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They had been walking hours without end on that accursed corridor, stopping only to recover their breaths and share in the sparse meal Kallian had on her possession. They slept briefly, frightened by any sound that could mean a giant spider lurking in the dark or a slaver prowling in the dark. They spent their time sharing tales, Fenris of Tevinter and what he heard of the Arlathan and Kallian of the past Blights and the occupation of Ferelden.

They talked and talked about anything and everything doing anything to take over the silence of the caves. Kallian wondered what had become of the two guards… Fenris could not care less and hoped they lay somewhere rotting. Along the way Kallian gathered more ingredients and even found some edible mushrooms. When asked why she bothered, she answered that she had no desire to make it out alive just to die of lyrium poisoning. He recoiled as if someone had hit him, but she told him it was not he whom she blamed so he shouldn't blame himself either. He saw complete truth in her eyes and understood that she did not blame him in the least. Once more he found himself wondering what was she doing in Tevinter, in Danarius' care when it was clear that she was more than it met the eye. And if she was not a slave, then who had given her those scars?

In what they both assumed to have been the third day since the cave collapsed they managed to find the exit. The corridor they had walked on had indeed taken them outside somewhere near to the entrance they had first entered through. Seeing the brightness of the sun and feeling the fresh air, Kallian ran outside and dropped on her knees in the grass, crying out in joy. She had feared they would never be able to get out of those Blighted caverns, but now they were finally outside.

Fenris walked at a much subdued pace, he too glad they had made it outside in one piece. His eyes narrowed in contempt when he spotted the young guard near the entrance of the cave. The fool had a look of utter happiness on his face, one would have thought he was seeing his long lost grandmother not a pair of slaves.

"You're alive, thank the Maker," the boy sighed in relief, not bothered by the fact that both Kallian and Fenris were frowning at him. "Trust that fool Garren to almost kill everyone. Such a shame he died in the collapse of the cave or I would have killed him myself. But you're alive and that's what matters. Master Danarius won't be able to threaten my family again. Come on, let's go."

They followed the boy in silence, glancing at each other on the way… Kallian started believing that her desire to not kill Danarius would do more harm than good to people such as the guard and the slaves. Something had to be done.

In the gardens of Minrathous, a red haired bard was giggling softly while waving a feathered fan in front of her face. The poor fools had given her everything she wanted including the man of the liaison between Ferelden and Tevinter. The revelation had not shocked her as many had been expecting a betrayal on the man's part. Still, hearing it plain and clear in the open made her wish Zevran was there with her. He was always good for taking off some of the unwanted pressure off her shoulders.

Now, she had to choose… pursue the Tevinter culprit or leave him in peace? The attacker had been one of the lesser mages in the city who had contacts within the Antivan Crows. The three men that Zevran and Kaelyn had bested had been crows… only the mage had been from Tevinter seeing as he wanted to make sure the deed was done. He had been given money to poison the King and was promised a place among the Magisters if the task was executed successfully.

Leliana smiled at a joke made by one of the magisters and decided to pursue the mage. Who knew what interesting information the man had to offer? She might even find out the name of the Magister who was behind the attack… unless there weren't more of them?