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1 Harry Potter The End of and Era

A score of people worked in the room hewn into the solid rock. Carving symbols into the walls and painting. All were dressed in red or blue tunics that hung to their knees, cinched at the waist with a tan rope. Over this they each wore a long tan cape, attached at the shoulders by copper clips. On their feet were tan sandals with straps that crossed around their legs up to the knee; most of them wore turquoise and copper ornaments about their necks in tight collars, around their wrists, ankles or foreheads.

The symbols they carved with acid obviously were of great importance, for they were carved with extreme care and delicacy. Each of the carvers had a helper who carried sheets of pale green paper, covered with many tiny lines, appearing to be made form some sort of plant fiber. Upon these sheets were symbols like those on the walls. The carver would look at the sheet and then paint the symbol on the wall with a brownish ink, then this would be carved just enough for some type of rock corroding acid to be painted in on a metal brush.

A small stairway led up into the room, and from it emerged a tall woman carrying a bundle wrapped in gold cloth. All work ceased. The woman was dressed in a pale green tunic that fell five inches past her waist. Under this she wore a longer pale purple tunic that fell down to just past her knees. Both were cinched with a pale purple rope at the waist, on the rope were eight turquoise beads. Everyone bowed to the newcomer. With a kind nod she walked past them to a spot in the center of the room, here on the ground was a disc made of black obsidian, a copper band ran around the outside, in the center were a pair of crossed diamonds drawn in copper, in the space at their joint centers was a small a copper symbol. A circle, around the circle was eight pointed triangles, like the points of a star. Around the entire pedestal were three oval copper dishes, small circles of turquoise and obsidian were attached to the outside and inside of each. A small hole in the base of each dish let whatever liquid was placed inside run out through the bottom and into a small ring that was carved into the obsidian pedestal and ran all the way around just inside the copper rim. She placed the gold wrapped bundle upon this three-inch high pedestal and unwrapped it. In the glow cast by eight flickering torches around the walls the foot high statue gleamed. It was a skull, beautifully carved of black obsidian, it looked almost too perfect to exist, without a single scratch or chip mark on it. She removed the gold wrapping and folded it neatly. For a moment they alls topped, examining the skull, which perfectly resembled a human skull, though larger. Finally she turned and nodded to them before leaving the way she had come. A few moments later a man came up and, in some ancient language, spoke loudly to everyone, the carvers quickly finished and hurried out. Now entered three people dressed in short coppery tunics to the waist and longer silver tunics to their calves. All wore a silver cape decorated with strands of copper beads woven into wondrous patterns. All stared down at the skull for a moment, then each turned to the three people who had entered with them, each of these people held a large plain copper cup. They each took the cup, drank the contents all at the same time. Then they put the cup back and took the knife, then, all at once they began to chant while holding the knife in their left hand above their right palm. As the chant grew louder the three holding the platter shivered, looking terrified. Then the chant ended and all at the same time the three people plunged the knives into their right palms. Three screams echoed about, but each person withdrew the knife and allowed the blood to run out and drip down into one of the three copper dishes about the pedestal. The blood filled the dishes and ran out the bottoms into the cut out. Now just inside the copper rim was a inch deep trough filled with blood. Then the three people behind them came forwards holding white cloths, which were wrapped tightly around the palm, then each person put the entire wounded hand into a thick glove to help stop the blood flow. Three attendants bowed and left with the stone platters, knives, and cups. As they left the last one shifted a large jagged stone until it dropped down into the whole in the floor after him and the jagged edges caught snugly, effectively sealing the three people inside the room. The torches flickered; the two men and one woman lay down in the back behind the skull…and died, having drunken poison just before stabbing themselves. Slowly the torches burned out, and the room plunged into darkness, not to be reopened for eons.

Two days later a gigantic comet struck earth, tidal waves covered the continents, and fires raged, every volcanoes on the planet went off, earth had become hell. Smoke, and ash filled the air. Fish and sea creatures were thrown up onto mountaintops, while whole mountain ranges vanished in minutes, volcanoes rose up to amazing heights then collapsed as the earth's crust rotated and shook, the giant landmass known for so long as Atlantis sank into the sea. The few survivors who escaped the destruction of their world would wander for centuries, thrown back once again to the time of the cave men. An ice age would come and go, yet the descendants of the once enormous empire of Atlantis would persevere, as was the nature of their kind. It would be millions of years before another culture ever rose to challenge the might and glory of the wondrous empire of the people of Atlantis.


David Rigand looked out his window; the sky was clear and a gorgeous shade of blue. Checking the time he threw his gear into his old Jeep, kissed his wife goodbye, and drove off up the mountain behind their house.

The lone jeep looked very out of place as it rolled through a deserted mining town. Everything was still, no one lived here anymore, and hadn't for decades. The nearest town was at the base of the mountain, a small ski resort of a town, no one went near the mines, except for David Rigand. At one time this ghost town had boasted a population of three hundred miners and their families, mining gold from the mountains. But the vein had run out and the town had been shut down. The road wound up the mountain, quickly turning from a wide road into a small one and a half lane road that dropped off steeply down the rocky mountainside. The slightest bit of ice made the road so dangerous in the winter that no one in his or her right mind would drive it. Therefore he could only mine in the summer, but that was enough.

Rocks were strewn over the winding road, making everything shifty; the mountain itself was prone to frequent rockslides, which had, over the years, claimed some sixty victims. Finally the jeep came to a halt in front of a pair of huge metal-padlocked doors leading into the mountain and the mines. David opened the doors with a key from his pocket and went in, flicking on the switch, a long string of overhead lights blinked on, leading off down the tunnel. David climbed onto the flat bed of an old cart that still stood on its tracks, put his backpack beside him, and headed off down into the mines.

David Rigand had purchased this portion of the mine thirty years back, two years after it had closed. While looking around he had found a vein of rosy pink quartz overlooked by the gold miners. This type of quartz was very rare and beautiful; over the past thirty years he'd amassed a fortune of nearly five million in the pink quartz from the mine.

David waved the dust away from his face from the dynamite blast. He was always sure to be very careful with his dynamite, simply because of tendency of the mountain to let loose a barrage of rocks for every tiny blast and earth quake that came by. Searching through the gloom he noticed that the blast had opened up the ceiling of the tunnel into what appeared to be a cave. Thinking that maybe it was a unmarked tunnel from another mine level up above he got out a ladder and placed it up into the three by four foot hole in the tunnel roof. Holding a small lamp up above him he climbed up to look inside. Placing a hand on the lip of the opening he tested it, the rock was about two feet thick and solid, no need to fear it breaking.

At first he saw nothing, then in the flickering light of his oil burning lamp he could make out symbols and pictures carved on the walls, truly amazed and breathless with excitement he turned…and found himself looking straight into the hollow eyes of a large skull carved entirely out of black stone. Behind it lay three dead bodies. David stifled a horrified and shocked scream, clamping a hand over his mouth…the same hand that held the lamp. The lamp went crashing down to the floor below and David leaped after it quickly, the room was once again plunged into the darkness it had rested in for untold centuries.

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