The medical staff had come in, alerted by the machinery that Jennifer was coming around, her Doctor was completely stunned that she had pulled herself out of a medically induced coma at the sound of her husband's voice.

"I don't know what you said to her Mr Hart, but it must have been pretty powerful!" Dr Keller told him as they all moved around her ready to assess her condition. "We could see from the CT scan this morning that the swelling was reducing and we were planning on trying to wake her up slowly later today, she obviously had other ideas."

Jonathan wasn't looking at the doctor he was looking at Jennifer, wishing he had thought about what he was saying to her, he didn't want to be responsible for her being out of the coma before she was ready, he panicked thinking he might have done more harm than good. Jennifer continued to look at him and the tears that overflowed were soaked up by the bandages across her nose and cheeks.

"I need you to move back for a few minutes please Mr Hart." Dr Keller told him. Jonathan let go of Jennifer's hand and did as he was asked. He stood watching them, unable to make eye contact with his wife, and unwilling to anyway as he knew he might have gone too far with what he'd said. He did want her to know how he felt but this wasn't really the best time to do it.

Jennifer felt the worst she had ever felt in her life. She was attached to machinery and knew she had tubes, wires and canula's in her body. She didn't really feel what she could describe as pain, just dull aches everywhere and her body felt like a massive lead weight. She had moved her fingers, but that was as much as she could manage. She remembered bits of the attack and knew her face was damaged because she was aware of bandages under her eyes and her vision was a little blurred. She had known when she made the decision to leave her Mother, her Daughter and Max and return to Jonathan and their children that the road ahead of her would be hard, and she would do whatever it took to get herself back to normal as quickly as possible. As she had heard Jonathan tell her, their children deserved a Mother who would appreciate them, and who would be there for them. She knew he was right, she hadn't been there physically for them like she should have been, but from this day forward the present and future were all that mattered, the past had to be left behind. She tried to move her head but found she couldn't and just the effort of it made her feel dizzy so she closed her eyes again.

Jonathan saw her eyes close and he moved towards her but one of the nurses stopped him.

"Let Doctor Keller do his job Mr Hart, your wife is still very ill."

Reluctantly Jonathan stood back again.

Jennifer could hear what was being said and she tried hard to open her eyes and focus again but she felt exhausted.

"What's happening?" Jonathan asked.

"She's not unconscious again Mr Hart, but her body needs rest and we have to let her wake up fully when she's ready."

"Can I sit with her?"

"Yes, you can but please just let her rest."

"I will. I'll just sit and hold her hand."

And that's what he did, he sat by Jennifer's bed, in silence, with her hand in his. The medical staff came in every 30 minutes to check on her and assured him that her vitals were all good.

Four hours passed before Jennifer opened her eyes again and this time when she looked at her husband she could see him more clearly. She still felt dreadful but her vision had improved and her body didn't feel as heavy. She was able to move her hand which Jonathan still held lightly in his and as he felt it he looked at her and smiled.

"Welcome back sweetheart, I missed you." Jonathan told her softly

Jennifer didn't try to talk this time, she just moved her head slightly and she knew she was fully conscious because she felt the pain shoot through her face as she moved.

"I'll get the doctor, I'll be right back." Jonathan got up and went out in to the corridor and Jennifer tried to lie as still as possible.

A couple of minutes later Jonathan and Doctor Keller came back and a moment later a nurse followed them.

"Are you in pain Mrs Hart?" The Doctor asked and Jennifer nodded, wincing as she felt the sharp pain from her nose to her temple and a feeling of pressure right across the top of her head.

"I think another dose of Morphine for Mrs Hart please." The doctor instructed the nurse who quickly went to comply. "Just give her some time Mr Hart, your wife has suffered a severe trauma."

Jennifer lay there, letting the doctor examine her, and was grateful when she felt the medication start to take effect and her whole body start to relax. The doctor and nurse removed the breathing tube and Jennifer felt the pain shoot through her face as they did but she tried to blank it out. She closed her eyes again and allowed her mind to drift back over the last few years and everything that had happened to her since meeting Jonathan.

What should have been the happiest time of her life had turned in to a complete nightmare and she had allowed herself to be consumed by the bad stuff instead of letting go of the past and enjoying the precious moments with her beautiful family. She had no idea what had happened to her attacker, but that woman had taken enough from her, especially the baby girl who would never get the chance to come in to this world. Jennifer wondered if Jonathan already knew what had happened. Thinking about their little girl lead her to think about Max, she knew that Jonathan had to be hurting badly just now and she also knew that she had to recover quickly in order to be there for them all. Poor Pearl who must be devastated, a newlywed losing her husband, it was so sad.

Jennifer slowly opened her eyes and this time the pain was much less, she was able to turn her head and look at her husband, hoping that her eyes could tell him what she wasn't able to say out loud. He walked towards her as the doctor moved to update her chart and the nurse moved the blood pressure monitor away. Leaning down he very softly kissed her lips and whispered that he loved her. Jennifer wanted to be able to say it back but for now she looked deep in to his eyes and he held her gaze until the doctor spoke.

"Vital signs are good, I think we can go to hourly obs now. Your heart rate was giving us cause for concern Mrs Hart but it seems to have regulated now. We'll do another CT scan tomorrow morning and if the swelling has further reduced then we'll think about getting you out of bed so we can work on getting your knee on the road to healing. Jackie will get you some water and some ice chips, the ventilator will have dried your mouth and throat but we'll have you talking to us in no time!"

"Thank you doctor." Jonathan said as the nurse left the room. He had just sat back in the seat by Jennifer's bed when she arrived back. She lifted the remote control from its pocket on the wall and slowly moved the top of Jennifer's bed a little more upright.

"Lie completely still just now Mrs Hart in case you start to feel faint. Give it a couple of minutes then I'll help you drink some of this water."

A little later Jennifer was propped up and had sipped some water and sucked a few ice chips. The morphine had worked well and she was feeling more human again. The doctor had left and the nurse checked the fluid drip in her arm and said she'd be back to remove it in an hour. Finally they were alone and Jonathan moved as close to the bed as he could and reached to take her hand. It was a few moments before he lifted his head to look at her but when he did her eyes were waiting.

"I'm so sorry my darling..." His voice broke and Jennifer took as deep a breath as her broken ribs would allow and spoke for the first time. She said the words slowly and it was a struggle but she persevered.

"You ...have no... reason... to apologise... I'm... so sorry... about Max." Jonathan was stunned, how could she have known about Max. He hadn't planned to tell her straight away, he was wondering if she could have overheard him talking to anybody, or if somebody else had mentioned it. Jennifer realised what he was thinking and she spoke again. "I saw him... when I was... in theatre. I ..."

"You saw Max? After he died? Did you speak to him?" Jonathan would have been sceptical in the past but these days nothing surprised him.

"He was with my Mother... and" Jennifer felt her tears again as she thought about Soleil.

"Baby girl?" Jonathan asked, further stunned that she knew about the miscarriage and that their baby would have been a girl."

"Yes." Jennifer said sadly. Jonathan didn't know what to say, this was such a big loss for them. Max had been the only Father he'd known, a huge part of their family. They'd never known their baby, but knowing she'd been taken from them on the same day as her Poppa doubled his pain.

"She'll be well looked after by her Grandma and her Poppa." He finally said, and Jennifer was able to nod her agreement.

They sat together in silence, both lost in their own thoughts for a while.

"She's dead now too... your attacker. Jillian. She escaped and came to the house, the Police and Bel Air Patrol were there waiting for her. "Jonathan stopped there, thinking that for now he'd allow Jennifer to believe the Police got her, not Pearl. "Everybody else is fine, Aubrey and the boys knew nothing about all the drama. Aubrey was watching Lion King... again!" Jennifer smiled at the thought of her babies, they would be her motivation for getting better as quickly as possible.

"You should go...home to them." Jennifer told him.

"I will, in a while."

It was another hour before Jonathan left. Jennifer had fallen asleep again so he kissed her, told her he loved her and headed home to put their children to bed.

It was getting dark when he arrived home and there was a Police car pulling out of their driveway as he approached the gates. He felt the panicked feeling from earlier return as he drove through the gates and up to the house. He had called his assistant Liz on his way to the hospital and asked her to go and help Jessica with the children, and he noticed her car was the only one outside the house. He pulled up behind it and got out of the car almost running to the house, his keys in his hand. Opening the door he wasn't sure what to expect but everything seemed calm and organised. There was no sign of anybody in the living room so he walked through to the kitchen. Aubrey was sitting in her chair at the table eating pasta and Liz was sitting beside her talking to her. They both looked up and Aubrey smiled as Jonathan walked across and kissed her head.

"Hi daddy!" she said casually.

"Hi baby, are you okay?"

"I'm okay Daddy, eating pasta!" She told him spooning more in to her mouth.

"Where's everyone else?"

"Jessica is putting the twins to bed, and Pearl went up to help her."

"Pearl?" Jonathan asked surprised.

"Yes, she got home about ten minutes ago. A Police woman brought her back."

"Finally some good news... Thank you so much for staying all afternoon Liz."

"No problem. Aubrey and I had fun didn't we?" Aubrey nodded and carried on eating.

"How's Mrs Hart?" Liz asked carefully, aware he couldn't say much in front of Aubrey.


"That's good."

"Yes it is. Are you okay here for a few more minutes while I go and speak to Pearl?"

"Of course, take as long as you need."

"Thanks Liz. Be back in a minute baby, I just need to speak to Aunt Pearl." He told Aubrey kissing her again before heading upstairs.

She was sitting in the nursery watching Lucas sleep, Jessica must have been changing Andrew in Aubrey's room so he wouldn't disturb his brother because Lucas fell asleep the moment his tiny head the crib mattress while Andrew fussed until his eyes wouldn't stay open.

Pearl looked so sad, the moonlight highlighting her exhausted eyes and he knew that she wouldn't rest until she was sure they were all safe.

Jonathan put his hand on her shoulder and wasn't surprised she jumped 10 feet in the air

"Oh Charlie," She tried not to scream

"Pearlie, "He gestured for her to leave the babies room and come to the office, he wanted to speak to her without worrying anymore about the boys.

They walked back to the office, He dropped himself behind the desk while she sat in front of him, for a moment he felt like a principal about to discipline one of his students even though she had 30 years on him.

"I'm sorry I couldn't be there to bail you out,"

"It's fine, Truman posted my bail and I was out in 45 minutes,"

"Did he explained what's going to happen now," Jonathan narrowed his face, he'd been so wrapped up in his wife, He didn't think to call their lawyer on the way home

"I'm being charged with involuntary manslaughter," She said quickly and quietly

"What? Why?"

"Because I chose to defend my family instead of letting some psycho get to them again,"

"But she was coming after us!" Jonathan was stunned

"In the eyes of the Law, that doesn't matter. "

"Pearlie, we'll fix this.."

"No I'm prepared to go to Jail," the exhaustion in her voice gone, suddenly She was adamant


"Because It's what Max would have done," She stood up and left, stopping in the door," How's my Jenny?"

"She's doing really well," He nodded at her, she couldn't handle what was really happening with Jennifer, She already had so much on her plate plus they still needed to plan Max's funeral.

Max's funeral, how could they honour him properly with Jennifer in the hospital and Pearl going to jail? It broke his heart, at this point it was completely shattered. Suddenly a knock on the door shook him out of his thoughts

"Mr. Hart," Liz called

"Yes, Liz,"

"Aubrey fell asleep after eating and I put her down in your bed, Mrs. Fletcher was in Aubrey's room with Andrew, "

"Is he alright," Jonathan stood up

"I think he's having a rough night,"

"I'll check on him after I catch a peek at my daughter, Thank you," He smiled sadly

"Anytime, Good Night Sir" Liz turned and left.

Jonathan walked tiredly down the hall, to the bedroom, before he opened the door, he paused remembering the last time he'd been there with his wife, she had been nursing Lucas while he had been burping Andrew and Aubrey was playing next to her Mama and brother with her Barbie when she took a flying leap off the bed onto his back, he remembered how hard Jennifer had laughed when he lurched forward unexpectedly and swung around, Aubrey hanging off him like a monkey, he'd nearly lost his grip on Andrew, Even Lucas looked at him and smiled, which was surprising because when that boy was hungry, the world could stop and he wouldn't care as long as the milk flowed.

It was a perfect family moment. He'd give anything to have it back even for just a second.

He opened the door to find his baby daughter curled up in her Mama's pillow, her little face so much like Jennifer, her mind was all Aubrey but her movements spoke of her mother, he only hoped that she would grow up knowing the beauty of her mother and not remember the ugliness of right now.

She sighed and turned over in her sleep, her forehead crinkled as if she was concerned about something and when she started to whimper, he laid down beside her and started to rub her back, with his other hand, he reached over to turn on Jennifer's clock radio, putting it on low, a song came on that touched home so much he began to cry

I know the kind of guy I am
A bit too much into myself, not much left for someone else
And I'm sure I've caused my share of pain
But all that changed when you first touch my face

Halfway around my little world
You had no idea that you were my girl
You found my arms not a moment too soon
I couldn't see past me 'til I saw you
Sweet Naleigh Moon

I love the man you're making me
Yeah, every day I'm gonna prove there's nothing I won't do for you
Just to see you in your mama's arms
Is more than enough to bring me to my knees

Halfway around my little world
You had no idea that you were my girl
You found my arms not a moment too soon
I couldn't see past me 'til I saw you
My sweet Naleigh Moon

I can't imagine life
Without my Naleigh Moon

Halfway around my little world
You had no idea that you were my girl
You found my arms not a moment too soon
I couldn't see past me 'til I saw you

-Josh Kelly

Jonathan cried himself into an exhausted sleep, his daughter never moving from his arms. He desperately clung to her as if she were a life raft, which for him at that moment she was.

While Jonathan clung desperately to their daughter, Jennifer was trying to stay awake long enough to take an assessment of her injuries, she knew her leg was badly damaged and every inch ached but her curiosity was getting the best of her, she wanted to see the damage to her face but she couldn't get up especially with all the tubes and wires so getting to the bathroom was impossible, she felt around with her good hand to the dresser, hoping to find a hand mirror, she felt a toothbrush, a hairbrush and a few other items until her fingers felt the shape of a tiny mirror

Taking a deep breath, she pulled the mirror out and looked, Her face was swollen, her eyes black and blue, she had a row of stitches going across her forehead, the beauty that she once had and felt was gone, she was hideous, how could her husband ever look at her the same way again? She wished Jillian had beaten to death. She decided she would never feel sexy again and would know that every time her husband called Gorgeous, he was lying.

She grieved for her body, her marriage and her babies, even though her head was pounding , she still managed to cry

Just as she was gearing up for one good cry, the door swept open and Pearl entered without turning on the light, She had figured Jennifer would be asleep and wanted to see for herself what had happened, Jonathan was so adamant about protecting her, that he was willing to lie to her, Pearl couldn't fault him for that but he needed to understand that she had to do things for herself and in this moment and this time, She had to see Jennifer.

Pearl saw the tears streaming down her face and the mirror in her hand and knew, she took the mirror out of Jennifer's hand, climbed into the bed, cautious of the wires and Jennifer's damaged leg and wrapped her arms around Jennifer.

Just as she done in Kenya when Jennifer was desperate for her daughter. And She would do until she would face the jury for her crimes.