Okay, so this is my first story! I'm pretty pumped about it!

The basic summary is;

After telling Rose that 'Love fades' Dimitri moves to Russia for 6 months. Now he is back, how will Rose cope. Queen was never murdered.

It will have some angst, romance in later chapters, but for now it is just an intro and repairing the lost frienship between Rose and Dimitri.


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I sat in the Royal Court airport, watching the plane I had just disembarked fly off again, and tried to work out my next move. My baggage, including my wallet and all forms of identification, had been lost. You are probably wondering, 'How the Hell did you get on and off a plane without any passport, plane ticket and/or wallet?' and the answer is crazy new flying rules. After last week's suicide bombing attempt, which thankfully was stopped in time, the terrified Moroi barely allow you to claim the clothes on your back as hand-luggage, let alone a wallet. For safety reasons, they now take everything and, after extensive security searches, put it in the hull of the aircraft. Except that they obviously didn't do that with my luggage. I couldn't sign into my hotel room, I couldn't go to Lissa, Rose, or any of my friends from before (though that was my own fault), Tasha was away and the only Guardian I had left on good terms with had a heavily pregnant wife. Basically, I was screwed. After some deliberation, I decided that John and his pregnant wife were the best choice; at least I may be of aid if an ambulance needed calling.

Even after staying in Baia for 6 months, I found Court as familiar as always and I arrived at the Guardian quarters in no time. I wondered why my dear friends still lived here, Alana, John's Moroi wife, was loosely related to the Conta family, and wasn't the type for small, if well decorated, Guardian apartments. I knocked on the door, hoping I was not causing too much trouble and cursing my flight for landing at midnight. My banging was met with familiar grumbling, but even that couldn't prepare me for who opened the door "Rose? What are you doing here?"
"Was about to ask that myself." She said stiffly, her initial confusion turning to resentment.
"Look, I'm sorry, wrong apartment, please forgive me-"
"-Who are you looking for?" she interrupted, only slightly less annoyed but relatively curious
"Ah, John and Alanna Michaels, but I realise I have the wrong place." I said apologetically
"No, this is their place, I am just house-sitting, they wanted to have the baby in New York with Alana's family present," Rose looked me up and down, noticing my bedraggled, pitiful state for the first time, through her sleepy stupor. Then, she did the unbelievable; she smiled.
"Belikov, you look tired, homeless, cold and defeated, and it is raining, though that will soon turn to hail or snow." My silence confirmed her suspicions, so she continued,
"Since John is coming back tomorrow, to child-proof the house I believe, you can stay and talk to him then if you like. Anyway, he would probably kick me out if I didn't offer you the couch." She was still grinning slightly, probably at the obscurity of this situation. I had forgotten how beautiful she was, especially with a smile to light up her eyes. I slapped myself mentally, I was working very hard not to notice her body, her hair, her- Anyway, I was trying not to notice her beauty because if I slipped up once, the floodgates would open and all my love and affection for her would come out. Feelings she no longer reciprocated.
I gratefully accepted her offer and, once I had set up a bed of sheets on the couch near the heater, under Rose's wary eye, I fell asleep immediately.

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