Ah... It was good to be back. Back in my own bed. I thought summer vacation would never come. College life had been exciting but very tiring. It was good to be able to see Dad, Madeline, Lizzie, and Mason. After I'm able to get myself out of this comfortable bed, I'm going to see Nickers. I can't wait to ride again.


"What, Lizzie?" I groaned as I forced myself out of bed.

Note to self: Remind Lizzie not to wake me in the morning when I'm back from college.

Lizzie flung the door open.

"Thank goodness you're finally awake! Isn't it a lovely morning? Don't forget to start packing after breakfast. Oh Catman and M are waiting for you. I already washed most of your clothes and-"

"Hold it, Liz! I just woke up! What's all this? Packing? Catman? M? M's in England!"

Liz cocked her head a little.

"Don't you remember last night?"

Last night? Uh... no? For crying out loud Liz! I got home at midnight! Wait... now that I think about it you did say something about something... Oh great... what have I gotten myself into?


Liz smacked her forehead.

"Catman didn't tell you?"

Catman rarely tells me anything I need to know...

"Uh no?" I replied as I started to change.

"For summer vacation Catman's going to Starlight Animal Rescue."

"That's nice," I yawned.

"You and M and Hawk are going with him. He said it was some sort of Coolidge family and friends reunion. Cool, huh? The Coolidges always have groovy ideas!" Liz giggled.

"Whoa, whoa! Did you say Hawk? My Hawk?"

"Did I? Oh yes I did. I thought for sure Catman would've told you that."

When I see Catman...

"Oh look at me! I gotta go soon to babysit! You better hurry up, Winnie. Catman and M are still waiting for you."

"They're here?"

"I told you that like three minutes ago!" Liz called out as she hurried out my room.

Man... I'm really out of it...

I quickly brushed my hair and tied it in a messy ponytail. After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I was good to go. Now to see Catman and ask him some questions.

"Hey, Winnie," Catman called out.

M nodded at me. Catman was sitting on the floor cross legged and M was sitting with Mason on the couch.

"Hi," I said back trying to keep the irritation from my voice.

I knew Catman hear the irritation despite trying to hold it back.

"Cool it, Winnie. It's a groovy day and you should enjoy it."

M nodded in agreement.

Great... They've ganged up on me. But it's not bad... I kinda missed them together.

"So, Lizzy told me you have plans for the summer?" I asked and plopped down beside Mason.

Mason didn't notice me as he focused on a stain on the floor.

"Claire and Gram's plan."

Why am I not surprised?

"What's the plan?"

I'm not really interested but I kinda would like to know what I'm getting into. So Catman you better answer!

"A family and friends reunion. Gram thought it'd be great for the folks to get together again."

"Have fun."

Catman blinked his catlike eyes.

"You're coming."

M nodded again.

Haha nice try.

"No, I'm not."

Catman narrowed his eyes at me.

"Winnie," he said in all seriousness, "You are coming."

"Catman... Really, I'm not. I just got back home and there's a lot of things I gotta do. I still owe you money and Nickers needs attention."

"Chill, Winnie. We got it covered. No worries, Nickers is tagging along."

I sighed in exasperation.

"You really planned this one out."

M and Catman grinned.

"I'm still not coming..."


"Don't 'Winnie...' me. I can't go. You know that."

"Seriously chill. Claire and Bart have it sorted. Don't worry about a thing."

Catman... He always has a way of getting me into things. Now don't get me wrong, he doesn't drag me into bad things. He gets me into things I know I want to do but feel like I shouldn't. But it seems like in the end, he was right to get me into it. I would love to go with him and M and Hawk... but I need to make money for college tuition. Studying to be a vet is expensive. I know I finally trusted God to go to Ohio State but I still feel like I should at least do something to put money toward college tuition and stuff.

"All right... I'll go."


M gave me a thumbs up.

"So... when are we leaving?"

"After lunch."


Catman blinked again.

"Didn't your sister tell you?"


Oh great... Liz probably told me right when I got home... Man oh man... Why do people talk to me when I'm half asleep?

Note to self: Never reply to people when you're half asleep.

I put on a fake smile.