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All was normal.

Well, it's Camelot, nothing was ever normal. But it was as normal as it got.

Gaius was minding his own business when he heard the shouts of pain and fear coming from Merlin's room.

Gaius went as fast as he could.

He opened the door to find Merlin lying on the bed, staring into space.

"Are you alright?" Gaius asked warily.

"Yes, I've never been better." Merlin said, turning his head in Gaius's direction.

"But…You were screaming."

"Oh," Merlin said, laughing, "That wasn't me."

"No?" Gaius asked, raising an eyebrow, "Then who was it?"

"That was Merlin." Merlin said, smirking slightly.

"Have you been out with Gwaine?" Gaius asked.


"Then who are you, if you're not Merlin?"

Merlin's half smirk turned into a full one.

"Gaius! I thought you knew!" Merlin said, almost chiding him, "My name is Emrys."

"You've been out with Gwaine." Gaius said, turning it into a statement.

"Fool. I am Emrys the Immortal. I don't need Gwaine, I don't need anybody, I don't need anything. Especially not you." Merlin said, before his eyes went gold and Gaius's world went black.

Arthur wasn't having a good day. Life was so stressful, what with all the villages that had been attacked, and Agravaine acting strangely, and Gwen arguing with him.

But nothing scared him more than seeing Merlin.

"You're smirking." Arthur stated, "And doing a good job of it."

Merlin grunted slightly, digging his nails in his arms.

"Are you alright?"Arthur asked.

Merlin seemed to choke, then regain control of himself.

"I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?"

Arthur looked concerned a moment, then said, "In that case, Merlin…"

"Not Merlin. Em…" Merlin said, before passing out.

"It's Arthur's servant, milady." Agravaine told Morgana.

"Merlin? What of him?" she asked.

"Arthur said he was claiming that his name wasn't Merlin."

"What did he say it was, then?" Morgana asked, slightly amused.

"Apparently he started to say 'Em' but collapsed before he got any farther."

Morgana stepped close to Agravaine, looking delighted.

"Do you think he was going to say 'Emrys'?" she asked.

"Probably, milady."

Morgana closed her eyes, smiling.

"This is perfect." she said.

"Why?" Agravaine asked.

"Because if Emrys wants to possess Merlin, then he can't be all on Arthur's side."

Shoving Agravaine out of the way, Morgana got on her horse.

"I set out for Camelot!" she yelled back, "I must find Emrys."

Emrys was trapped again, seeing but not controlling, hearing but not speaking.

This existence isn't enough, he thought, I can be more. So much more.

Time to fight.

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