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Dawn was breaking.

I could sense the world waking up all around me. The quiet sounds of the night were becoming even more muted, as small creatures stirred in the warmth of the awakening sun.

Sitting alone in the early hours of the day, I listened intently to the different sounds as night gave way to light. The crickets stopped their chirping. The birds began their songs. The night owl ceased his hooting, while many small winged creatures took to flight in the gathering light.

They all began another busy, productive day in their useful lives.

With a deep sigh, I stood up. It was time, once again, to start my day. Another empty meaningless day just like yesterday. Going through the motions, smiling when I should, answering the same mundane questions when asked, and wishing for the whole fucking thing to be done so I could, once again, be alone.


So I didn't have to pretend. I could just be.

I was tired of pretending.

I was just fucking tired.