Jacob's Point of View

Her eyelids were dropping by the second. And all I could do was tell her to stay awake until I could get her to our room. Jared and Kim were still down at the pool, but Emma was too tired to last any longer without passing out. I held her wedding style and she curled up against my chest. She is beautiful. Everything about her is beautiful. Her lips curl and pout when she sleeps. Her eyes are big and beautiful. They're closed now and she nuzzles my chest.

I smile because there can't be anything more perfect than this. When I got to our room, I struggled a little to get the key card out of my pocket while holding Emma. Eventually, I managed and unlocked the door.

Emma had changed at the pool so I lay her down on the bed before I went to the bathroom to change out of my suit. When I got out, Emma was sound asleep and breathing heavily. I smiled to myself and tucked her into the sheets. She smiled in her sleep at my touch. I had planned to give Billy a call, but seeing her smile like that, I couldn't bear to leave her. I crawled under the blankets and pulled her into my arms.

She sighed when I ran my hand through her hair. "Sleep Em" I said, knowing full well that my girl wasn't asleep anymore.

She grumbled something that I didn't hear and shushed her gently. "It's alright. Close your eyes." I put my hands on her stomach the way I know she loves. And in response, she pushed herself closer to me and sighed.

"How do you always know?" she asked sleepily.

"Know what?" I asked softly, trying to encourage her to sleep. Surely she knew I wouldn't leave her. Why does she have so much trouble sleeping?

"To do exactly what I'm craving."

I hummed an old lullaby and rubbed circles along her stomach. "What are you craving? My touch?" Alright, so it was kind of mean to tease her while she's sleepy, but I couldn't resist.

Emma buried her face in her hands and nodded a shy yes. Slowly, with a smile on my face, I pulled her hands away and kissed her forehead softly. "I'm glad" I said truthfully. "You craving me means I'm doing my job right."

Her cheeks heated up and she tried to pull her face away from me, but I captured her lips with mine. She yawned and I decided to stop teasing her and let her sleep. Within minutes of me rubbing her back and running my hand through her hair, she was asleep.

And that's how Jared and Kim found us an hour later: with Emma asleep on my chest and my hand lost her thick hair. Kim smiled and awed. Jared only shook his head and laughed a little. I wanted to throw something at him, but I was afraid to wake Emma.

She rolled around a little, but never left my arms. And whenever she did, she would whimper something awful until I pulled her back. It was pretty damn cute and it definitely pulled on the heartstrings.

How the hell could our beautiful vacation be over? Had it really been four days? All I knew is that I didn't want to go back. I loved having all this time with Emma and only having to worry about keeping her warm and safe.

Jared was driving on the way back so I could sit with Emma in the back. It was early when we left and it was turning out to be another rainy day. Emma surprised me telling me she loves La Push weather because she loves rainy days. "I just think they are more romantic and comfortable than hot, sunny days."

Needless to say, Kim teased her for a few minutes about that one. In the car though, Kim and Jared were in their own little world as Emma and I were. I pulled her as close as I could with her seatbelt on and kissed her once. She smiled with her eyes closed and leaned her head against my shoulder.

"Welcome back to La Push!" Kim suddenly shouted.

I groaned and Emma laughed. "Back to patrolling" Jared sighed.

I nodded and Emma squeezed my hand. I know she worries about me when I patrol. It scares her to think of all the leeches out there. I wish I could comfort her. I've told her dozens of times that we are built to handle these monsters, but she still worries.

Many nights, after I return from patrolling, I check on Emma before I go home. She leaves her window open for me. And every time I've climbed in expecting to just tuck Emma in, she's sitting up on her bed and waiting for me. She swears that she can't fall asleep until she knows I'm safe, and by the dark circles around her eyes the next day, I believe her.

It scares me because I worry about her just as much. When I'm out there, I'm always hoping and praying that tonight is the night that Emma is able to relax and get some sleep. Although I love that she needs me, I wish she wouldn't worry so much. When I rub her back, the muscle there is so tense from sitting up late into the night and worrying. I wish she could relax. I do anything to know she's ok when I'm gone. Because it makes it that much harder to leave when I know my girl is panicking every minute I'm gone.

Emma turns her head to peer out the window at the forest. She smiles and then suddenly the smile is gone. She shoulders tense up and she nudges me furiously. "Jake! Look!"

I follow her gaze into the trees. And it's as obvious as black ink on white paper. She's doing nothing to hide herself from view. She wants us to see. She runs at a pace to match ours and suddenly she turns her head. The blood red eyes match the hair.

Emma shivers and I growl along with Jared who's caught on. The leech smirks and vanishes into the forest. I wrap my arms around Emma and try to get her to calm down.

"She's back" she says.