The Punishment

This is a test to see if I should keep writing this story. I'm already doing two stories at the moment. Just want to see if this could be a good story to write. If so I'll keep updating and split my time between the two other stories as well.

Hello all. This will be my first Ouran fanfic. I've written Naruto fanfics so far but one of my friends gave me an idea to write one for Ouran. I love the anime/manga so why not. This will have an OC so if you don't like OCs than I'm sorry. Some of the characters may be OOCish and there will be different events that didn't happen in the anime/manga. I'll try to keep the characters as much in character as possible. This story will be in 1st person of my OC unless I write otherwise.

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In English

Japanese/regular talk

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Chapter 1: One Long School Year

"Hello, My name is Sam Frost and I will be joining your class as of today." I tried to smile but the squeals from the girls made me frown. They all seemed to have gaga eyes as I stood in front of the class. I tugged at the blue purple blazer I wore, feeling uncomfortable. I didn't like the attention I was getting from everyone.

"Well, Mr. Frost please take a seat next to Kaoru Hitachiin in the back." I looked up to see a hand raised in the back. Sighing, I trudged to the back of the room while ignoring the giggling girls.

I hate girls like that. Always mooning over any cute guy they see. Glad I'm not like that.

I spotted the person who had raised their hand and noticed that sitting next to him was a girl in a boy's uniform. The other boy on the other side of the girl looked like the other one; they were twins. I felt slightly jealous of the fact that they were twins but brushed it off. I sat down and stared back at the teacher. He was going on about math but I tuned him out after a while; I was good in math so I didn't need to listen.

I guess I'm not the only cross dressing girl here. That's very reassuring...wonder why she's dressed up as a guy. Stupid brothers and the bet...stupid me for taking it.

My full name was Samantha Frost. I am biologically a girl but appearance wise I looked like a guy. I lost a bet with my two older brothers and the punishment was to dress as a guy for as long as they wanted. I couldn't tell anyone or I'd have another punishment to go with my previous one. I had taken this bet before I left for America two years ago. My mom sent me to an all girls school hoping I would be more lady like. Unfortunately, I hung out with the more wild girls at the school and came home different. My mom fainted at the sight of me; I had pierced my lip with a silver lip ring and the corner of my right ear had two silver loops. I had, also, dyed the tips of my hair red.

I fingered my short hair, it was now layered the longest layer a little above my chin and then it got shorter and shorter. I had dyed the tips blue this time. My voice wasn't girly, it never had been, so I didn't have to worry about that. Seth said my chest would get in the way so I had to use chest bindings.

Well, Seth and Steve are doing me a favor...I don't have to wear the dress. The girls here look like walking creme puffs!

Mom had heart attack when she saw my new look. She started to go crazy until Steve said that it was only a faze and I would soon become a proper lady, as if. Mom was too traditional and dad spoiled me too much. I love them both but I felt smothered under all their attention, especially Mom's. She's been nagging me to be a lady ever since I was thirteen; she wants me to settle down and get married by the time I'm twenty-one. Dad is the only one who can keep her from planing an arranged marriage for me, for now at least.

"Frost-san? Class is over." I blinked and looked up at brown eyes. I had been in deep thought that I hadn't even heard the class leave.

"Oh, thanks. No need to call me Frost anything, just call me Sam. And you are?"

"Haruhi Fujioka," she said simply.

I smiled at her and gathered my things. Haruhi seemed okay and she was smart, being an honors student and all. I had heard about her from the many gossipers I passed while finding my room. Mainly, they were girls saying how brave he was to come to Ouran and how smart and cool he was as well.

I looked up again and saw the twins watching me. I tried to smile but they just looked at me. Both had auburn colored hair and gold colored eyes. Kaoru had his hair parted to right which would be my left while his brother was to the left which is my right. They had a mischievous glint in their eyes that I've seen many times.

"Um, Hi. You must be Kaoru's brother." I looked at the other twin and smiled putting my hand out. He frowned at me and looked at his twin.

"I'm Kaoru. This is my brother Hikaru." He gestured to Kaoru and Kaoru nodded. I felt my mouth turn into a small smile at their little game. I had played this game many times already so I knew what they were up to.

"Ya and I'm the president of America. I know which ones which. I have a twin too you know." They looked at me with slight surprise.

"You have a twin too Fro-uh Sam?"

"Yes I have a bro-uh sister though. We look a lot alike especially now that she cut her hair like mines and dyed it too. We have the same exact piercings, we only dress differently; her in girl clothes and me in guy clothes." I kept babbling hoping they didn't notice my slip up. If they ever saw me in girl's clothes then I would just tell them I was my twin.

"Come on Haruhi, we'll be late for the Host Club." Hikaru was already near the door and Kaoru was right behind him. Haruhi let out an exasperated sigh and gathered her stuff. I was curious about the Host Club so I followed them.

We ended up in Music Room 3. The twins spun around and looked at me; Haruhi also looked at me with slight confusion.

"What? Can't a gi-guy see what the Host Club is? I was curious, that's all." The twins shrugged and opened the doors. I followed Haruhi in and was blinded by an obnoxious white light. Standing in a line were four other handsome boys.

Well they sure know how to pick 'em. Only the really good looking guys...wonder how much they have upstairs.

"Well, who do we have here?" A blond student with blue-violet colored eyes stared at me. He gave off an uncharacteristically bright light. The one with the glasses and dark hair looked up and stared at me. I fidgeted under his gaze but didn't look away, I always held other people's looks. Finally he looked back down to his laptop and started to click away.

"Oh, this thing?" Hikaru waved a hand toward me. I felt a vein pop in my head.

This thing? I'm not a thing you bastard!

"This is Sam Frost. He's a new student to our school." Haruhi introduced me and gave me an apologetic look; I just smiled.

"Hello. It's nice to meet Haruhi's friends. I hope we can get along as well. Haruhi has been very nice to me and I hope we can be good friends too." The blond looked horrified as I kept talking. I wanted to be friends with someone at least so what was wrong with that?

Suddenly he grabbed Haruhi and pulled her away from me. He pushed her behind him and glared, or tried to, at me.

"I will not have my Haruhi associate with such a ruffian! You will be a bad influence to he-him as you seem like the bad type!" Everyone in the room, minus glasses guy, sweat dropped.

"Tamaki-senpai I'm not yours and I can talk to whomever I want." Haruhi looked mad while Tamaki tried to persuade her why I wasn't a good person. I could feel my anger boiling over this guy. He really thought I was a bad person.

"Listen here you airhead. I may look like this but I'm not a bad person. I've gotten all As in school every year. I don't do drugs and I'm not in a gang. You just based everything on the way I look. Ever heard of 'Never judge a book by it's cover'? You are just too shallow and idiotic to actually get to know someone; you just go making assumptions when you know nothing." It seemed like my word of calling him shallow, idiotic and an airhead hit him like an arrow. In the end he went into a corner and moped while growing mushrooms of depression.

Hikaru and Kaoru both started to laugh. Haruhi looked slightly amused and I was still seething. Glasses guy snapped his laptop closed and stood up.

"Sorry about that Mr. Frost. I am Kyoya Ootori vice-president of the Host Club. You've met Tamaki Suoh our President." I snorted at Kyoya mentioning Tamaki as president of anything.

Some president he is.

"Hmm, Sam Frost is 15 years old. Birthday August 20, sign Leo. Has two older siblings. Mother is Rika Frost, maiden name Kaji; born Japanese. She owns one of the most popular spas in Japan and America. Father is Mitch Frost, who is American. Owner of Frost Heating Company, gives heat to most of America and a large portion of Japan. Family is well known throughout America and donates to many charitable funds." He stated in a know-it-all tone.

"What you don't have my blood type in there?" I was being sarcastic.

"Blood type is AB positive." I sweat dropped and glanced at the other members. I felt disturbed that this guy knew so much about me even my blood type.

Does he know about the real Sam Frost then? He hasn't mentioned it so maybe not...I hope.

"How do you even know these things?" Kyoya just gave me a knowing smirk and went back to his notebook.

I'll have to be careful around him.

I gagged as the twins did their 'brotherly love' act. It was quiet disturbing and I could hardly ever imagine me doing that with my twin. I wandered away and watched as Hunny eat cake and the girls just squealed in delight. I was surprised that such a short kid was actually a third year like his cousin, Mori, who was twice his size. I stuck around to watch the each host member and tried to see what the girls saw in them.

Tamaki was suppose to be the princely type, more like the idiotic airhead type. He spewed complement after complement to each customer that I wondered what was in his head; maybe cotton candy. The twins were just gross on too many levels even though they were acting. It just scared the heck out of me that girls would find that interesting. Hunny was cute so I could understand why the girls loved him so much; he's like the little brother I've always wanted. Mori was a person of few words and I mean few. He seemed alright from what I could see and was protective of his cousin.

Haruhi. She was an interesting one. Kyoya said he is what you call a natural type. Girls seemed to fall head of heels with the simplest gestures she made. I think they're blind if they can't see that he is a she. I still had no idea why she was working as a guy at the Host Club and I had a feeling that no one would tell me willingly.

"Uh Frost-san, are you a host too?" I looked up at two girls in my grade staring at me. They had slightly flushed faces.

"Sorry ladies but I'm just observing the Host Club. I would never be-"

"Of course Sam is hosting. Please right this way." Kyoya lead the girls to a couch and came back to me. I glared at him with the look of what-the-hell!?

"The girls seem interested in you. This could make more money for the Club and you'll even get paid," he said while writing in his book.

"No. I will not pretend to flirt with a bunch of girls who have cotton balls for brains. You can't force me to." Kyoya chuckled and pushed his glasses up.

"On the contrary I can force you to work for the club. You can work or I can tell everyone your little secret. Right, Samantha?" I paled and looked around to see if anyone heard. No one was paying attention to us.

"How the hell did you find out?" I hissed under my breath.

"Just some basic research into your files here and there. Now do we have a deal?" His voice sounded smug but his face gave nothing away.

"Do I have a choice?" I grumbled.

"There is always a choice Sam."

"Yeah right. Fine I'll do it just don't tell anyone. I don't need my brothers finding out, they'd have a field day if they knew they could add another punishment," I said while imagining what my brothers would do.

"Your secret is safe with me. You will now be a host to our club." Kyoya wrote something down in his book and gave me an amused smile. I scowled at him.

"You bastard. You're just a mean scrooge." Kyoya looked annoyed at me speaking English and I flashed a small smirk of my own. I could at least insult him in another language. I trudged to the table with the two girls. Plopping in the chair across from them, I forced a smile on my face.

"Sorry to keep you two waiting. My name is Sam Frost but please call me Sam." The girls' face got more flushed and they squealed again. I suppressed myself from rolling my eyes.

This is gonna be one long school year.

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