Mainly for my own satisfaction after finishing the last episode of No. 6 yesterday...I raged. I'm sick of bittersweet endings. Nezumi and Sion/Shion are so cute together...T_T. I had my own sobfest yesterday.

The two finally meet after two years.


It is my 18th this year.

I stand here, before this vast wasteland, waiting.

The lingering kiss, the numbness of lips

A slight brush

A rustle, the ghost of hand,

A whisper.

"We'll meet again."

The city in the far distance, sprawling.

The world you and I singlehandedly brought down

If only you could be here to see –

Death could not keep up apart.

The wind carries your voice across space

A haunting, lilting melody.

Opening my mouth, throw my head back, I scream like a hopeless fool.


My voice is snatched away by the capricious wind.

I hope you can hear me, stop and look back.

Let my name fall from your lips.

I have not forgotten.



How long has it been since I have seen him?

A smiling face, a shock of white hair.

Curious scarlet eyes, his sanguine personality.

And –

The soft tenderness of those lips.

His hands, once so soft but now calloused from the harsh reality of the world.

In this forest I have journeyed to

I hope he is still thinking of me

I hope you hear my song that I sing

For you.

Only for you.

I hope this small voice reaches you across the miles.

Do not forget your innocence, Shion.

Live in happiness.

And I –

I miss you.


These memories I hold –

It shall be the last time I come here

To visit this place, where once we were together.

Overlooking all

No more.

This pain has been eating away at my chest, a void only you can fill but –

Is it so wrong for me to lose hope?

I don't ever want to forget your face

The silver eyes

The teasing grin

Your beauty like a harsh rose under those thorns

But this pain in my heart is too great

Don't leave me here, alone.

The tears that flow out as I sob like a pathetic child

"Don't leave me, don't leave me Nezumi!"

Crying, clutching myself, kneeling upon this rocky ground where you left me.

"Please…one last time. Let me see your face."


When these rocks finally clear

I see a vision

Why –

Why are you crying?

Who did this to you, who are you shedding tears for?

I want to run,

To run and wrap these arms around your slender body possessively

Don't cry.

Don't cry for someone else, only me

See only me, the quickening pace as I run

Shion, Shion Shion!

Shion Shion Shion Shion!

My shouts, pants , my fingertips reaching out for you to wipe those tears and –

Suddenly you are wrapped in my embrace

"Be strong." Ragged breaths as I feel my heart tearing asunder, "Don't cry."

Everything will be alright.


I am here, and everything –


It must be a ghost.

It must be.

The strong arms, the warm encirclement.

There is no other reasoning…please let this moment last.

Let us stay like this,

Illusion or façade,

Nezumi's familiar smell, the coarseness of his clothing.

The tears come faster until

This vision tilts my face

And I find myself sinking into a chrome abyss.

Were these delusions always so vivid?


"Everything will be alright."

No, it can't be it can't be he's? He's –

Short circuited brain, until I am swept up in a kiss so passionate

So tender, so warm

Our tears mingle

And nothing can force us apart.

Real. He's fingers reach up to brush his hair out of his eyes

Through sobs.

You fool….two years has been such a long time.

If Eternity is this, let it last until forever.