Sorrow happens, hardship happens, the hell with it,

who never knew the price of happiness, will not be happy.
Yevgeny Yevtushenko

Disclaimer: Very very sadly, I do not own MAR. I really wish I did. Or had the sewing ability to cosplay from it.

"Come... closer" A frail arm beckoned the young girl of nine closer. When the girl was at the edge of the bed, the old woman dropped a ring into her hand.

She held it up to the light and examined it closely, "Grammy? What the hell? It's a gaudy old ring! And what's with these stones, they don't match the ring at all!"

The grandmother sighed and started coughing. When recovered she scolded, "Chancy! Language!" Her eyes softened when they landed on the jewelry, "And that is Gatekeeper Pierrot, he is an old friend of mine"

Chancy looked away from the ring and leveled eyes with the old woman. "Grammy. It. Is. A. Ring. I think you're getting worse." While talking, her finger fidgeted with the ring, moving over the stones.

Grammy put a hand out and covered Chancy's, "Don't. Those magic stones are the only thing holding that old thing together."

"Seriously? Now we're talking about magic?"

"Yes seriously, now you have to promise me that you will keep it on you always."

Chancy pushed her blonde hair behind her ear, "Okay, fiiiiine. But why can't you keep it if it's that important to you? The doctor said that you're getting better every day"

At those words Grammy snorted, "Ah, you and me both know that he's a quack. Anything that he says is a load of crock. I feel weaker every day. Look after your father, he's a weak minded fool but he's still related to you."

Chancy cracked a smile though her eyes were glassy with tears, "Yeah, cuz we hafta look after our family, right?"

She patted her granddaughter head for the last time and smiled softly, "Just remember that even a fake smile is better than no smile at all. It means the world hasn't defeated you just yet. Now call the doctor, I think I'm going to join the rest of my family. Let's just hope that heaven isn't separated by worlds."

A frantic expression overcame Chancy, "What no! You can't leave me! Doctor! DOCTOR!"

Chancy sat up suddenly, her blankets pooling in her lap. She shook her head and looked out the window at the setting sun, "Wow, five year later and I'm still not over her death. How sad; if she were alive she'd hit me."

She swung her legs over the edge of the bed and picked up the uniform piled next to the bed. Slipping the shirt over her head, her hand got caught on the edge of the sleeve and her ring went flying, "Oh no, not again! I don't have time for this!" Chancy sloppily tied her hair back, pushing a blue strand away from her eyes. Quickly she knelt to her knees, shoving her arm under the bed to find the ring. "Come on Pierrot, I know you're here! Ah!" she slipped the weird ring onto her finger and stood up, sliding the skirt on haphazardly.

A banging on the door made Chancy start and she stumbled forwards, shoving her feet into her shoes. "Okay okay, I can skip breakfast, I have my book bag, and if I run now I may just make it to school on time!"

So of course she didn't.

Standing outside the classroom was boring. Very boring. From within she could hear the commotion, the teacher yelling, classmates laughing, and yup there we go, Ginta running out the door. She called after the kid, "Hey Ginta! Fall asleep in class again"

He shot her a glare, "So what! Like you don't do that either!"

She watched him speed away towards the courtyard with a shrug of her shoulders, "True. True." She looked at her ring, "Hey Pierrot, I bet you're from Ginta's dream world, huh."

The teacher, who was passing by that door at that exact moment, stopped his lecture to yell, "If you have time to talk to yourself, you have time to clean! Go check with the janitors and see if they need any help" He mumbled under his breath, "It's not like you try to learn anything here anyways."

She started forwards but turned on her heel a moment later, "Hey would you care if I went to a different world?"

He scowled, "If it isn't someone else buying into Ginta's delusions, Go to another universe if I care!"

The door slammed shut. Chancy hummed and began to walk towards the janitor's lounge, "Gee, I wonder how to activate this thing? Thanks for not telling me Grammy!"