heard yelling and talking in the background.


For a split second Packie was honestly happy to hear his brother's voice until he realised what time it was and the amount he drank and snorted last night, coupled with his hangover and rude awakening for the second time today…

Looks like his daily phone call is to me, well I ain't honoured, not at this fucking time.

"Fuck's sake Gerry, I know you have no choice but to get up at fuckin' sunrise but why bother me?" He spat out and slouched back down in bed with a sigh, rolling onto his side so he could balance his phone on his ear without holding it. Packie didn't know why he bothered getting comfortable, if Gerald had called it's because he wanted him to do a job.

"Very funny," Gerald replied humourlessly. "Listen I got news to share and I'd rather you be here than me tell you it now. See you soon."

He hung up without waiting for an answer and Patrick purposely dropped his phone to the floor and hoped it was broken when a heard a thud.

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