Secret Government Testing Faculty: as 2 guard and officer are walking in as they stopped at a man restrained in heavy locks and chains

"Here he is"

One the officer said as the guard read a metal plague

"Subject: Voorhees, Jason

Date of birth: 1936

Status: Awaiting Cryogenic Freezing"

The plaque read

"So who is this guy?"

The guard asked as one of the guards and officer left the room

"Here put this on that ugly face"

The other guard said putting a towel over Jason's masked face

"Jason Voorhees, the notorious murderer, he singlehandedly killed over 100 men"

The officer said

"So just kill him right now"

The guard said

"We can't we've tried everything: Firing squad, burying, drowning, burning, gassing him, electrocution, poison injection, hanging him and we even tried decapitating him nothing works so we decided if we couldn't kill him we were gonna freeze him until we could figure out what to do with him but the transportation truck should be here soon"

The officer said

"I thought we were freezing him here"

The guard said

"The military wants to study him see what makes him tick they don't want him frozen, they want him raw"

The officer said

"So you're risking hundreds of people dying if he escapes"

The guard said

"Yes, but he won't, we have the most equipped technology known to few men"

The officer said as they entered the cell seeing the restrained man with the towel still over his face

"See, he's not going anywhere"

He said carrying a tray into the room

"Voorhees, time to eat"

The officer said taking off the towel seeing the other guard beaten dead in Jason's place

"What the Fu…"

He said as he felt a blade cut through his spine as Jason broke down the door escaping

Normville: the 5 backyardigans got letters reading them because their parents signed them up for a summer camp as they read the card

"Camp Crystal Lake

Enjoy the sun and fun"

The letter read as the 5 of them are seen getting off a bus