A/N This story will actually start being posted on the 1st of November as part of the NaNoWriMo challenge. It is the first time I will be participating in the challenge and I hope to be able to finish the story in the span of the month. However, until then, I am very interested to see what you guys think of the idea I'm going to present in the story. As usual I do not own anything and my native language is not English.

Title: Much more than a simple slave
Additional title: 30 Days
Pairing: Zevran/Leliana, Surana/Fenris
Rating: M
Summary:When the King of Fereldan is poisoned it is revealed that the poison was Tevinter at origin. But what happens when the antidote can only be found in the clutches of the Magisters? Surana and Zevran think up a ruse with Leliana where they get sold as slaves in order to find the precious antidote. Time is ticking… they have only 30 days to do so!

Novel Excerpt:

"It was poisoned!" the assassin said… "It's Tevinter posion."

"I'll cast a stasis spell on him… with the road back and forth we have only thirty days to get it."

"I have to pose as a slave!

"No! I cannot do this to you!"

"You are the only one who can do this, Leliana! There are no better masters of deception like the Orlesian! Act like you own me!"

"I'm going with you!"

"Zevran …"

"I want her and the Dalish… make sure I get them!"

"Yes, Master!"

"Never dare contradict me again, slave!"

'I am not a slave! I am a free elf! I am a mage of the Circle! I am a Grey Warden!' the mantra was repeated again and again in her head. 'I have to save Alistair! I have to save Alistair!'

"You say you are an assassin?"

The former Antivan Crow had anticipated the question… however he had not anticipated who would ask that particular question.

"Yes. Would you care to use my talents?"


"Magic," he spat. "You're a mage! You traitorous…"

"I can explain!"

"Explain what? How you used me? Pretended to be my friend? YOU LIED TO ME!" he spat. "What are you? A spy? Did another magister send you?"

"I'm Ferelden! I came to help a friend!"

"A friend… such a likely tale! Tell me why I shouldn't tell Danarius now?"

"I came to help King Alistair damn you!"

"King Alistair! You are..."


Footsteps echoed behind them.

"We have to find Zevran!"

"No time!"

"I fought a Blight alongside him! I will not abandon him here!"

"Make sure Alistair gets this. You have five hours left!"

Her eyes closed and the world died around her.