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Abby POV

As promised I went to my parents' house early the next morning, the envelope of sonograms in my hand.

"Abby! Are you feeling okay today honey? Do you want something to eat? Hey Brody! What about you? Are you hungry?" my mom rushed through a thousand questions at once as she ushered us into the kitchen and placed us at the table before beginning to fix us each a plate of food.

"Mom calm down, I'm fine! Is everyone here yet?" I asked trying to sound as normal as possible.

"Yes everyone except Richie and Laura, they should be getting her—"

"WE'RE HERE!" Richie shouts interrupting her as he and Laura walk into the kitchen. "Hey you, how are you feeling this morning?" He asks kissing me on the head.

Sighing at the redundant questions, "I'm fine, why don't you get everyone in here," I suggest with a pointed look to Richie.

"Sure thing Abbs," he opens the back door and shouts, "GET YOUR BUTTS IN HERE, ABBY'S GOT SOMETHING TO SAY!" We all glare at him as he turns around, "What?! You said to get everyone, this was the fastest way."

Next thing I know the rest of my family was surrounding me, all asking how I was feeling and why Brody was here, and saying that I should have let them stay with me last night and how worried they were.

"QUIET!" I shout as Brody smirks next to me, "Okay first off I am fine, Brody and I got back together last night. Finally, the main news is that we are having twins."

Everyone screams at once as they practically tackle us into a huge hug. All of them asking a million questions. It takes almost fifteen minutes to calm them down enough so that I could hear myself think.

"AGAIN QUIET!" I yell laughing, Brody's arm snakes back around my waist as we being to fill the family in. "I'm 14 weeks, we are having a boy and a girl, Mason Richard and Mackenzie Reese." Reaching back to the table I grab the envelope, "oh and I have sonogram pictures if you want."

Suddenly I was surrounded by hands grabbing to see the newest additions to the family. A series of "awes" was heard.

"So why did y'all break up in the first place?" Steve asks. Richie smacks him in the chest as everyone else gives him pointed glares. "Well you are all thinking it!"He defends.

"It was a misunderstanding; Brody saw Danny kiss me and thought that I had cheated on him. But it doesn't matter now because we sorted things out," I say praying that Steve will drop the matter.

Thankfully, he kept quiet. The quiet didn't last long. "So what your saying is that he didn't bother to give you a chance to explain?!" Donnie asked irritated as he stood up.

"That's not what I said Donnie!" I defended.

"So what?! You didn't try to explain things to him?" He shouts at me before turning to Brody. "And you! You seriously thought that Abby would cheat on you?! What kind of person do you think she is?!"

"I was pissed and hurt. I walk around the corner thinking I'm about to see the woman I love, to find her kissing another guy. Your right, I probably should have talked to her but I didn't, and that something that I have to live with." Brody yells back. I was impressed, it's not often people stand up to my brothers like that.

Donnie deflates a little and I'm glad that he's not going to fight this anymore. "Okay, I get that. I guess if I had been in your shoes I would have thought the same way." He says as they bump fists, showing that things are cool. "Just make sure you take care of them, otherwise I'll have to kick your ass."

"Overprotective fools," I laugh at the sight of my brothers trying to look out for me, "I am a big girl, I can take care of myself."

Steve, Richie, and Donnie all snort, "Abbs you can't even walk on a flat surface without breaking something or ending up needing stitches," Richie says.

"That's a bit of an exaggeration Rich," I say as I stand up to get a cookie off the counter. Of course with my luck, I end up tripping over my own feet. Thankfully four sets of arms grab me and keep me upright. "Don't even think about saying anything!" I snap as I get the cookie.

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