I was rather surprised when I got an email from Catman. I mean we had been emailing each other ever since I moved to England but this email was an invite. It seems like his Gram and mom thought a reunion of family and friends. It was a great offer that I couldn't pass up. I missed America and well I missed my old friends in Ohio. I don't have many friends in Oxford so my summer would be rather lonely so I accepted Catman's invite.

I took in a deep breath. It was good to be back in Ohio. I was staying at Catman's place since my parents (well I should say adopted parents technically but I love them as if they were my bio parents) are living in England. After lunch today, we'll be leaving for Nice, Illinois. Nice, huh? Puns... not something I'm good at but when you've been around Catman's dad for awhile, his corny jokes and puns kinda rub off on you.

"M? Ready to go, man?" Catman asked as he and his cats came out of the house.

I nodded quickly. I was actually excited to see Winnie again. Her character amused me. She and Catman are my best friends. I can't wait for the trip to start. It'll be interesting to see what Catman's relatives are like.

The walk to Winnie's was quiet except for Catman's little feline followers. As we got to the house, I wondered if we should have come a little later. But Catman seems to have things planned out. At least, I hoped.

Ring. Ring.

Catman held the doorbell down for a few more seconds then let go.


I pursed my lips. We really should have waited a little later.

"Sorry, Dad! I'll fix that after I get the door!"

Catman took a step away from the door as we heard footsteps coming to the door.

"Catman! M!"

Liz smiled and opened the door wide.

"What brings you to here? Oh wait, I remember now. Winnie! Oh, but she's not up yet. She was soooo tired when she came back. Just come inside and I'll go get Winnie. Mind the boxes. Winnie hasn't unpacked from college so we have a lot of her stuff in the living room."

Liz continued her chatter as she lead us through the little maze of boxes and into the living room. I was glad Catman's cats stayed behind. They would of added to the chaos. I sat down on the couch and Catman made himself comfortable on the floor.

"Winnie should be out in a minute. She'll be soo excited to see you both."

Liz hurried to the hallway to Winnie's room while Catman and I chilled in silence. We could hear her dad and Madeline talking in the kitchen as we continued to wait. I didn't think it would take this long to wake Winnie. Maybe she was greeting Nickers? I had heard she was an early riser when it comes to horses.

"Hey man."

I looked up and realized Catman was greeting Mason. I smiled at him and he came over and plopped down on the couch beside me. He then proceeded to stare at a stain on the couch while Catman and I continued to chill in silence. Well, it wasn't complete silence but pretty close. I could faintly hear Liz waking Winnie. Seriously Catman... we should've come a little later, like after lunch. We were suppose to pick her up after lunch anyways.

"Hey, Winnie!" Catman grinned as Winnie walked in.

I nodded hello.

"Hi..." She rubbed her face sleepily.

Poor girl... She looked exhausted. From the looks of things I don't think she knows about the trip. Typical of Catman not to tell her, but then I guess he liked it that way.

"So I heard you have plans for the summer?" Winnie asked and sat down next to Mason.

Catman nodded. "A trip to the Starlight Animal Rescue."

"Have fun," she replied.

Catman raised an eyebrow and blinked. "You're coming."

Ah, ah... here it comes. Winnie and Catman are in for a little argument. I'm trusting that Catman will get her to calm down and some with us on this trip but I have a feeling he's not going to be very tactful about it.

"Don't worry about a thing, Winnie. Mom and Dad have things covered," Catman explained.

Winnie sighed. "All right. When are we leaving?"

I gave Winnie a thumps up.

"After lunch," Catman replied as he stood up.

"What?" Winnie stared at Catman.

"Didn't your sister mention it to you?" Catman asked.

Winnie cracked a fake grin. "Yay..."

I glanced at Catman and he just shrugged. Everything seems to be fine according to Catman but we'll see won't we?

After lunch, Catman and I joined Winnie as she headed to the barn to get Nickers ready for the trip. It's been awhile since I've been a near a horse. Now I'm not nervous or anything, I'm actually excited to see Nickers. She's a beautiful white Arabian that Winnie gentled. It's hard to believe that she was "Wild Thing." Winnie and Nickers seemed to be one as they came over to the trailer. I was rather surprised that Nickers seemed to be fine with being loaded onto a trailer. I've heard from Catman and -of course- Winnie that Nickers usually acted up really bad when being loaded. I wonder if this was God telling Winnie that she should enjoy this time with us.

"Nickers is ready," Winnie announced as she closed up the trailer.

Catman nodded. "Groovy. Everyone all set?"

Winnie and I nodded. We were ready.

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