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The wind blew roughly through my hair, as I sat on the porch of what was once our home. The pristine white was covered in a thin layer of dust, and it wasn't very appealing to the eye of a soulless vampire. I rolled my eyes, lines like that just came to me, and being, my emotional self, and it was almost a daily routine of them flooding through my head, without a moment's notice. I sighed and got up, knowing that the moment this house came down, I wouldn't feel any guilt overwhelming my anymore.

I almost flew to the highest floor, and jumped to the roof, tearing away at it, and throwing it all behind me, and constructing a fresh pile of rubble. Despite my speed, I continued well into the next few days, until I had torn the house down to its foundations. Esme would be so disappointed, but they were building a replica of this in Alaska. This house will not be missed.

I hired a truck that night, whilst I was finishing everything off, and since we had worked with the company for years it was customary for no questions to be asked. The young blonde boy's brown eyes widened when he saw what had to be moved, and I sent him some acceptance and a little fear, when he looked at me. He wasn't the only one here, but with his varying emotions, it was difficult for me not to notice him. The crane and other industrial equipment I had hired made light work of the scraps, and they were gone by the end of the day.

I looked onto the empty lot, knowing I had to build a new life for myself without her. Ever since I had escaped from Maria's clutches, and passed on from Peter and Charlotte, she had been there with me. I forced her name into my mind. Alice. I winced at the fresh pain, and smiled at my newfound freedom. I was sick. There really was no two ways about it though, she had total control, and it made me happy as much as it was aggravating. I loved Alice; I really did . . . at first. But as time passed, the bond between us weakened and frayed, and I stayed with her for sake of appearances. I knew that she did too. The guilt and remorse radiating off her often brought me to my knees, and I lashed out on her on too many occasions to remember them all. The last few days we had together were as worst as my days with the newborns. The anger! I know what happened on Bella's birthday was my fault, and Alice loved to make me admit it. I know I couldn't talk to her now, because Edward wouldn't let me near her. Bastard.

Suddenly, I heard the loud rumble of a familiar truck. The Chevy; or more particularly Bella's Chevy. I had not prepared for this, yet. I looked around the empty lot, searching for reassurance from thin air. Did she come here often? I doubted it; her truck was slower than usual and almost stalling every few meters to check the way on a trail leading only here. Comical. Only Bella.

I ran into the trees like a coward, and waited for her reaction when I saw the first of the rusty truck emerging through the trees.

She pulled herself out of it, and stumbled onto the floor as she fell. There was no humor in me, but rather just pity. What had he done to her? Her face was colorless and as white as ours now; with no hint of the blush I loved to see on her. She clutched her chest as if to hold herself together, and a small sob made its way through her shaking form and out into the vastness of the space around her. She froze, and got to her feet, sniffing the air as if she was one of us.

"Jasper?" she breathed, and I nearly dropped out of the tree in shock. "Jasper, please show yourself. I might not be one of you now, but I can remember your scent." What. The. Fuck. What was I supposed to do now? "Fine," she huffed after a minute, wiping away tears, and folding herself onto the ground and pulling out a book. Sense and Sensibility. "You know, Jasper," she whispered whilst reading, "this is the first time I've come here. I know you understand pain, but do you feel mine?" I shook my head, and absorbing nothing but peace, joy and something ancient that I had no name for. "It's not there anymore. But I bet you can feel how happy I am, whilst you're sitting in that tree watching over me." Her head snapped up, and her deep chocolate eyes met mine. "Idiot. The top you're wearing is red, I'm not blind!" she seethed, motioning with her finger for me to get down.

What a woman.

I did as she asked and leaped down a few feet in front of her. She smiled slightly, and got up, walking over and lacing her thin arms through mine and pulling me close. There was that same cocktail of pleasant emotions, encasing her and me, and sorrow as she rubbed her forehead against my chest. I kissed her head, and she froze her entire body going rigid.

"Bella. Darling," I drawled, surprising myself at the tenderness of my voice that I allowed to escape. "What is it?" her emotions hadn't changed, but everything had amplified, in a crushing force.

"It's nothing, really," she said, relaxing. "The last time I saw you, you were trying to leap across a room to drink me dry, and now I'm hugging the guy who endangered my life, and killed me in an instant without even touching me."

"Bella, I'm so sorry," I said quickly, knowing she would interrupt.

"No, Jasper. I'm not one of your average terrified human beings, that don't understand what you go through. The only reason why you lost control was because I was . . . his singer, and you were channeling that thirst with your own along with the rest of the room. I don't blame you now, or ever. I blame nobody, as hard as it is to believe, though Alice . . . You don't make a decision to get a paper cut, Jasper, even I know that. So the question is why didn't she see it? Or if she did, why didn't she stop it?" she chuckled, like it was a board game.

"Bella . . . You are the most intelligent girl I have ever come across," I was immersed in the feeling of her blush, for the time that it lasted. I loved her warmth. "How did you think of that?"

"Three months without the people that you love, does that to a girl," she muttered, making me chuckle. Did that mean she loved me too? I rolled my eyes, at the impossibility. "I take it you're not together anymore," she whispered, and I grunted my yes. "I'm sorry to hear that, Jay," she almost cooed, looking up at me with watery eyes. Jay? I liked it.

"Don't cry, Bells," I said, wiping them away. "It's not our fault, but rather Edward's." She winced, hearing his name. "He made us all leave. I never wanted to leave, Bella, but they all made me. I wanted to stay back with you, and make it up to you, but Edward would never allow it."

"Jasper Whitlock," she chided, and my eye widened. How did she know my real name? "Taking orders from a Cullen? Shame on you," she said in all seriousness. I growled low, and her heart raced, and that ancient feeling within her made my eyes roll to the back of my head, eliciting a purring noise from me. I never, and I mean never, had purred, so it came as quite the shock, though I knew it would come to this. Carlisle and Esme did it all the time. "Jay, did you just purr?" she asked, giggling adorably.

"Yeah," I said, embarrassed and looking away for a second and then back on her. "Sorry."

"Why?" she asked, opening her mouth twice before she did. I shrugged, and stood there staring down into her endless brown eyes. "Why are you here?" she wondered, almost to herself, but her face was telling me she was expecting an answer.

I brought her down onto the grass, and sat a foot away, not one atom touching. I didn't like it. "Alice and I were never on the best of terms. It had been going on for so long that everybody thought it was normal behavior. She would control me, and I'll let her, because if we weren't together like mates anymore, then I should at least let her have her parting fun, right?" She snickered, shaking her head. "The night after the accident," I said hesitantly, "Alice had gotten officially mad. She kept mumbling things and saying stuff about her visions: how this wasn't supposed to happen. I could hardly take the anger she was throwing at me before, and then it multiplied over and over until she was shaking with it, and Edward"—she cringed—"was hearing it all already through everyone's head, and let's just say that he lost an arm that night."

She laughed, throwing her head back, her mahogany hair swaying in the breeze around her. She was so entrancing. "Wait a second," she said quickly, sitting upright and facing me with worry seeping through her, "who did he have a fight with?"

"Alice." She gasped, and mouthed the pixie's name again. "She started to see visions of you and Edward laughing and acting like that incident was nothing but expected, and that everything would go back to normal. Of course, Eddie didn't like that, and he threw her across the room and she landed inside the television screen." She smiled, darkly. "Esme and Rosalie had gone out to hunt with Carlisle and Emmett, so it was just us three at home. Alice had always gone on about how she and Edward were the best of friends, but they were tearing each other apart like animals. Well stupid Jay, got up and stopped the fight, and Edward went to find his arm.

"When Carlisle came back he was outraged, one of the first times he's ever been physically angry. Alice and Edward were separated, and they seethed their misery at each other from a distance. I stayed where I was because Rose wouldn't let me go anywhere."

"Rosalie? But why?" she asked her brows coming together.

"She thought . . . if there would be an argument to leave Forks that I would be on her side and decided to leave. It was odd to feel so much determination coming off her at once, and it rolled off her in waves them last few days. Edward agreed with Rosalie unsurprisingly and Alice did too. Emmett loves you, Bella, and he never wanted to leave—I was with him on that. It was in our nature to react to blood. I guess it was a bit stupid of me to go so long without hunting, but even though I never wanted to leave. Carlisle and Esme, like always, went with whatever Edward thought was best, since he was some sort of Golden Child." I heard her light scoff, and I chuckled. "We had all left before he went to tell you what was happening. He made us leave. With Emmett on my side we could have taken down his pretty ass in an instant, but seeing Esme plead with such emotion is . . ." I trailed off.

"I guess it was all pretty much expected," she said, taking it in her petite stride.

"Yeah. So when we left, nobody talked to each other, and when they did it was just a thrum of bickering and cussing. The Denali's weren't impressed, though Tanya was having fun chasing Edward again." There was confusion off her now. "She's a succubus, and it's her role to go after men. Because Edward was always so impassive, it made him more interesting and she runs at the chance to get him alone to seduce him. It was funny watching him suffer," I mumbled, making her laugh. "Eventually it all became too much, and I ran away, and here I am."

"Whoa," she said, holding up her hands. "You ran away?"

"Yeah. Alice and Edward made me," I half-lied.

"How?" she asked, frowning.

"You know how they're really close?" I asked, and she nodded ferociously. "They were a bit too close when I last saw them, if you know what I mean." The disgust from her was defeating, and suddenly I was pinned against a tree a few yards back by the sorrow and torment coming off her.

"Jas-s-per," she stuttered, holding her chest together as if it would fall apart. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I couldn't hold it back anymore, Jay," she wept, shaking. "It hurts so much to."

I sent her calm and peace, but it was repelling and she was sitting there in her dark bubble, and the black aura around her was an agony to watch, knowing I couldn't help. She shivered and trembled, sobbing. The sobs turned to angry, tearless, sighs, which then transformed into nothing. Absolutely nothing. There was no peace, no happiness no sorrow. It was like she wasn't even there anymore.

But she was.

"Bella?" I called, walking back to her. "What did you just do?"

"I just didn't want you to feel anything, so I stopped feeling," she breathed relieved.


"I don't feel a thing, Jay," she said, and I could only tell she was worried by the tenor of her voice. "I'm sitting on the ground, and I don't feel it beneath me. The winds hitting my skin and I don't feel cold." She smiled, and I gasped. What was she?

"Bells? What's happened to you?" I implored with my might, sitting down and bringing her fragile face in my hands.

"So much, Jasper," he said simply. She was quiet for a few minutes, and my hands stayed where they were, my mind losing itself in the warmth of her skin. "When he left me, Jasper, it hurt so much. What you felt a few minutes ago wasn't even a fraction of what I've been feeling for the past three months." My God . . . "I don't know how I did it, but if I focus on something I want, it just happens. I've tried it with all sorts of things." I silently begged her to show me. "I can make it sunny if you want?" I shook my head slowly, telling her no. I didn't want her to see my scars yet.

She closed her eyes, and I waited. There was change, and I could feel it in me. Her warmth was fading, suddenly her face was white and cold as ice, and her hair was growing longer, almost like she was changing herself into . . . No! She couldn't be changing herself could she? Before I could asked her eyes flew open, and she stared at me with golden irises, and her she flashed me a brilliant smile, showing off her pearly white teeth that were shining in the venom. There was still no emotion off her, but I was left staggered and shocked. My instincts were telling me to fight the information out of her, but I knew better than to endanger her life when my own rested in her hands.

"Bells?" I called, stupidly.

"Hey, Jasper," she said in her tinkling voice. "Don't be scared."

"What . . . Bella which one of you is the real one?" I asked, quickly.

"Well, both of me are real," she said with a roll of her entrancing eyes. "The other me is the real, real one," she said.

"Bella the change is excruciating," I said, remembering my own with a wince, "You just sit there smiling. The venom must have changed you, didn't it?" I asked. If Carlisle was here, he would be fascinating. I shuddered, thinking of how Aro would comb the earth for someone like Bella, and I growled lowly.

"I just changed myself into a vampire, Jasper. Don't you get it?" I shook my head. "I can make feeling go away, I could do anything. I just sped up the process by a couple of thousand times, and cut off my senses."

I stared at her like she was speaking Latin. This was not possible. She was only human. "Bells, this is not possible. You're human. You cannot be able to do all this."

"Jasper. I'm human around humans—like you pretend to be, and then vampire when I'm by myself. It's rather fun; the speed, the senses."

"Bella, you're eyes are gold," I said warily, "have you already hunted?"

"It was just practice really," she said, like a toddler being told off, and abruptly the vampire was blushing. I kept myself calm and decided that with Bella you didn't know what to expect anymore. "I mean it was so good. Better than chocolate." We were silent, I sat there staring at her, and there was a flash of something in her eyes. "Jasper did you like being human?" she asked.

"I liked what I could remember of it," I said, wistful, the memories were like looking through a fog. Uncomfortable. "Why?"

"I was wondering how you would feel if I changed you back for a minute."

I knew my answer before she had finished her question. "No, Bells," I said with a sigh. "I'm not like Carlisle and the rest. I like being a vampire compared to humans. I'll admit that the thirst is something I don't like but everything else about me is fine."

"What about you're scars?" she asked, and I stood a few feet away in an instant. I had forgotten that with her new eyes she could see them. "Jasper, don't be afraid. I just want to help you. I feel like I owe everybody something. I know it's like playing God, when you dictate what you want for the world, but trust me, in this little town there is so much pain." Venom trickled down from the corner of her eyes, and she reached out with one hand for me. And I was taking it in the next second, sitting back in front of her, holding her hand.

"The first time it happened," she said, "I was in the woods after Edward left. It was dark, and I heard a bear coming. I could hear its growl. I was so frightened, and all I could think of was Charlie and how he should come and find me. He was in front of me in a few seconds, and it was almost like I had put him there. He didn't realize anything had happened, and when he took me back home, I realized the whole town had been looking for me.

"I forgot about using the . . . err . . . gift for a week or two, because of the pain, but I remembered when I was sitting in the living room and I couldn't be asked to get up and pour myself some water." I chuckled, and her chiming laughter resonated through the air. "The nest second I hear the tap flowing and turning off, and I scream as there's a glass hovering in the air towards me. The screaming broke my concentration and the glass broke when it fell, but that was all I needed. A distraction. Practice became more frequent and a few days I could physically do anything. One time I drove my truck to an abandoned place, and threw it up in the air." I gawped at her. If she could have anything why she still; have that rust bucket? "I obviously caught it caught it on its way down."

"I only begun transforming a few days later. One time I made myself have red hair"—she shuddered—"it wasn't a pretty sight. Another time I had bright green eyes, and I managed to make them a rainbow color." She closed her eyes, obviously demonstrating. When she opened them I struggled for an unnecessary breath. They were every color and merged in harmony, she closed them again, and they turned crimson. "I like the red," she explained, and I nodded my head. The red in her eyes was the best. Gold just reminded me of the Cullens. "It's been two months since I have been like this. At first it was so disorientating, all the light, and detail! I learned to ease myself into it, and it was all better. Keeping like this does have its drawbacks though," she sighed.

"One, day I was in my room, and Charlie came home from work." I could tell where this was going. Training newborns was a haphazard business, and although Bella mightn't be a vamp, she would still feel the thirst if she wanted too. "It was once of the few times I was a like this whilst Charlie was home. He walked in and his blood wafted through the air towards me. He was back from work, and fell asleep without dinner on the sofa. I was so distraught, and couldn't concentrate hard enough to turn back. I was like that for the rest of the night, until he went to work the next day. I imagine the thirst not being here anymore, so right now I just feel no thirst what so ever, no burning at all."

I toyed with idea of Bella making my thirst go away for a while. I had hunted a week ago, and it wasn't the most pleasant of feelings. Bella had her eyes closed again, and the burn from my throat vanished as soon as she opened her blood-red eyes. I gasped, searching and gulping for the burn that would never come.

"Bells," I struggled, "how did you know?" She tapped her forehead, with a smirk, and I wondered what she meant. The only thing I could think of was Edwards's mind-reading ability. Oh Lord! "Bella, please tell me you haven't?" She threw her head back laughing, a tinkling sound, which she scoffed to.

I don't have a tinkling laugh, Jay, her voice rang in my head, and I froze. She was so powerful, it was astonishing. Human! She was human, for crying aloud! I might be human, Jasper, but that doesn't make me weak, she told me, annoyed. Edward might not like this, but even without him here, although I might be in pain I'm still a part of your world. No matter how hard he tries, nothing will change that. He threw me into it, and just as quickly took me out. I can live without him, she told me, determined, but still laughing. By the way, Jay, what have you done with the house?

"I thought it'd be nice to move back here." There was surprise and glee radiating off her. "I wanted to start from the ground upwards, if you know what I mean. From the foundations and build straight up. A new life. Practically a new man. Without Alice and the Cullens."

She sat straight, and looked at me. "Jasper, you'll need help. I mean I know you're a vamp and everything, but still. Though why Forks?"

"I never wanted to leave, Bells. Edward made us. He claimed to be your mate"—she was growling—"I said claim, Bella. He knew as well as I did, that he was never truly your mate. Neither is Alice mine, or his. Your blood called to him, and he wanted to make sure that you were alive long enough for him to have his way with you."

What do you mean? She asked, frightened and growling.

"Exactly that, Bells. You can see it in my mind what he was feeling. There was just lust for your blood and body, and you being a human and naïve just made it more entertaining for him." He mental, emotional and physical pain washed over me, and he shrill cried rang in my mind. In a few seconds there were trees with gaping holes in them, from her punches, and branches scattered around us. I was lucky she didn't attack the messenger. She smirked hearing my thoughts, and sat down. The sadness and fury from her silent body was excruciating. "I'm sorry Bells."

It's okay, Jay. The next time I see him going to make sure he doesn't have anything to pleasure his real mate with. I was attacked by a violent image of Edward losing his dick, by Bella setting it alight. Disturbing. Sorry.

"It's okay," I chuckled. "Anyway . . . As much as his love for you wasn't as genuine as you believed, it was still there. Only on a human level, though. It wasn't as powerful as the genuine bond between vampire mates, and we all could see that. The only reason apart from your beauty and blood was the silence of your mind. He really is a seventeen year old boy inside. You were enigmatic, and he was head over heels—just not as much as he told everyone."

She sat there staring at me, the vampiric beauty of hers began to fade away, and her eyes turned back to brown. She stared at me, and faded from the laughing vampire into the saddened human girl that her heart broken and torn apart by her first love.

The burn in my throat didn't return, and it was almost like I was human. A human with unnatural capabilities. This must be how Carlisle felt all the time. To be immune to scent of blood. "I'm glad I can help, Jasper," she said softly, bringing her knees to her face, and resting her forehead on them.

I could suddenly smell saltwater. She was crying. I went and sat by her side, and put my arms around her. I tried not to think of how much better it was that I could take in her freesia scent, and not be overwhelmed by the thirst, because she could hear that shit. She hid her face in my chest and cried.

"Jas-s-per," she whimpered. "I am weak. I know that I am. I've tried so hard to find my place, to look like I would fit in somewhere. It never worked. I have abilities that I know exactly what to do with. I've made so many people's lives better, by just being me. But where do I fit into?" she sobbed, and it broke my heart listening to her. "How can I help myself?"

"Bella," I sighed, greedily breathing in her scent, and nuzzling her neck, resisting the urge to run my tongue across it. "You have to find peace with yourself. Be confident with who you are. You might not fit in, Bells, but who said you have to? I think you're perfect just the way you are," I reassured, truthfully.

She sniffed and looked up at me, the tears slowing down. "Really?" she asked, innocently, blushing with an intensity that couldn't be equaled or more beautiful. I nodded my head, smiling. She reached up and kissed both my cheeks, making my dead heart want to beat. "Thank you."

"It's my pleasure," I drawled in my Texan accent, that I didn't feel the need to suppress anymore. She curled back into my side, and I sensed her changing again. "Bells, no," I said, before it was too late.

She stopped mid-change, and looked up at me with burgundy eyes. "Why not?" she asked, politely, battering her thick eyelashes. My breathing caught, as she smirked.

"I like human Bella," I said, and she looked insulted. "I like the other you, too, but it makes me wary. You know being a vampire an all; I have to be on my guard with everyone. I was brought up that way. Suddenly having you as a vamp makes me edgy. Human Bella is more comfortable for me."

She smiled, apologetically, and never breaking eyes contact turned back. I felt instantly relived, and my senses stop trying to overload me with information as to how to attack her. Human Bella wasn't seen as a threat.

"Oh, really?" she asked, amused. She gave me a filthy grin, and I was suddenly staring at nothing. All my senses were registering nothing. My mind was working just fine, but there was no information from anything. I am the most powerful thing you have ever seen, Jasper, her voice sang. This is me being merciful. You're lucky you're not Edward or Alice when I see them next. They will not escape without permanent damage. I may be human, and say that I am weak, but that doesn't mean I can't hand you your superior ass.

I was granted back my senses, and she was laughing her head off, lying down on the grass next to me, tears rolling from the corner of her eyes, and clutching her nonexistent belly.

"Alice?" I asked.

"Yes. She hurt you, Jasper," she said firmly, and going back to her laughter.

It was a few minutes later, when she sat back up, and began fidgeting with her fingers. To think, she could do anything her heart desired and she was fidgeting!

She groaned. "I may be able to do anything, but I'd rather take a rest." I raised an eyebrow. "Oh, come on! I have to rest if I'm doing this human. Vampires never get tired, or feel the need to sleep. When I shift back, to human, all that lethargy catches up with me. I don't sleep, but it takes a good sitting down and catching my breath," she panted.

"Bella. If being a vampire is draining you so badly, why—?"

"I do it because I want to," she snapped. "I have basically stopped everything I think is wrong with me." What? "I don't age. Don't menstruate. Feel hungry. Nothing. Anything that holds me back from helping people, I've stopped. I don't even sleep." I stared. "Oh don't give me that look! If I can be there helping people that need it, then why should I let anything hold me back? I have nothing to live for anymore, but I'll make sure that everybody that does has their chance. Playing God, Jasper," she sighed.

"Bella, what do you mean you have nothing to live for?" I asked, raging with my fury. "Just because Edward left you, doesn't mean you stop living. When you shift into a vampire, Bella, if you let yourself block everything out and give yourself over then you can feel the pull. I asked Eleazer, he knew from his time with the Volturi." I couldn't believe I had told her that. She was going to try, and shit was going to hit the fan. Major shit. I was done for.

She was changed in an instant, closing her eyes, and I did everything I could to distract her. I tried picturing Alice naked, going at it with Edward, but she smiled, and then resumed her normal neutral look. She probably cut my mind off. I suddenly sent her every emotion I could muster, and her eyes opened, and she lifted her hand and gave me the finger. I was dumbstruck. She really wanted to find her mate. I wished I had controlled my mouth. Damn you verbal filter.

She closed her eyes again, and lay back down on the grass. It was a mesmerizing sight, and I couldn't take my eyes off her gorgeous face. The contours were hard, yet soft and supple. A contradiction. Her mahogany hair was like a halo around the top of her head. I lay on the ground next to her, setting my mind back to my short talk with Eleazer, as saw her eyes open and rest on me with surprise and longing.

We were sitting on the snow banks, watching the sunlight bounce off a frozen river, counting rainbows like little girls. He said that it helped him concentrate on the greater things in life, and it was helping. Suddenly I was attacked with lustful emotions off Eleazer, and I roared.

"Eleazer, man! Come on. It doesn't help anything. You're lusting after Carmen like a dog for a bone, if you miss her so much, go." I huffed, casting him an angry sideward's glance.

"I'm sorry, Son," he sighed. "It can't really be helped. When you find your mate, you'll know what I mean." I winced at the reminder. "Again, I'm sorry. Though, I know of something that will bring you out of your misery?" He didn't wait for me to accept or decline his request. "When I'm gone—since I am missing my dear Carmen—set your mind aside and just like hunting focus on your beast. The greatest thing you desire now is a mate, more than even blood, and it will understand. It will lead you to it, just like it does with prey."

He was gone in a flash, and I gave myself over. It was an odd feeling. I never lost myself like this on purpose, like he said, only when I was hunting or fighting. We rarely called upon the beast for anything else. The pull was almost instantaneous, I went in the opposite direction back to the house, and with my speed I passed Eleazer and sent him all the gratitude I could as I passed for that small part of a second. I retrieved my passport, and money, and everything else that was important. I could still hear and feel Alice and Edward's moans and emotions coming from the other room, and I thought, have fun, which in turn made Edward chuckle darkly.

I ran as fast as I could, and once I was nearing the Alaskan border, I got a car to make myself seem more normal—humans, hardly ever walked through the borders. It was a day later of constant running when I realized the pull was making me head straight for Forks. Bella, I thought just as I found out where I was heading.

My Bella. My mate. I had suppressed the urge to crush her to me from the moment I saw her. As she lay right next to me, from the surprise radiating off her, I knew she had realized it too, and if I didn't know her any better she had watched the whole incident play in my head, because she was sneaky like that.

"Do you want to hunt, Jay?" she asked. "You haven't ate yet." I smiled nodding my head, and got up with her.

We ran silently, and in a few minutes Bella had located a rather large mountain lion, which she pounced on immediately, like I bullet in the air, she twisted with grace, and latched her teeth onto its neck, snapping it in the process. I gawped after her, mesmerized. Go drink, Jay, she said softly her lips still attached, I have a few bears and a couple of mountain lions for you. They're behind you. I turned around, to find a group of confused animals. They were in total five of them. She was going to keep me well fed.

Though I hadn't felt the burn of the thirst, to help matter's Bella had given it back for a few minutes. I was surprised at how much it truly was, and the animals were dry in a few minutes, with not a drop wasted. Once satisfied like I had never felt before—even on a diet of human blood (and that was saying something)—I turned to find Bells watching me.

"Have fun?" she asked, again in that gentle and tone. I smiled, and stood there unsure of what to do. She held out her hand, and like always, I was taking it in the next. "Close your eyes, Jasper," she whispered. I gulped and did as she asked. I could feel movement all around me, almost like I was being pulled into a tunnel. I clenched my eyes tighter, truly frightened. "You can open them now," she said when all the commotion died down. When I opened them we were standing where the Cullen home was meant to be, and right where we were before. "Teleport," she explained, folding herself sinuously onto the grass, and pulling me down with her.

We were quiet for a long time, and I focused on the sound of her breathing, and he rise and fall on her chest. Pervert, her voice sang into my head a half-hour later. I chuckled but did nothing to defend myself. I was the biggest pervert in the world when it came to Bella. I just stopped myself before because she could hear my mind.

"I'll stop if it bothers you," she laughed, her fingers going over the crescent on my exposed forearms. I mentally disagreed, and she smiled wider. There was annoyance and hatred coming off her at once, and I was shocked by the intensity. "There are thirteen just on the beginning of this arm," she growled through her teeth, "if I ever come across Maria, so help me God . . ." she trailed off, leaving that in the air. How did she know so much about my previous life? I guess with Bella there was too much that was a possibility, for all I knew she could have gone back I time and watched the whole of the newborn wars take place. "I can do a lot of things, Jasper," she said softly, "but believe me, I can't do that. I wish that I could, so much . . . and that's probably why I can't."


"So I could go back and kill Maria, before she had the chance to hurt you," she whispered, brushing the backs of her fingers across my arm. "I mean, why you? Out of the billions in this world, she came across you, of all people! Though before I rip her to pieces, I am going to thank her for turning you," she finished in a sickeningly sweet way.

Sexy, I mentally screamed, and she was knocked over by the force. I laughed, and tickled her, until venom leaked from her eyes and she was screaming out that she couldn't breathe. Darling, you don't need to breathe, I taunted her, and she sent me all the emotions she could, and suddenly I had insight to what I did with her earlier. I let go of her, and let her sit back up. She gave me death glares, which were quickly followed by her smirking.

I rolled my eyes, and sent her some emotional loving—because I'm a hippie like that—and she nodded her head, and did nothing else. I had wanted her to jump me the moment she found out, since I wouldn't have to hold back anymore, but if this was what she wanted, then I was fine with it. She was still getting over Eddie-boy and, it would be better off that way. At least she wouldn't cry out his name instead of mine. My eyes snapped to her, realizing what I had just thought, and she was contemplative, halving blades of grass at a vampire's pace, even though she looked human. There was no emotions coming off her, and my instincts were telling me she was human again—them, and the fact that I could see the pulsation of the vein in her neck, and the blood pump behind it. This must have been the longest I stared at someone's neck without being dragged from a room, or already drained them dry.

"Jasper," she sighed, looking up. "I'm going home." What? I screamed, again and she winced closing her eyes, tightly shut. "I swear," she said through her teeth, "you do that again, and I am going to forget the fact that you're my mate, and rip you head off!" I gulped, terrified by the anger blazing in her eyes. I'm sorry. "I know . . . You know I was going home to pack my things," she said with a smile, "I wasn't going to leave you. I can't. We are not staying in Forks, Jay. We can't. The whole town is going to think shit of me, and despite what I've done for them all, they still don't know. I can't stay here." I nodded, though the regret of tearing down Esme's house washed over me. "It's okay, Jasper, because of me they'll never return here. The only way they'll find out is that if Alice sees this—which I doubt, since I've got us covered—or he decides to change his mind, which I equally doubt."

I let all of what she said, sink in. She had admitted that we were mates, and that she couldn't leave me. Yes! I cheered, a little lowly, making her laugh. We were also going to elope from Forks. I didn't mind at all. I had only came here for her, and she knew that as well as me. She had been staying here because she wanted to help people, and she had done that too. But where are we going to go?


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