Chapter 21

"Why Brazil? Why? He's got the Falkland Isles, why not Chile or Argentina?" Hermione asked Harry as they hurried out of the muggle shelter. Muggles fleeing the fighting were being taken by plane, car, bus, and boat to huge shelters set up around South America. Some of the more trusted students had visited one to resupply it with fresh foods and such without anyone noticing. Magical help had so far been a huge lifesaver, but now they had been called to evacuate Brazil's only school of magic. "Brazil doesn't make any sense."

"It's Satan, not Voldemort, Satan NEVER makes any sense." Harry said, they looked around then walked straight into a wall, and through it to the magical part of the shelter.

"Harry, Hermione!" Ron called, waving to them from a group of witches and wizards, they ran through the crowded courtyard to him, "we're with the next group Hermione, Harry you're on your own. Are you using your animagus?"

"Yeah, good luck guys, I'll see you later, say hi to Ira if you see her."

"Sure thing, don't scare anyone to death!" Ron called after him as Harry ran out of the buildings looking for a more open space to transform.

Hundreds of people gasped and screamed as the huge glowing Royal Aaron suddenly sprang into being not far away. The golden beast stretched its huge wings, and roared, glad to be free from its long imprisonment in a human body. The wolfish head looked at the awe-struck gathered people for a moment, then it bowed with a sweep of one great wing and leaped skyward. Powerful wings fanning huge gusts of air down on them and made the trees shake.

Harry soared for a few moment, high above everything, just below the clouds, reveling in the feeling of flight in this form. Finally he remembered what he was supposed to be doing, a vicious snarl and a crash of lighting and the Royal Aaron was gone.

The Brazilian school of magic was a very old castle-like building, built of pale gray stone, though not nearly so magnificent as Hogwarts nor as large. The death eaters hadn't gotten here yet, and students were being taken to a large shelter for magic-folk by portkey. The younger students had already left, the older students had gathered outside. When the Hogwarts students arrived they paired up with them to set up defensive spells and enchantments about the school and neighboring towns. The school's staff had mostly gone with the younger students or to help the Order of the Phoenix fight the invaders.

Needless to say Harry's presence cause a significant amount of shock. The Royal Aaron appeared in a flash above the school and landed on the grounds. The Hogwarts students in the school had been waiting for this, all of them began the enchantment as soon as Harry appeared.

"Aro nulea shatu," a hundred or so voices spoke, the Brazilian students caught on and added their power to the spells.

Harry stared hard at the castle, slowly drawing a web of golden light across it in his mind, covering every piece of it. The spells anchored itself to the school where the students were touching their wands to the walls. Harry roared, a fiery glow surrounding him, slowly the light peeled away from the Aaron and moved to surround the school, then vanished. Harry leaped skyward again, and searched for Miranda's mind.

Here Harry, teleport to this location. An image flashed through his mind, trees burning, spells flashing everywhere. Harry caught the link and followed it.

When he got there he promptly transformed, before he'd even appeared fully, into a Caracal. It was a form he had only recently fully mastered, it had taken over a week.

Harry raced silently through the thick underbrush, careful to avoid the fighting until he found out what exactly was going on. Skirting death eaters blundering through the bushes and Order agents, watching as the two teams played a deadly game of hide and seek. Finding his way up a small hill he leaped up into a tree's branches and examined the sky, searching. Finally he saw a squad from the Broom Brigade above and became human again. Pulling out the chain he always wore from under his shirt he unclipped the tiny broom that hung from it, made to look like a small charm, and enlarged it with a silent spell into his Firebolt.

Leaping on Harry shot skywards like a rocket, the Squad slowed for him until he drew level with them.

"Hey Harry." Victor called, signaling his group to speed up again.

"Hey, what's the situation right now?"

"A few hundred vampires, about a thousand dementors, sixty death eaters according to Caitlin Snape, they're mostly trying to keep the five hundred thousand or so muggles from getting near the dementors."

"The Brazilian military?"

"All of Satan's forces are being confined to the sea-side portion of the country. The Brazilian military has set up a block all the way from Belem to Salvador. Magical reinforcements are in hiding about the line as well. Venezuela has sent in ten thousand troops, but they're poorly trained. Argentina's sending aid should arrive around early evening." He paused as they all looked up, seeing something shooting across the sky, followed by three others.

"Those weren't airplanes!" Harry shouted through the wind, they were flying in a close formation so they could hear each other, but they were going over a hundred miles an hour, and no one heard him. Harry pulled out his wand and sent a quick enchantment around them, a bubble spell so that they could still fly and hear each other without the wind.

"Those thing's were not airplanes, they looked like missiles!" A sudden red fireball lit up on the horizon.

"The United States is currently obliterating all of Satan's ships; they've brought in some heavy duty long range stuff, it was probably one of theirs, there's a convoy heading for Maceio. There's two Air Craft Carriers headed this way and a nuclear sub, I can't remember where they're all from, and the U.N. is sending ten thousand aircraft from various nations."

"What sort of ships does Satan have?"

"He's got nearly a hundred well-armed vessels out there. Biological and chemical missiles, and probably nuclear ones as well. Satan's taken out the cities of Fortaleza, Natal, and Recife; I mean every living person in those cities. There isn't any debris left larger than your cloak, bombed the heck out of them. Survivors estimates is only about one out of three hundred. His forces are heading for Maceio; we're to meet up with the rest of the Broom Brigade at an old stone fort twenty miles south of it." Harry nodded, trying to take this all in, magical aid would be needed along the blockade. People fleeing from the blockaded area would need to be cleared to make sure none of Satan's forces got through, once that was done the muggles could handle Satan's non magic troops. The vampires and dementors would be a problem though.

"Fly in closer and join hands, I'll take you all to the fort then go look for the other squads!" He called out, the Squad flew in closer and joined hands around him, Harry took and deep breathe and brought all his will power into the spell. With a crack of thunder and a flash of lightning they were all gone.


Harry walked quickly down the hallway a pair of guards outside the door nodded to him as he entered the meeting room where the Phoenix Council was meeting.

"We have got to get rid of the dementors before they get to the next large town or city." Sirius said, dragging a hand through messed hair, he looked like he hadn't slept in days.

"An aerial attack, everyone who can do a patronus, that should get rid of them." Harry suggested, taking one of the remaining seats in around the table. "We could try to get the International Quidditch teams to fly with those who can do a patronus but cannot fly well."

"That might just work, I'll get the team lists and send an agent to speak to each individually in person. Can't trust the floo and we're not to sure about the Order's link." Miranda said, she vanished abruptly.

"So far it feel secure, Satan cannot tap into the Order's link, and with the new improvements Voldemort should not be able to either. Excellent idea Harry, it will take a few hours to coordinate. Margaret where are those helicopters? They were supposed to start air-lifting people out a half-hour ago." Sirius asked, Margaret was talking with two aids over a large communications crystal.

"They'll be on site in ten minutes Lord Phoenix, do we have any way of assuring death eaters don't attack them?"

"There aren't many death eaters left, only about a score or so. Harry do you mind seeking them out and getting us their locations?" Harry nodded and left the room. Down the hallway he found an empty room with a fireplace, an idle wave of one hand started the fire and he conjured up an armchair in front of it and a small table. Searching through a pocket he found a folded up map of Brazil, calling mentally for the dark power-stone, it appeared beside him. Drawing power from himself, slowly sinking inwardly, he drew on the power of his scar to help him locate where the dark forces were massing.


Harry looked up to his left, a score of fliers appeared, gripping a portkey. The full Broom Brigade was assembling behind him in full formation. Quidditch teams from all over the world were being port keyed in to the rendezvous point. Anyone who could do a patronus was airborne and should be getting here soon. Most witches and wizards couldn't do a patronus. Only about ten percent of the total magical population could, but almost all of them would be here for the attack.

Three hundred witches and wizards filled the air about him, Harry looked around as Victor and Oliver swooped down, followed closely by other squad leaders.

"Okay, we're ready to attack, everyone's here." Victor said, looking eager to get into battle.

"There's a little under a thousand dementors, the combined force of so many patronus's should kill most of them. The Order agents who aren't airborne are linking with those who are, transferring more power to them." Oliver said, Harry nodded, he could feel the connections in the air around him.

"The dementors will flee our attack, the more land they are chased over the more people who's souls they'll steal to draw power from. They need to be contained and exterminated." He suggested.

"All our fighters are in a half circle, we can extend it further into nearly a full circle, but what's to keep them form fleeing into the open space?" Oliver asked.

"I'll fly over to the open area, once you've attacked they'll all turn to that space to flee, I'll block them then." Harry said, "get back to your stations and wait for the Phoenix, he'll be joining us shortly to lead the attack." The others flew off, Harry turned toward away from the Order agents and called down lighting, and with a crash he vanished.

Sirius and the Gold patrol apparated in a few moments later, already informed of Harry's plan they took the lead ahead of the others.

We'll wait for Miranda's signal, she'll let us know when all muggles have been accounted for so that none will remember this fight. Harry nodded, scanning the darkness below him, the Blue and Orange patrols were down there along with fifty volunteers, place memory charms on muggles and moving them away. His friends would be down there somewhere helping, all evacuation efforts were being concentrated on the area the dementors and Order agents were likely to occupy. A few hundred people flying through the air shooting sliver creatures wasn't exactly normal for muggles.

Attack. Silver erupted into being all along the far horizon, Harry could feel the coldness as the masses of dementors fled. Led by a gigantic silvery-gold phoenix two hundred patronus's leaped through the air at the dementors, followed by the fighters, shooting curses and more patroni.

The dementors came at him in a surge, Harry flew lower and waited, he had to time this just right. If only he could use the white power-stone, but it was serving another use right now, and was useless to him. The dementors were coming closer; soon he could make out the individual fliers as they zoomed about. Finally the fleeing dementors were almost right below him, Harry raised both hands skyward, heavy beats of thunder rolled through the air, lightning crackled down to his hands, suddenly exploding outward in the form of a dozen patronus's, each with he power to kill any dementor they touched. Harry leaped off his broom.

With a feral roar the Royal Aaron appeared, shining brightly in the dark night, spells would conceal it from the sight of any watching muggles. Harry grappled briefly with the Aaron's wild mind, slowly controlling the raging beast until it subsided. Feather soft silky glistening fur rippled over powerful bulging muscle. Large pointed ears, scarred form past battles, flicked about. The long graceful tail hairs grew firm and thick as they filled with poison, the barbs along them sticking out just a bit. The great silver claws unsheathed themselves, gleaming, and razor sharp with needle-like points. The wings, dragon-like but with a thin coating of small downy feathers fanned skyward, the claws on the wings glowing silver. The black nose twisted, smelling then cold dementors, the fried ozone in the air from the lightning, and the scent of the patroni and humans in the air.

The Royal Aaron growled, a terrifying rumbling that turned into a vicious snarl as the jaws opened, saliva turning poisonous, huge sharp canines glistening, ready to inject poison into it prey.

The huge, wolfish head looked down at the dementors, with a dragon-like roar of fury it leaped at them, tendril of white-hot power leaping out around it, a huge paw swept at them like a cats. Dementors were sent flying through the air, a huge wing came down and brushed them back towards the advancing patroni. Lightning blasted through the air, frying the dementors as it hit. Two, then three lighting bolts came together above the Aaron's head, Harry concentrated on the happiest thought she could find, a dozen more white and gold patroni leaped form the lightning to attack.

The Aaron waded through the dementors, its tail smashing them about, jaws macerating dozens at a time, not caring if it stepped on any, its wings hurling them through the air. Fire from its jaws sending them up in flames. Above the Order of the Phoenix continued its attack, targeting any dementors who fled.


Harry led his group through the crowds; his unit of volunteer helpers was going to give magical aid in evacuating people. Passing downed power lines he signaled to them to keep the muggles at bay while he and a few others set them back up again. At this point there wasn't any real full out fighting the Order of the Phoenix could do. The thing with the dementors had been a complete rout; none of the dementors had escaped. It had taken Harry nearly a half-hour to calm down the Royal Aaron in him to a suitable level; he had not counted on having such a blood-crazed reaction to the dementors in his animagus form.

It's time to get out of here, the muggles can handle the rest. Harry looked around, surprised.

Good God, the destruction is endless!? Harry's head snapped around, he blinked, then closed his eyes, his shields were falling, he was reading minds. The stress of battle had caused many people's blocks to fail, and the muggles had none.

Got to call HQ, we'll need more bandages. We're going to need more blood donations. Hospitals' just about full. Finally they got the roads cleared! Ambulance has a flat tire. Need to be refueled soon. We're going to need more oxygen. Damn it, he dead.

When the next shift coming in? Something has to be done about these terrorists.

Harry shook his head and stopped, leaning against a tree. His mind hurt, thoughts pressed in, too fast too hear them all. His shields faltered further under the press of unblocked minds, he was tired and strained. He hadn't rested in nearly two days.



I'm going back to the Fortress, my shields can't take much more, I'll be at the Healing Center here in Brazil in three hours.

All right, bring your whole team back, you've been in there for six hours.

"All right team, we've been order to report back to the Fortress, good job everyone. Gather around and I'll take us back." The group gathered around him, Harry gritted his teeth against the press of their minds as he teleported them to the Order's base.


"Harry?" Harry swam back toward consciousness whatever that was, "Harry come on, time to wake up." Was that Ira talking?

"Harry if you don't wake up I'll just have to take this opportunity to dye your hair purple." Harry's eyes snapped open, before he could move Draco was hovering in the air, slowly rotating diagonally. "Hey, uh, didn't mean it.hehe." Harry dropped him onto the other couch. Sitting up he checked his watch, he'd been out for almost exactly three hours, perfect.

"Prof. McGonagal sent us to wake you, she said they really need our help in the Healing Center." Hermione said, Harry blinked hard, then started to chuckle. "What's so funny?"

"You, you're still reading, that book is going to become an extra appendage." Ron snorted, trying to hide his laughter, Hermione scowled at him.

"I'm researching some new healing spells."

"I'd prefer to learn form the actual healers than form a book, books aren't always right, the Order healers are the best there are. With plenty of first-hand experience." Draco pointed out, Hermione sniffed, but she shut the book.

"We'll spot off at Potter manor first, I need to gather some supplies there and fresh herbs and potion ingredients." Harry said, the others came to stand beside him and with a flash of light they vanished.


"Oh wow Harry, this place is incredible!" Ron said, staring around at Potter Manor in shock.

"Thanks, come on, the store room are this way." Harry led them down some passages to one of the cellars. Here dried herbs and potions ingredients were stocked, he directed them to gather what they needed. Gady, Cobby, and Lismy all appeared suddenly with a series of pops. Hermione stared ta them, Harry signaled Ron to stop her if she started commenting on the house elves presence.

"Hello Master Harry!" Cobby greeted him happily.

"Hello Cobby, Gady, Lismy, do you think you could go and get tow or three bronze caldrons for us please?"

"Of course Master Harry, is there anything else you need?" Lismy asked.

"No thanks Lismy, that's all," with quick bows the three vanished.

"So Harry, you have house elves." Hermione stated.

"Don't even start Hermione." Hermione gave him a furious look, but she did keep quiet about it.

Gathering everything they needed into the caldrons Harry teleported the five of them to the Healing Center in the Brazil.

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