The sleepover club

Kenny's POV

I've never seen Rosie like this before, she had tears streaming down her face when she got to the beach hut. Of course we knew her mum had died three years ago but today was her fourth death anniversary and we could all see the pain in Rosie's eyes when she came to the Beach Hut cafe.

''Rosie,what's wrong?'' asked Frankie as she placed her hand on Rosie's shoulder.

''My mum's death anniversary is today'' sobbed Rosie as she banged her head on the table and cried.

''Rosie,I'm so sorry'' I said

''Rosie, there's a sleepover tonight. It might cheer you up and we'll make sure it's at Frankie's'' said Lyndz as she wiped Rosie's tears away with a leftover napkin.

''Thanks'' said Rosie as she smiled but we knew it was fake coz I could see the pain.

Later that night, me and Rosie met up with the girls at Frankie's for the cheer up sleepover.