A/N: I'm not even going to justify the sheer vulgarity of this with a half-assed witty remark.

Jennifer Shepard, first female Director of NCIS, licked it slowly.

She kept her eyes open, wide open and brazen. She refused to be ashamed. She liked it, and she was going to enjoy it, regardless of who was watching. If they thought it was indecent, so be it. They could call the goddamn Associated Press.

She puckered her lips slightly, moving her jaw slightly. She smirked and licked it again, closing her mouth over the tip and sucking slightly, cocking her head. She lowered her head a little, shifting her knees.

She scraped it with her teeth a little, and swirled her tongue around it expertly; she extracted all of the peculiar flavor. She pouted her lips and pressed them against it. She didn't care if most of MTAC was pointedly trying to ignore what their director was doing to Agent Gibbs, or that the rest of them were blatantly staring.

An innocent look on her face, she kept her eyes on surveillance, and licked it again, slowly this time; with practiced skill. She opened her mouth over the whole thing and held it delicately between her teeth, sucking gently-but-firmly.

She did not quite get what the big scandal was.

It wasn't her fault eating it was giving Agent Gibbs a coronary as he [attempted] monitored the mission with her.

It was just a Kiwi Berry Blast Blow Pop.

And how else was she going to get to the bubble gum center, if she didn't suck it?

All I can say is that I really hope you all entertained the notion that she was giving Gibbs head in the middle of MTAC.