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Sometimes if he focused hard enough, he would notice something out of the corner of his eye. It was like an itch on his back that he couldn't quite reach. He suspected it had been going on for awhile but was concerned about other things.

Like his suddenly perfect life.

It didn't make sense.

Wally didn't know what to make of it. Everything was going… perfect, which again, didn't make sense. The bullies from school no longer pick on him, the English report that he fell asleep on was finished the next day, the incompetent science partner transferred to another school and now he's teamed up with Brandon who actually got what the teacher was explaining to them.

Then there were the gifts. Well he wasn't sure if he should really call them gifts but… well food kept appearing. Sandwich in the fridge when he woke up at midnight for a snack. There were cookies in his backpack every day. Even his gantlet was full of food whenever he checked it. He swore that if he requested a ham sandwich and turned around sitting behind him would be a plate of ham sandwiches.

Maybe he was going crazy?

It could be a dream.

Though the pain as his back hit the wall told him it wasn't a dream. Really all Wally wanted to do was to save the poor lady from the mugger. He didn't really expect the mugger to be some massive body builder under all that black cloth otherwise he would have changed into his Kid Flash outfit. This suddenly sucked majorly.

Wally closed his eyes and lifted up his arms in attempt to block the mugger's attack but it never came. He brought his arms down to find the mugger on the ground unconscious. Weird…

Now having Robin as his best friend, meant that Robin was up in the air more than half the time and if Wally wanted to find his best friend, he had to look up. It also meant outside of hanging with his best friend, Wally was conditioned to always look up first before checking side to side.

So he looked up.

Which meant he saw a very familiar black and yellow cape just disappear over the edge of the building.

Why was Robin in Central?

Robin didn't call to him he was coming to Central for a visit. Uncle Barry didn't call him about a mission, which meant there was no team up with Batman and there was no way Batman would come into Central without telling Uncle Barry.

Wally thought about and thought about. He pondered it through while the lady thanked him for saving her and through the police report. Finally when Uncle Barry came to pick him, Wally looked at his uncle and said, "I have a Bat Stalker."

Barry smiled unapologetically and patted his nephew on the back. "Wally, that's just Bat for 'I like you."

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