Austin charged the knife at Uniqua as she started shaking

"Uniqua, Wake up, please"

Austin yelled shaking her as she woke up from a slumber in the ambulance with Austin

"What happened?"

Uniqua asked

"You fainted, that blow on your head knocked you out"

The paramedic said

"After we killed Jason you fainted"

Austin told Uniqua as they were driven to the hospital

The Hospital: Austin and Uniqua were escorted to the hospital recovering from their wounds as the doctor finished stitching up Austin's side

"That should be fine the doctor said as another doctor entered the room

"Two people are here to see them, a Nancy Kangaroo and a Caroline Pink"

The other doctor said

"That's moms" Austin said

"Let them in"

The doctor said as their mothers entered the room giving their kids hugs

"We're so glad you kids are OK"

Austin's mom said

"Aww, thanks mom"

Austin said as Caroline led the rest of the group in

"So what happened?"

Anubis asked

We killed Jason"

Austin said

"You killed him, if it wasn't for you we all be dead"

Uniqua said giving him credit

"Don't be modest Pink"

Drew said

"You can say that again bro"

Donny replied

"Don't be modest Pink"

Drew repeated as the 9 kids laughed as Austin turned to his mother

"Did Dad find the Jason's dead body?"

Austin asked knowing his dad was the sheriff

"Your dad didn't find any killer's body"

Caroline said

"Then he could still be out there"

Uniqua said

"I axed him"

Austin added

"Dude, you're bad"

Steven said as Austin looked out the window you could be right Uniqua but we'll have to just wait and see Austin said walking to the window as Steven's hockey mask fell off the desk as Austin looked out of the window seeing an Unmasked Jason with a rotting decaying bloody face as Austin turned his head looking again he vanished as Austin walked closer Jason jumped through the window