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Chapter 1:

"Thanks Big Bro" Emma said leaning over to kiss Joe's check. "Thanks for the ride."

"I thought you had this weekend off. Eric isn't going to be happy."

"Eric is never happy if he doesn't get exactly what he wants."

"Shrug. Hes still the lucky one. He got you." Emma smiled at him. "Maybe you picked the wrong brother." he continued jokingly.

"Maybe I picked the wrong family." she muttered.

"Ouch. Will you ever forgive me?"

"Bring me pizza and give Eric a kiss for me."

"Pizza yes, kiss Eric. Gross" Emma rolled her eyes.

"Pizza!" she ordered getting out of the car. "I'll be home tomorrow morning. Thanks for the ride." Joe smiled and nodded his head before driving off.

The Martens weren't really bad people. In fact she loved little Maria and her mother Jill. Mr. Marten however was a different story. She tried to hide her discomfort as he came to the door.

"Emma. Thank God" he said smiling sweetly looking too fake. The senator had plenty of practice with his fake grin. Emma shuddered as he scanned her over. "Look Emma about what happened."

"Nothing happened." she muttered as Maria came closer. "Hey m&m" she said picking up the little bundle of blond curls, causing her to chuckle slightly as she wrapped her arms around her neck.

"Calvin let her in already. Don't just stand there!" Jill called out from the kitchen. Emma liked Jill. She had dark hair like her husband, which lead Emma to wonder once or twice where Maria got her blond hair. Her eyes were usually bright and lively but now they looked fairly dull.

"Jill is everything alright?" she asked handing Maria back to her dad for goodbyes before following Jill back into the kitchen.

"Thanks for asking, its just...My mother was admitted to the hospital early this morning. A stroke. I just...I need to be there. Thank you for taking care of Maria. I just, I can't be strong in front of her and Calvin has a business meeting that he can't miss."

"Of course. Really its no big deal. Tell her to take care, and I really am sorry."

"Your too sweet," Jill said smiling and hugging her gently.

"Its nothing."

"Right. Well," Jill continued. "I'm running late but there's some chicken nuggets in the freezer and some mac & cheese. And feel free to anything else in the house."


"Alright. I got to go but take care." Emma nodded and followed Jill to the front door, helping hand off her luggage to the driver.

"Be safe" she said as she and Maria waved goodbye.

"So." she asked turning back to Maria. "What should we do...watch TV...make cookies or bath time." Maria looked at her quietly.

"Bath?" Emma asked raising an eyebrow.

"No...cookies..." she said suspiciously as if Emma was laying to her.

"I thought so what kind?"

"M&M" she chuckled.

"Alright then lets go see what we can find."