A T*Witches lovestory

She could make you believe anything. Lies soon dissolved to truth around her. Boys wanted her. Girls wanted her to leave. She had spunk, temper issues, a hard fist and a lying tongue. But her walls came crashing down the day she met Evan Fretts. He brought the best out in her. Her grey eyes filled with glee around him. Her black hair twirled around her finger. She could hide nothing from him. She wanted him. He didn`t see her in that light. Ever. That`s what hid behind the smile of Rocky Hansin that particular morning. She`d transferred to Crow Creek Elemantary last year. Now the first day of high school, her first day of grade 8 at CCE Flashed through her mind.


"Give me my backpack." She yelled. The girl wouldn`t give it back. Everyone was calling her Roxette, to bug her. "Are you gonna make me, Roxette.?" Rocky roundhoused and slugged her. From then on, Everyone called her Rocky.

-End of Flashback-

Rocky fidgited in her backpack. If her secret had got out, they`d find her.Al Qaen had been hunting her since she ran away from the facility. She dropped off the radar 3 years ago. Her wings made it easy to run from them. But not for long. Pyromania made it easy to follow. And the fact that she couldn`t touch anybody without killing them. She`d been getting better at controlling it, but when her emotions spiralled out of control, her curse did too. No point in planning to stay here long She thought. "I`m saddistic." She said.